The Golden Age Prophecy of America's Future.

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So this is the prophecy regarding the near future of the world and especially America.  No matter who wins the election the prophecy will still be fulfilled.  The feeling that I have is that nothing can stop this prophecy from progressing, God knows many of us have repented and many more will but the reason for this judgement is not to punish but rather to allow the holy people to lead and to break away the chaff of evil.

When I was musing/meditating the other night I was led into the prophecy.  The prophecy is currently blanketing the earth like an aura and anyone and everyone can enter into it RIGHT NOW.  An angel has set this over the earth as a warning as we are entering literally the most powerful period since Jesus.  I strongly encourage you to find this prophecy yourself right away while the book is still opened.  It will probably be up in the spiritual realm for at least 1 more month so everyone has the chance to experience it for themselves.  THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!  There are thousands of years left, this is simply the start of the 4th period since Christ and I have been saying this fact for a long time.  However the 4th period is the most intense period since 33 AD so you are literally living in Biblical times right now!  I hope you are ready for this.  It's going to get rough.

I am now going to attempt to explain the prophecy.  I do not claim to speak for God, I am simply a man who has been given a vision and trying to explain it in human terms.  You may reach a slightly different perspective when you experience the prophecy and that is good.  The important part is that we warn everyone to get ready for the period we are on the brink of entering.  I am going to focus on America since that is my country.  This is not coming from some ecstatic trance, this is me trying to explain this with a clear head.  I am an american and support my people fully and do not condone anything done against america.  I hope that anyone who does anything against it would be brought to justice.  I am just merely reporting on what I believe the spirit of God is saying.

Here is the prophecy:

"There is coming to earth a period of great tribulation.  The New World Order is the beast that is to arise in this age.  This is the 4th age since Christ and this beast is spoken of in Daniel 7 as the Iron beast different from all others.  This beast is the New World Order.  It will arise and no one can stop it.  This is the reason the corrupt leaders boast with such arrogance and nothing happens to them when their evil deeds are manifested.  They know that what they have built for hundreds of years is now virtually completed and that no one on earth or beyond earth will stop the inevitable rise of the New World Order beast.  They are correct.  This will arise and it will have power over the entire world for a time.  The time is short though, only roughly half a decade.  I will have stored my wrath up in certain countries in Eurasia; and at the pinnacle of power of the beast the beast itself will be cut down at the knees.  America is the backbone of the beast.  Many in America are good, an overwhelming number which pleases my heart greatly.  However many good have been mixed with the evil and labored for a machine that is set to destroy them.  This machine of industry in America is the lifeblood of the New World Order and has built it over the course of many decades.  As you have seen the time is soon approaching when I will call my people to come out of this machine.  The first call was with the introduction of the social security number.  Many excellent people abided even that first call.  Now as you can see many more calls are being made at an increasing rate.  The machine is becoming increasingly inhospitable to the people of God.  The time of great trial is coming near, not only because it will be difficult for my people to find a way to prosper outside the machine, but because the machine is being set to destroy them outright.  The algorithms of the machine are being developed to specifically target those who reject evil and choose good and to attempt to destroy them, and power to destroy will be in the beasts hands.  The harbinger to this system is Israel's horrific domination of Palestine.  It will be the same type of oppression over the entire world, but in a much less crude looking way.  The evil hearted will be able to shut their eyes and claim that nothing is happening.  The time coming soon will be very dark but will only last a limited time.  The destruction of the beast will come at the destruction of the infrastructure in the US.  Just as America has razed the middle east and other countries so shall it be razed itself.  Entire cities across the US will be brought to ruin and the entire infrastructure that feeds the beast will be annihilated.  There will be a green fog above the ruin for a short while which will poison those left standing.

I am the Lord and this is the judgement that has been precisely measured out for America.  I have seen the humble in the land and I have taken that into account in this judgement, this is my answer to their prayer though it may be difficult to accept.

After this period the land will be liberated from any ruler. The people with beautiful hearts will then have the beautiful land and will administer it with love.  The age that this ushers in will be many orders of magnitude greater than the times of the founding fathers and many times greater than the Renaissance.  This period will be known as the golden age for the remainder of time.  Blessed are those who heed these words and prepare their hearts for what is to come.  Amen."

Again I'm not claiming to speak for God, just merely trying to give words to the prophecy that I am experiencing.  I urge you to please seek out this prophecy yourself and to experience it for yourself while the book is still open on the earth for you to read and connect to with your spirit.  Soon the prophecy will be shut and the sequence of events will begin.  This is a great time and focus on the good that is coming and prepare as much as you can and warn as many as you can.

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