Huma Abedin likely directed and ran the Clinton Foundation asa "Backdoor" into US Politics

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Huma Abedin is at the center of a discovery so huge it could sink the entire democratic party. I did some research on her and I'm going to explain what, in my opinion, is the deep truth in this whole situation. In order to understand and put in context the present findings, we need to understand the past.

Huma is not actually a Saudi, but rather born in the Michigan to Indian and Pakistani parents. At 2 years old her family moved to Saudi Arabia and Huma eventually came back to the US for college. Her dad founded the 'Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs' when he was 50 and 1 year later the 'Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs' which his wife also administered. Obviously their strong Muslim belief was the reason the family decided to raise their children in Saudi Arabia where a version of Muslim values are strictly enforced. Both of her parents were PhD's and met at the University of Pennsylvania before eventually moving to Saudi Arabia with their new family. So here we can see her family was set on strong Muslim values and also that her parents were in some ways pundits informing Islamic policy worldwide.

So this shows a place for a connection to the democratic party in America. The democratic party likely reached out to the Abedin's or vice versa since the democrats are allies to Muslims in the current political climate. It isn't much of a surprise that there would be a mutual interest in this Muslim policy informing family and the democratic party. Could the family have connections to Saudi Leadership and thus Huma working as a spy? I think it is possible. As we will see below Huma did kind of break the mold but I believe the true motive was to effect America's Muslim policy not necessarily directly as a spy for Saudi Arabia. However I do believe she was given the work to do as an infiltrator to insert a backdoor into American politics.

When Huma went to college she wanted to be basically an international political correspondent like her role model Christiane Amanpour and to work in the White House press office. Now this is where I believe the real connection was made to Hillary. When Huma was in college Hillary was the First Lady in 1996. Huma went to George Washington University in DC. Her parents' Alma Mater was University of Pennsylvania. So this is sort of a massive change. Obviously her parents wanted to set her up to effect political change in America (or to infiltrate). To go to George Washington University in DC seems like something well planned and thought out by Huma's parents more-so than herself. Almost certainly influenced by her parents, Huma becomes very ambitious and likely wants to make America a more Muslim like nation. I don't necessarily have a problem with this, many Christians also want to make America adopt more Christian ideals. The issue though at this point I believe is her ambition however. It reminds me a lot of Hillary Clinton at her age. Hillary declined a position with her idol Saul Alinsky who wrote "Rules for Radicals". Clinton wanted to go to law school to "change the system from within". In Clinton's case she wanted socialism and in Huma's case she wanted Islam.

So as we can see in Huma's choices that she wanted to be a liaison between Islam and American politics. She didn't want to be a politician herself because she didn't study law or politics, but instead just journalism with a minor in political science. Now I believe in addition to her parents putting her in the perfect school to achieve her goals, I believe they also "paid to play" by greasing the skids of their daughter by making an instrumental donation to the Democratic Party. I don't believe the Abedin's would have sent their daughter to America to get a degree at such a prestigious and expensive university without already having some sort of certainty in the form of connections made in American politics and some strings pulled to make sure their investment was well placed.

While Huma was still in school she started working as an intern for the White House under Hillary. To me this confirms her parents are connected at least financially to the democratic party or more likely Clinton herself. The Clinton Foundation was created the very next year (1997) so in '96 the money probably was donated from the Abedin family to the DNC. As we saw in the Project Veritas video's, donations can go a long way in ensuring your children are given internships in democratic party politics. Thus Abedin has been working for Hillary Clinton for 20 years. This is the perfect position for Abedin; access to the highest level in American politics and the ability to inform pro-Muslim policies and ideals to be implemented.

The problem is that I believe she was corrupted by Clinton in a sort of evil mob mentality between the two. I think their corruption each fed off eachother's. Huma herself got her foot in the door likely because of her family 'bribing' the first lady for an internship through a Democratic party donation. The very next year the Clinton Foundation was set up, likely that idea possibly originated with Huma in the first place. Perhaps if Huma was a spy, erecting the Clinton Foundation would have been a huge milestone to allow foreign bribery to be facilitated. Clinton may have dreamed up the Foundation and Huma might have given ideas on how to use it to funnel foreign donations and the snowball could have gotten rolling that way. In any case Huma has been connected to Hillary since the pre-foundation days and likely was front and center in the middle of the corruption for 2 entire decades.

Huma was obviously instrumental to Clinton to inform pro-muslim policies. This helped her rise in the ranks and her intelligence and ambition helped propel her to a top spot with Clinton. But just as Clinton likely traded secrets or certainly favors for money, it seems Huma started doing the same. In 2009 Huma was appointed as deputy chief of staff in the state department while at the same time working as an advisor to MF global, a financial betting company along with the Clinton Foundation! It is obvious to me with what we now know that Abedin was saving classified correspondence and passing on secrets to MF global to give them insider info to make better financial gambles. Also it is obvious to me that while working for the state department AND the Clinton Foundation concurrently, Abedin was responsible for funneling "pay to play" donations from foreign donors into the Clinton Foundation and directing Clinton on which donor's she should prioritize pleasing. This also helps verify that the Clinton Foundation's current implementation was greatly the brainchild of Abedin herself (or her family) since she was basically given its reigns. I think Huma Abedin is the number 1 reason for the vastness of Clinton's corrupt empire. Huma greatly facilitated Hillary's corruption by being instrumental into the smooth operation of the Clinton Foundation's bribery mechanism. What Huma did with the Clinton foundation was create a "backdoor" into American politics for foreign donors to buy influence and act as a Trojan Horse in American politics.

In light of all this lets turn our gaze back to the current findings. 650,000 emails have been found on Anthony Weiners laptop. I am going to be conservative and assume those started in 2009 when abedin was working for the state department and MF global and was part of her mechanism for passing on secrets for money. That is 255 emails per day! Even if Weiner was receiving email to it as well that would be at least 100 emails per day. All that would have to happen is a key person (or people) be given the login email and password and they could login and see all the emails.

Maybe the Wiener email was just a copy. According to Abedin's own testimony she forwarded classified state department emails to multiple other email accounts. She likely had automatic forwarding going on. One account may have been for MF global, one for her connections in Saudi Arabia, and one for her and her husband to keep personal copies of everything. I am going to assume the wiener email was the personal copies of everything. This way she herself has everything... while some of the emails were routed to specific players for intelligence info whether that intelligence be for gambling purposes, policy purposes, or others.

Now Huma likely deleted all her copies of emails on her end. She probably had Outlook on her laptop and deleted everything before handing it over to the FBI. What she didn't remember was to delete them from the outlook on her husbands laptop. If this were a gmail she could have just gone and deleted everything and it would all be gone, but on outlook it is saved on each computer that accesses the account. So Weiner's laptop could be just one of many with these emails.

So its all coming down. Likely that 650,000 emails is everything from the Abedin and Weiner empire; everything from wieners correspondence with Jeffery Epstein for his sexual escapades with the Clinton's and Joe Biden on Orgy Island child exploitation and pedophilia ring...to classified state department emails passed on to industry insiders and foreign policy makers or even governments.

The entire Abedin-Weiner corruption ring has been unearthed and as such a deep insider for 20 years she had collected enough dirt to bring down the whole system. Not Hillary, nor anyone knows the true depths of everything Abedin has gathered over the course of 7 years while she was neck deep in DC corruption.





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