How to get high naturally (not smoking marijuana or taking any drugs)

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Cannaboid receptors are in the body and THC and CBD are not the only things that can activate them.  Researchers have found that certain gram positive gut bacteria microbes can actually activate these receptors.  Problem with this is this activates the receptors every second of every day and can lead to excessive sex drive and excessive appetite.

Well what if we could activate them only when we wanted to without using drugs?  Well we can.  I accidentally did it.

I just made some Magnesium Glucuronide to detoxify the supposed organochlorine pesticide residue in my body.  Xenobiotics and plastics and pesticides like DDT.

I took a bunch of it and within what felt like seconds, My mind slowed down and I started finding things cute and funny.  Then some familiar effects came on like heightened desire.  I was like what is happening!?  I searched to see if glucuronic acid can activate cannaboid receptors cb-1 or cb-2.  No dice.  Then I found that dietary fat can activate cannaboid receptors endocannaboids.  Now we're on to something!  I just ate a very high fat meal about 1.5 hrs ago.  But why would this glucuronic acid now seemingly activate the fat to attach to the Cannaboid receptors.  Bingo turns out that free fatty acids can be glucuronidated to enhance their water solubility.  The glucuronidation of the FFA's must be what allows them to attach to CB-1 and CB-2 and activate them.

Moral of the story is if you are on the NatureHacker diet you probably want to take ZETOX (my product with glucuronic acid) in the morning when there isn't too much fat in your blood!  (Or after dinner if you have a partner that you want to have fun with ;).

Fatty foods activate endocannaboids

ffa's glucuronidated


The transition metal battery

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In the past I have made various types of batteries from aluminum air to nobel metal batteries.  But now it is time for something more practical.

Introducing the transition metal battery.  This battery uses one oxidation resistant cathode such as copper or carbon or preferably iridium, and one transition metal anode.  This anode can be any transition metal but most preferably would be manganese or vanadium.  Chromium, zinc, and iron will also work but give diminishing voltage (but may be able to be recharged quicker).  Any combination of these metals or other transition metals work in a transition metal battery.

There are many reasons why these metals are good anodes.  First of all we need a metal that has a negative redox potential that has a lower absolute value than chlorine's redox potential 1.358v.  This means that if you try to charge the battery cell higher than 1.358v then the chloride ions in the salt or acid solution will turn into chlorine gas and not charge your battery.  For manganese it needs 1.185v to charge and for vanadium it requires 1.175v to charge so these metals are safe.  These voltages are also what the battery will be able to produce which is similar to normal batteries.  1 volt is the standard voltage of a battery cell.  Using an iridium cathode instead of copper can get up to roughly 1.4 volts.  The amperage is pretty good, roughly a square inch of copper cathode gives 0.01A in salt water and that same piece of copper in HCL gives around 0.1 A.  The amperage is determined by how much oxidation happens on the cathode.  So increasing the cathode surface area or increasing the aeration at the cathode (or adding an oxidizer) can improve the amperage.  All of these can be done to the transition metal battery.

So for electrolytes preferably we would use a chloride based one.  Fluoride based works for even higher power batteries like aluminum, magnesium, lithium, etc.  But we don't need fluoride for transition metals.  Chloride (salt) works which is completely safe and environmentally friendly.  HCL would be able to deliver the most amperage as an electrolyte, but unlike nobel metal anodes that have positive redox potentials and can handle the acid, transition metals self discharge in acid.  This is because acid has a 0 redox potential so any metal with a negative redox potential like manganese and vanadium will be dissolved by acid.  To be able to still get the chloride ions without the acid the HCL has to be neutralized with a base like sodium or potassium hydroxide.  When HCL is neutralized with sodium hydroxide we have what is known as table salt.  So table salt or any other chloride salt would be a great electrolyte for this battery.  Calcium chloride may be the best cheap and safe option.  
This can be a water based electrolyte, glycerine based, or any other solvent or ionic liquid suspension.

The main thing that sets this battery apart from conventional batteries is the anode and cathode chemistry don't change throughout the charge/discharge cycle.  What happens is manganese ions will be dissolved during discharge and they will electro-deposit during recharge.  Care must be taken in design to prevent dendrites of manganese to connect between the anode and cathode.  Also care must be taken to not too fully discharge the cell so there is no longer an anode left to recharge.

