The real cause of Deja Vu - Proteus bacteria infection

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Have deja vu once in a while? I did.  Pretty rare though.  But do you have constant chronic deja vu?  Sound like a nightmare?  Well some people have just that.  Everything seems old to them.  Nothing seems new.  It is actually kind of a sad feeling.  I know because I just started having it.

Why did I just get it?  you may ask.  Well I actually knew I was going to get it, very often when you detox from something you start getting the symptoms of that thing.  So when I started detoxing mercury I got eye muscle twitches, when I started killing h pylori I got migranes, etc.  It is actually a great way to reverse engineer what diseases are caused from by what symptoms you get from detoxing a certain thing.

Well one of the last things I had to detox was systemic gram negative bacteria.  I already killed all of it in my gut with food grade diatomaceous earth but that only gets what's in the gut.  Other reservoirs for g neg bacteria in the body are the kidney's, the central nervous system, and  the bone marrow.  Bone marrow is mostly listeria whereas kidneys and brain are mostly e coli or proteus.  This listeria in the bones is what causes old people to "feel it in my bones".  They actually feel the bacteria damaging their bone marrow.  But listeria is killed with adaptogens like my natures fury product, so not essential oils.  I have had low back pain for many years so most likely I have had a chronic low level kidney infection.  Also my head is slightly misshapen which was probably from gram neg meningitis in-utero.  So when I started killing these bacteria with essential oils like eucalyptus and clove (never take more than 10 drops internally at a time!) I noticed pressure on the larger side of my head (right side btw this is why I am more technical cause my left brain isn't as damaged ;) and also deja vu started to become constant.  My kidneys have been a little more sore too, not quite sure if the kidneys are from detox or just struggling like normal.  Alkaline diet also helps the kidneys.


But anyway I will eventually make an essential oil blend for systemic gram negative bacteria.  I already treat for systemic gram positive bacteria with nature's fury and that helps a lot as well but in different ways.

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