How to get high naturally (not smoking marijuana or taking any drugs)

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Cannaboid receptors are in the body and THC and CBD are not the only things that can activate them.  Researchers have found that certain gram positive gut bacteria microbes can actually activate these receptors.  Problem with this is this activates the receptors every second of every day and can lead to excessive sex drive and excessive appetite.

Well what if we could activate them only when we wanted to without using drugs?  Well we can.  I accidentally did it.

I just made some Magnesium Glucuronide to detoxify the supposed organochlorine pesticide residue in my body.  Xenobiotics and plastics and pesticides like DDT.

I took a bunch of it and within what felt like seconds, My mind slowed down and I started finding things cute and funny.  Then some familiar effects came on like heightened desire.  I was like what is happening!?  I searched to see if glucuronic acid can activate cannaboid receptors cb-1 or cb-2.  No dice.  Then I found that dietary fat can activate cannaboid receptors endocannaboids.  Now we're on to something!  I just ate a very high fat meal about 1.5 hrs ago.  But why would this glucuronic acid now seemingly activate the fat to attach to the Cannaboid receptors.  Bingo turns out that free fatty acids can be glucuronidated to enhance their water solubility.  The glucuronidation of the FFA's must be what allows them to attach to CB-1 and CB-2 and activate them.

Moral of the story is if you are on the NatureHacker diet you probably want to take ZETOX (my product with glucuronic acid) in the morning when there isn't too much fat in your blood!  (Or after dinner if you have a partner that you want to have fun with ;).

Fatty foods activate endocannaboids

ffa's glucuronidated

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  1. fascinating. I will have to get some to see if i get the same effect.


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