In conclusion we have a rechargeable ~1.2 volt battery with only 3 basic ingredients; copper, manganese, and salt water.  Higher nobel metals like iridium can be used as the cathode instead of (or plated on) copper to improve performance, carbon can be added to or used as the cathode to increase surface area and improve performance, air or another oxidizer can be added to the cathode to improve performance, a reducing agent could be added to the anode side (including sunlight) to increase performance, and a different neutral chloride based electrolyte can be used to increase performance as well.


The NatureHacker diet and exercise plan

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I don't know if your like me but every-time I ate my energy would crash. After breakfast I would want to go to bed, after lunch I would want a nap and same after dinner. Well I have always had a little bit of trouble with blood sugar control and tendency for low energy and weight gain so I realized I was insulin resistant. I figured out that the tiredness after meals is caused by a spike in insulin; when insulin goes too high the pancreas makes a ton of GABA which is a sleepiness hormone which brings insulin down and this is what causes the thanksgiving turkey sleepiness. So I realized my insulin was spiking too high and I wanted to figure out how to bring it down. Turns out fat and protien eaten with carbs makes insulin go sky high. So my solution was to eat fat and protein separatly from carbs and eat lots of small meals throughout the day. Well it didn't work. if there was any blood sugar left from carbs when I went to eat protien or fat I would crash again. So protien and fat had to be separated a long way from carbs.

So I developed another diet. This one says you can only eat carbs for breakfast. No fat or protein for breakfast, only carbs. No vegetables either because the calcium and magnesium in vegetables inactivate digestive enzymes needed to break down phytates and protien. So just carbs and seasoning for breakfast. I have been doing brown rice but fruits work too.

For lunch vegetables only. Vegetables are important for their vitamins and minerals so we need to include lots of them in the diet. Perfect place to put them is mid day between carbs and protiens and fats so there is no crossover causing insulin resistance and energy crashes. No oil or protiens or carbs with your veggies kust plain vegetables with seasonings. I would reccomend cooking your vegetables by steaming or boiling to inactivate goiterogens especially leafy or grassy greens. If you must have them raw then make sure to take an iodine supplement with them to prevent thyroid shut down.

This brings me to another point: Thyroid insufficiency or low thyroid. Since the symptoms of me poisoning myself with raw wheatgrass juice goiterogens and being put out of commision for a couple hours were similar to me crashing from a insulin spike after eating meals containing a combination of protiens, fats, and carbs, there may be a connection. Mabye the reason I crash from an insulin spike and not everyone does is because my thyroid activity is low. This could be the case. I will look into causes of this but my guess is eestrogenic pesticide accumulation in my body perhaps BPA or DDT or PPB or something along those lines. And finally for dinner. Fats and protiens. Just no carbs and no vegetables. Meat eaters you know what to do. For vegetatians nuts and seeds are perfect for dinner. Not sure about beans and legumes since they contain carbs and protiens which we don't want to mix so I would stay away from legumes.

For my excercise plan after eating a carbo breakfast I workout with 4 super sets. 1 superset includes 4 different workouts roughly 10 reps each. Only 3 deep breaths between each set in the super set. After 1 superset take about a 5 min break. The reason we limit breats between sets within the superset is to keep heart rate up throughout the superset and also to keep lactic acid in the muscles up which helps muscle building and also detoxification of heavy metals. My corrent workouts in each superset is pushups, pullups, tricep dips, and hanging leg lifts.

Anti-nutrients in foods

keep peroxidase catalase at 100c pH 7 10 mins

how long to cook 30 mins max


Major common root cause of insulin resistance: Heavy metal poisoning.

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Edit: It may be high iron as well cured with echinacea root powder. Even low iron people get it too so maybe just haemohilus which is cured by echinacea. Do you feel tired after eating? Do you tend to get love handles? For males do you have gynecomastia or man boobs? Then you are most definitely insulin resistant. What is insulin resistance? Well it is the precursor to pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes. What it means is your body doesn't respond effectively to insulin. Insulin tells your cells to take up carbs and proteins and fats, and when you are insulin resistant your cells don't respond and the nutrients stay in your blood for prolonged periods causing a lot of problems.

