Hair loss in men and shorter hair in women may be linked to H Pylori,Nickel, and Mercury

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So usually I like to talk about things I have already conquered (which is good for me because I can direct you to a product I sell) but other times I want to keep you on the cutting edge of what is going through my mind and maybe many of us can try to work on solving a problem together.  At the end of this article I'll link to were I learned all this but for now I'm going to talk.  Also check out the health remedies tab above for products I invented, all the proceeds go to supporting my work.

First lets get into the problem here.  Men go bald with androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) and women have to keep embracing shorter hair styles because of thinning hair/female pattern baldness.

Now this can't be solely because of DHT because if it were women simply wouldn't be effected.  Obviously men get it worse so DHT (testosterone) is involved but it isn't the end of the story.  So what could be the real common denominator here?  Well for that I looked at alopecia arreta which is a more disease oriented hair loss.  In the hair follicles they notice an infection... with H Pylori!  The same bacteria that causes heartburn, having to always clear your throat, coughing, etc.  This makes sense because h pylori is a type of spirochete as is syphylis, and syphylis is known to cause hair loss as well.  So maybe what is happening is h pylori makes it into the blood and then to the hair follicles possibly in leaky gut syndrome and progressively over time they cause the hair follicles to shrink.  This shrinking of the follicles produces lower quality hair that won't grow as long before it breaks or splits etc, and it will probably grow slower too.  This process is supercharged in men because h pylori feed off of DHT.  Also p acnes, acne bacteria, can probably produce this DHT from testosterone so it could be these two bacteria working in tandem.

So if that were the case we could just kill the h pylori and be done right?  Possibly. Depending how fully and thoroughly you kill it and consistently since when you stop killing it, it will come back.  Ideally we could hope that if we keep the h pylori killed off in the follicles and kill the h pylori in the stomach to prevent reinfection that our follicles would start to regrow and produce better hair!  They fed horses sulforophane which is known to kill h pylori and horses had hair regrowth.

So we could try that.  Basically taking 1/2 tsp of broccoli sprout extract powder 2x everyday and apply it to the scalp too maybe keeping it wet with a wet paper towel.

Also their are essential oils that kill Helicobacter pylori as well.  Some good ones are carrot seed oil, cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil, oregano oil, and monolaurin.  So one of these or a mix diluted with some carrier oil like olive oil and spread on the scalp at night will probably help a lot to regrow hair or for women improve hair condition and length.

Thats all well and good but shouldn't we look for an even deeper root cause of the h pylori overgrowth itself?  Everyone is exposed to this bacteria yet some people get it worse than others.  This root cause appears to be heavy metals and could also account for why poorer people tend to have worse afflictions with h pylori.

Mercury and Nickel seem to be involved. Nickel is obvious because nickel is required by some h pylori enzymes that it uses to infect our bodies.  So if we have extra nickel floating around by using stainless steel cookware and utensils it can exacerbate our infection.  Also mercury was found to make h pylori more resistant so the silver fillings in our teeth are sabotaging our hair.

L-Histadine is a great nickel chelator for nickel and L-cystiene is a great chelator for mercury.  In the health remedies tab above look for Envirotox; it contains both of these chelators.  Taking this, and even possibly applying it to the scalp as well, should really help the immune system deal with h pylori better on its own.

So with this 5 pronged system: broccoli sprout extract, anti-h pylori oils, anti-p acnes oils, histidine, and Cystiene, we should be able to knock out the root cause of hair loss and change the world!

hair loss h pylori

mercury effects eradication

mercury hpylori titers

hard metals like zinc iron copper prevent hair loss so looks like nickel cause but then cystiene helps so...

h pylori induces pgd2

prostaglandin d2 up 3x

probably nickel overload, oxidative stress, and h pylori/p acnes

TB involved? Also nickel

probaby not TB as tb drug makes it worse probably by heightening immune system.  Natural hairloss cures too

TB risk from anti-autoimmune drug that caused hair growth

nickel causes (feeds h pylori)

host down-regulates testosterone in response to h pylori... so h pylori probably uses DHT for virulence

BACTERIA causes much more DHT than just cellular response!


5a reductase key to acne, or p acnes may induce DHT conversion without necessarily causing acne.

DHT in RESPONSE to prevotella

**may be p acnes causes dht which h pylori in follicle uses to damage hair follicle.**

dht levels rise in acne




yucca kills h pylori...smoking gun

hair loss h pylori

cadmium hair loss and h pylori link and zinc




h pylori link to nitric oxide

p acnes dht



DHT causes sebum production

h pylori acne link

flavanoids (quercetin) against p acnes


thyme p acnes cinnamon


clove p acnes


citronella grass p acnes

h pylori oils

lemongrass h pylori

oregano h pylori

monolaurin h pylori

cinnamon h pylori

thyme bad carrot seed good cinnamon h pylori


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