 So this causes lipodystrophy which means the fat is not spread around your body in the optimal way, fat accumulates in places you don't want it to be like the stomach, love handles, thighs etc. Also in my opinion it probably causes "hard gainer" syndrome which means especially for guys it is hard to build and keep muscle. This would be because insulin is anabolic therefore muscle building so if you are insulin resistant it probably makes it harder to put on muscle.

 Now the most straightforward way to break your insulin resistance is to stop insulin spikes. When any hormone spikes in the body the cells are like "woah hold on there too much!" so what they do is reduce the number of gateways (receptors) for that hormone. This is a major cause of hormone resistance. So in the case of insulin obviously when we eat large meals of fat, protein, and carbs it spikes our insulin to epic levels.

 This is why in your journeys across the internet wasteland you will see people getting equally effective results from cutting out one or two of the 3 main caloric groups. You will see carb free, fat free, low protein, etc. Some even do practically carb only or fat only or protein only. Obviously there are big problems with each of these strategies but they all accomplish the same thing; reducing the insulin spikes. Ideally we would eat small meals each meal being primarily only 1 food group each. The reason for this is some research I ran across a while ago was that these three types work synergisticly to boost blood sugar and insulin spikes when eaten in the same meal.

 Regardless of that our bodies should be able to work around blood sugar spikes pretty well. Why do so many of our bodies struggle so much to deal with eating big meals? The answer may be that we are all way too high in toxic metals. It is a symptom of societal and intellectual laziness. We have known for thousands of years that some metals are toxic yet we are too lazy to invent things and processes to totally eliminate the use of these metals. But we haven't. The powers that be are so lazy that they will put the easy and cheap to work with heavy metals in common products.

 The metals scientifically linked to insulin resistance are Lead, Nickel, Cadmium, Arsenic, and Mercury. People with high levels of these metals have more obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance, etc. There is the chicken and egg question, perhaps these metals accumulate in insulin resistant people, but if that were the case other metals would have accumulated too but others were not linked to these problems. Also I'm sure we can find science showing that exposure to these metals increases your chances of developing diabetes etc.

 How do we get rid of our burden of these toxic metals? Well theoretically pretty easily, boost intake of histadine and cysteine. Histadine chelates and removes hard metals like nickel on that list, and cystiene chelates and removes the lead, cadmium, arsenic, and mercury. 

However this process is pretty slow so it can take even years of daily supplementation to get good results. But we have to start somewhere. There may be shortcuts, Lead is solubilized in the body from lactic acid, so if we excercise it will help get these metals into circulation where we can then hit them with our cysteine/histadine mix and trap them and pee them out.

 I made a product for heavy metal removal called ENVIROTOX, check out the health remedies tab above and scroll through to find it. Taking this after a good workout should really help rid our bodies of these pesky contaminants that rob our energy and vitality.

protien causes higher insulin spike in carb meal

lead nickel cadmium arsenic mercury


nickel type 2


low nickel diet lowered bmi

endocrine metals

arsenic binds sulfhydryl (cystiene)


Some Website changes are coming.

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If there is a controversial political type article on this site that benefit you please save at least the link or article because these posts are coming down.  I want to focus on what I can build and contribute rather than what I can tear down.  So especially articles on paul walker, christina grimmie, orlando shooter etc.  While I may be right about these topics also I may be wrong and in any case it isn't productive but rater destructive to everyone.  So there will be one week till I delete anything so save anything important to you and lets work on building a more positive future.

The Holy Grail of Teeth Remineralization: Tetracalcium phosphate hydroxyapatite open source patent

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I want to thank Alaina and her video that inspired me to try to make this, here is her channel:

How to make tetracalcium phosphate (TTCP): 1M CaOH 1M TCP mixed and heated in combustion capsule till it melts with oxidizing flame with an oxyacetylene torch.

Check the health remedies tab above to find my TEEF powder for sale that uses this exclusive ingredient.

So I have been using calcium hydroxide and tricalcium phosphate in my teef powder with the knowledge that these two ingredients react slowly over time to create hydroxyapatite.  The thought was if I put them both together and brush my teeth with it, it will over time add enamel to the teeth.  This is right but the process is very slow because the reaction of these two chemicals takes forever.  There is another reaction that forms hydroxyapatite that I wasn't aware of before and that is tetracalcium phosphate plus dicalcium phosphate.  These two react much more quickly to produce hydroxyapatite since dicalcium phosphate is more of an acid and tetra is a base whereas calcium hydroxide and tricalcium phosphate are both bases so they react much slower.  When we are trying to remineralize the teeth time is of the essence and we want the hydroxyapatite to form quickly so it can leave a substantial deposit on the teeth simply from just the time it takes to brush.

The problem is tetracalcium phosphate is  at minimum $2 a gram with a $200 minimum and more likely around $15-35 per gram.  The reason is a complex procedure and nano ingredients are needed so that this molecule can form at typical furnace temperatures of 1000-1500 celcius.  Even then since they are doing long reactions at low temperatures their products are often very impure.  The most pure reaction is calcium hydroxide plus tricalcium phosphate but this requires a temperature of roughly 2500-3000 C.  People don't realize but that temperature is easy to attain with an oxyacetylene torch; you basically weld the powders together.  Make sure you se an oxidizing flame so no carbonaceous soot turns your powder black.

Just simply melt the powders together and let it cool quickly and you will have TTCP (tetracalcium phosphate) lumps.  You need a good big ceramic (preferably coorstek) mortar and pestle to grind the powder down nice and fine.  This powder is slightly soluble in water and will combine with dicalcium phosphate powder in your mixture when water is added to form hydroxyapatite.  This can be used for making natural bone pieces too.

This ingredient will replace the calcium hydroxide in my TEEF powder soon, check the health remedies tab above!
Reference: https://www.hindawi.com/journals/jnm/2014/840102

Pro recipie:

52.7 caoh
221 tricalcium phosphate
3/4 cup distilled water for powder press, +1/4 tsp for hand forming

Roll out on baking sheet with rolling pin to around 1/4" thick and cut shapes with cookie cutters and melt with HHO torch.  Use argon gas to prevent oxidation/nitridation.


Hair loss in men and shorter hair in women may be linked to H Pylori,Nickel, and Mercury

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So usually I like to talk about things I have already conquered (which is good for me because I can direct you to a product I sell) but other times I want to keep you on the cutting edge of what is going through my mind and maybe many of us can try to work on solving a problem together.  At the end of this article I'll link to were I learned all this but for now I'm going to talk.  Also check out the health remedies tab above for products I invented, all the proceeds go to supporting my work.

First lets get into the problem here.  Men go bald with androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness) and women have to keep embracing shorter hair styles because of thinning hair/female pattern baldness.

Now this can't be solely because of DHT because if it were women simply wouldn't be effected.  Obviously men get it worse so DHT (testosterone) is involved but it isn't the end of the story.  So what could be the real common denominator here?  Well for that I looked at alopecia arreta which is a more disease oriented hair loss.  In the hair follicles they notice an infection... with H Pylori!  The same bacteria that causes heartburn, having to always clear your throat, coughing, etc.  This makes sense because h pylori is a type of spirochete as is syphylis, and syphylis is known to cause hair loss as well.  So maybe what is happening is h pylori makes it into the blood and then to the hair follicles possibly in leaky gut syndrome and progressively over time they cause the hair follicles to shrink.  This shrinking of the follicles produces lower quality hair that won't grow as long before it breaks or splits etc, and it will probably grow slower too.  This process is supercharged in men because h pylori feed off of DHT.  Also p acnes, acne bacteria, can probably produce this DHT from testosterone so it could be these two bacteria working in tandem.

So if that were the case we could just kill the h pylori and be done right?  Possibly. Depending how fully and thoroughly you kill it and consistently since when you stop killing it, it will come back.  Ideally we could hope that if we keep the h pylori killed off in the follicles and kill the h pylori in the stomach to prevent reinfection that our follicles would start to regrow and produce better hair!  They fed horses sulforophane which is known to kill h pylori and horses had hair regrowth.

So we could try that.  Basically taking 1/2 tsp of broccoli sprout extract powder 2x everyday and apply it to the scalp too maybe keeping it wet with a wet paper towel.

Also their are essential oils that kill Helicobacter pylori as well.  Some good ones are carrot seed oil, cinnamon oil, lemongrass oil, oregano oil, and monolaurin.  So one of these or a mix diluted with some carrier oil like olive oil and spread on the scalp at night will probably help a lot to regrow hair or for women improve hair condition and length.

Thats all well and good but shouldn't we look for an even deeper root cause of the h pylori overgrowth itself?  Everyone is exposed to this bacteria yet some people get it worse than others.  This root cause appears to be heavy metals and could also account for why poorer people tend to have worse afflictions with h pylori.

Mercury and Nickel seem to be involved. Nickel is obvious because nickel is required by some h pylori enzymes that it uses to infect our bodies.  So if we have extra nickel floating around by using stainless steel cookware and utensils it can exacerbate our infection.  Also mercury was found to make h pylori more resistant so the silver fillings in our teeth are sabotaging our hair.

L-Histadine is a great nickel chelator for nickel and L-cystiene is a great chelator for mercury.  In the health remedies tab above look for Envirotox; it contains both of these chelators.  Taking this, and even possibly applying it to the scalp as well, should really help the immune system deal with h pylori better on its own.

So with this 5 pronged system: broccoli sprout extract, anti-h pylori oils, anti-p acnes oils, histidine, and Cystiene, we should be able to knock out the root cause of hair loss and change the world!

hair loss h pylori

mercury effects eradication

mercury hpylori titers

hard metals like zinc iron copper prevent hair loss so looks like nickel cause but then cystiene helps so...

h pylori induces pgd2

prostaglandin d2 up 3x

probably nickel overload, oxidative stress, and h pylori/p acnes

TB involved? Also nickel

probaby not TB as tb drug makes it worse probably by heightening immune system.  Natural hairloss cures too

TB risk from anti-autoimmune drug that caused hair growth

nickel causes (feeds h pylori)

host down-regulates testosterone in response to h pylori... so h pylori probably uses DHT for virulence

BACTERIA causes much more DHT than just cellular response!


5a reductase key to acne, or p acnes may induce DHT conversion without necessarily causing acne.

DHT in RESPONSE to prevotella

**may be p acnes causes dht which h pylori in follicle uses to damage hair follicle.**

dht levels rise in acne




yucca kills h pylori...smoking gun

hair loss h pylori

cadmium hair loss and h pylori link and zinc




h pylori link to nitric oxide

p acnes dht



DHT causes sebum production

h pylori acne link

flavanoids (quercetin) against p acnes


thyme p acnes cinnamon


clove p acnes


citronella grass p acnes

h pylori oils

lemongrass h pylori

oregano h pylori

monolaurin h pylori

cinnamon h pylori

thyme bad carrot seed good cinnamon h pylori


Is the President the most powerful person in the World or America? Global Central bankers and Federal Reserve rule.

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It's a common misconception that the President of the United States is the most powerful person on the face of the earth. This couldn't be farther from the truth. The president and especially the executive branch in the USA are merely cheap throw away puppets. The real people in charge are those who lent our government and governments around the world all the money they have. Who has more power, the parent giving the allowance or the kid spending it? Especially because the bankers don't even GIVE money, they only lend it. So the global central banks that print all money are like parents who only lend their kids their allowance, requiring their kids pay them back more than they were given because of interest. Where would the kid get the extra money to pay back their parents? Beats me. This is how the central banks work, there is never enough money in existence to pay off the debt. When the bankers stop or change the flow of money economies boom or bust at will. Their MO is to saddle countries in so much debt that they become debt slaves, unable to pay off the debt just to be in a perpetual hole only able to pay off the interest forever. Once this is achieved the central bankers can kick back and just live off the work everyone else is doing and never have to do anything themselves. And that is exactly what has been happening.

Since 1347 to 2013 it was the age of the bankers. They funded everything from the renaissance, to Napoleon's wars, to the American Revolution. Their calling card is they fund both sides of the conflict and whoever wins will be saddled with debt they have to pay them back. War is profit for the central bankers. Every central bank around the world (except Iran) is owned by this global cabal. These people do not answer to their respectiv3e countries, they are supra-national and don't have to follow any laws and all countries must follow their rules (UN and global trade deals) or else their economy will be brought down by the central banks.

The president is just a low level pawn in this operation. They try to install their chosen puppets into positions so they can control them, but if all else fails they have so much power over a nation, literally they have every country grabbed by the... purse-y ;). If a country defies them (like Russia and Iran and Syria) they will bring them into war or at the very least terrorize them with the CIA. Ultimately they will get sanctions imposed to strangle any country that doesn't go along with them.

So that is the real truth in who really controls the world and how they exert their control.


Men: How to supercharge your life. A tale of two bacteria on testosterone.

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Hey everyone NatureHacker back with another health discovery!

You know that I wouldn't hide a secret to a powerful and vital life from you. This secret can literally change your life if you are a man (and will probably work for women too). The secret is boosting testosterone naturally with herbs, and not just that but boosting your testosterone receptors throughout your body.

So the first question is how to boost testosterone naturally. This is pretty easy, testosterone levels are naturally going to be very high but certain types of gut bacteria reduce it. These types of bacteria are called gram positive. Not only do they sap LH levels by releasing cytokines and therefore reduce testosterone, but also they increase sex drive to abnormal levels (like being high on cannabis) which we will see later will also sabotage us. So the simple fix is kill these bacteria. This is easy to do with tribulus terrestris extract powder and food grade diatomaceous earth. Simply take these two ingredients every day and it will clean out this bacteria (you can also use 'natures fury' in health remedies section above to achieve the same effect.)

Now doing that will raise men's testosterone to levels off the medical charts. This will also reduce sex drive urgency by about 3x. So if you could go 1 day without sexual activity, doing this will allow you to go around 3 days. Now this abstinence time is important for several reasons but as far as health is concerned being abstinent increases testosterone receptors. This means testosterone's positive effect on the body will be magnified.

Now that's not the end of the story. Yes doing that is great and will reap huge rewards but there is one more piece to the puzzle and that is another bacteria. This bacteria is called proteus mirabilis and chronically colonizes the kidneys. You can tell you have it if you ever get dull constant lower back pain. This is the hallmark of this bacteria. Now what I didn't realize is this bacteria gives sexual urgency. It makes you feel like you NEED to have sexual activity. So while getting rid of the excess cannabis style sex drive was the first step, this bacteria will also increase urgency to unhealthy levels. When I still had this bacteria I couldn't make it for more than a few days without sexual activity. I discovered this bacteria and killed it off by taking 20 drops of 50/50 clove essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil per day. As long as you don't take over 20 drops of essential oil a day you are safe (but do NOT take more! if you do you will need to take activated charcoal immediately). This brought me to a place of sexual balance. I could engage in sexual activity if I wanted but I could also be abstinent for long periods.

Now the reason this is important was because after a week or so of abstinence I noticed a real tangible boost in my energy and set out to figure out what was happening. While average testosterone isn't effected much by sexual activity, androgen receptors ARE. Turns out the spikes in testosterone from sexual activity cause a decrease in androgen receptors. This means while testosterone level may be ok, it is as if you don't have enough. Similar to type 2 diabetes where you are insulin resistant, if you have too much sexual activity you can become testosterone resistant.

Now when you go abstinent and your receptors recover, you get more energy and lower insulin resistance ironically. Also your body downregulates estrogen and prolactin which helps prevent "man boobs".

Also one other bonus is being abstinent causes your testosterone to spike on a monthly cycle so you are more attractive to females and will be more fertile.

So there you have it, for the sources I used to inform my thoughts see below:


14 days with mice. probably 28 with humans.


changes receptors

testosterone insulin sensitivity

androgen receptor locations

regulates prolactin


Root Cause and Cure for Dry Mouth Discovered: TB bacteria killed by Garlic natural cure treatment

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Mycobacterium Tuberculosis appears to be the root cause of Dry Mouth and is killed by raw garlic. I make and sell a product called TEEF powder (click the health remedies tab above and scroll through) and recently have added ginger to the recipe. The reason I did this is a bacteria that causes gum pocketing and loose teeth is campylobacter jejuni. So in an effort to thwart this bacteria I added ginger which is known to kill c jejuni pretty well. Unfortunately after a few days of using my new formula I developed dry mouth. As I always do in this type of situation I regretted adding any antibacterial herbs to the mix at all. But soon I came to my senses and realized this sort of problem has arisen before with my other bacteria killing products and I have always solved the issue. Usually what happens is when you kill a wide array of bacteria there are a couple types left which overgrow when the rest are dead. So I figured this dry mouth was just a symptom of some bacteria overgrowing. When I woke up in the middle of the night with dry mouth I got kind of scared but the idea quickly came to me that this actually might be TB bacteria. I don't know exactly how that came to me but it just seemed to fit since I had to battle with TB in the gut a while back with my old SADC formula. Soon I remembered I was going to put garlic in my teef powder but I neglected to for obvious reasons, garlic is known to cause bad breath. I researched online and found TB bacteria is actually a known cause of Dry Mouth. Garlic is THE herb to kill TB so it made sense; since I neglected to put the garlic in I got a TB overgrowth in my mouth. I took some garlic extract and swished it around in my mouth with water and almost instantly proper saliva flow returned and has stayed back. So to me this confirms that garlic is the natural cure and treatment for dry mouth. As just a small part of my recipe I don't believe garlic will have much of a negative impact on breath, and if you care about breath you will probably be using a breath freshener anyway. But the benefits of having a germ free mouth are paramount and can help you achieve a great lifelong smile.


Huma Abedin likely directed and ran the Clinton Foundation asa "Backdoor" into US Politics

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Huma Abedin is at the center of a discovery so huge it could sink the entire democratic party. I did some research on her and I'm going to explain what, in my opinion, is the deep truth in this whole situation. In order to understand and put in context the present findings, we need to understand the past.

Huma is not actually a Saudi, but rather born in the Michigan to Indian and Pakistani parents. At 2 years old her family moved to Saudi Arabia and Huma eventually came back to the US for college. Her dad founded the 'Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs' when he was 50 and 1 year later the 'Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs' which his wife also administered. Obviously their strong Muslim belief was the reason the family decided to raise their children in Saudi Arabia where a version of Muslim values are strictly enforced. Both of her parents were PhD's and met at the University of Pennsylvania before eventually moving to Saudi Arabia with their new family. So here we can see her family was set on strong Muslim values and also that her parents were in some ways pundits informing Islamic policy worldwide.

So this shows a place for a connection to the democratic party in America. The democratic party likely reached out to the Abedin's or vice versa since the democrats are allies to Muslims in the current political climate. It isn't much of a surprise that there would be a mutual interest in this Muslim policy informing family and the democratic party. Could the family have connections to Saudi Leadership and thus Huma working as a spy? I think it is possible. As we will see below Huma did kind of break the mold but I believe the true motive was to effect America's Muslim policy not necessarily directly as a spy for Saudi Arabia. However I do believe she was given the work to do as an infiltrator to insert a backdoor into American politics.

When Huma went to college she wanted to be basically an international political correspondent like her role model Christiane Amanpour and to work in the White House press office. Now this is where I believe the real connection was made to Hillary. When Huma was in college Hillary was the First Lady in 1996. Huma went to George Washington University in DC. Her parents' Alma Mater was University of Pennsylvania. So this is sort of a massive change. Obviously her parents wanted to set her up to effect political change in America (or to infiltrate). To go to George Washington University in DC seems like something well planned and thought out by Huma's parents more-so than herself. Almost certainly influenced by her parents, Huma becomes very ambitious and likely wants to make America a more Muslim like nation. I don't necessarily have a problem with this, many Christians also want to make America adopt more Christian ideals. The issue though at this point I believe is her ambition however. It reminds me a lot of Hillary Clinton at her age. Hillary declined a position with her idol Saul Alinsky who wrote "Rules for Radicals". Clinton wanted to go to law school to "change the system from within". In Clinton's case she wanted socialism and in Huma's case she wanted Islam.

So as we can see in Huma's choices that she wanted to be a liaison between Islam and American politics. She didn't want to be a politician herself because she didn't study law or politics, but instead just journalism with a minor in political science. Now I believe in addition to her parents putting her in the perfect school to achieve her goals, I believe they also "paid to play" by greasing the skids of their daughter by making an instrumental donation to the Democratic Party. I don't believe the Abedin's would have sent their daughter to America to get a degree at such a prestigious and expensive university without already having some sort of certainty in the form of connections made in American politics and some strings pulled to make sure their investment was well placed.

While Huma was still in school she started working as an intern for the White House under Hillary. To me this confirms her parents are connected at least financially to the democratic party or more likely Clinton herself. The Clinton Foundation was created the very next year (1997) so in '96 the money probably was donated from the Abedin family to the DNC. As we saw in the Project Veritas video's, donations can go a long way in ensuring your children are given internships in democratic party politics. Thus Abedin has been working for Hillary Clinton for 20 years. This is the perfect position for Abedin; access to the highest level in American politics and the ability to inform pro-Muslim policies and ideals to be implemented.

The problem is that I believe she was corrupted by Clinton in a sort of evil mob mentality between the two. I think their corruption each fed off eachother's. Huma herself got her foot in the door likely because of her family 'bribing' the first lady for an internship through a Democratic party donation. The very next year the Clinton Foundation was set up, likely that idea possibly originated with Huma in the first place. Perhaps if Huma was a spy, erecting the Clinton Foundation would have been a huge milestone to allow foreign bribery to be facilitated. Clinton may have dreamed up the Foundation and Huma might have given ideas on how to use it to funnel foreign donations and the snowball could have gotten rolling that way. In any case Huma has been connected to Hillary since the pre-foundation days and likely was front and center in the middle of the corruption for 2 entire decades.

Huma was obviously instrumental to Clinton to inform pro-muslim policies. This helped her rise in the ranks and her intelligence and ambition helped propel her to a top spot with Clinton. But just as Clinton likely traded secrets or certainly favors for money, it seems Huma started doing the same. In 2009 Huma was appointed as deputy chief of staff in the state department while at the same time working as an advisor to MF global, a financial betting company along with the Clinton Foundation! It is obvious to me with what we now know that Abedin was saving classified correspondence and passing on secrets to MF global to give them insider info to make better financial gambles. Also it is obvious to me that while working for the state department AND the Clinton Foundation concurrently, Abedin was responsible for funneling "pay to play" donations from foreign donors into the Clinton Foundation and directing Clinton on which donor's she should prioritize pleasing. This also helps verify that the Clinton Foundation's current implementation was greatly the brainchild of Abedin herself (or her family) since she was basically given its reigns. I think Huma Abedin is the number 1 reason for the vastness of Clinton's corrupt empire. Huma greatly facilitated Hillary's corruption by being instrumental into the smooth operation of the Clinton Foundation's bribery mechanism. What Huma did with the Clinton foundation was create a "backdoor" into American politics for foreign donors to buy influence and act as a Trojan Horse in American politics.

In light of all this lets turn our gaze back to the current findings. 650,000 emails have been found on Anthony Weiners laptop. I am going to be conservative and assume those started in 2009 when abedin was working for the state department and MF global and was part of her mechanism for passing on secrets for money. That is 255 emails per day! Even if Weiner was receiving email to it as well that would be at least 100 emails per day. All that would have to happen is a key person (or people) be given the login email and password and they could login and see all the emails.

Maybe the Wiener email was just a copy. According to Abedin's own testimony she forwarded classified state department emails to multiple other email accounts. She likely had automatic forwarding going on. One account may have been for MF global, one for her connections in Saudi Arabia, and one for her and her husband to keep personal copies of everything. I am going to assume the wiener email was the personal copies of everything. This way she herself has everything... while some of the emails were routed to specific players for intelligence info whether that intelligence be for gambling purposes, policy purposes, or others.

Now Huma likely deleted all her copies of emails on her end. She probably had Outlook on her laptop and deleted everything before handing it over to the FBI. What she didn't remember was to delete them from the outlook on her husbands laptop. If this were a gmail she could have just gone and deleted everything and it would all be gone, but on outlook it is saved on each computer that accesses the account. So Weiner's laptop could be just one of many with these emails.

So its all coming down. Likely that 650,000 emails is everything from the Abedin and Weiner empire; everything from wieners correspondence with Jeffery Epstein for his sexual escapades with the Clinton's and Joe Biden on Orgy Island child exploitation and pedophilia ring...to classified state department emails passed on to industry insiders and foreign policy makers or even governments.

The entire Abedin-Weiner corruption ring has been unearthed and as such a deep insider for 20 years she had collected enough dirt to bring down the whole system. Not Hillary, nor anyone knows the true depths of everything Abedin has gathered over the course of 7 years while she was neck deep in DC corruption.