One of the most common causes of insomnia? Campylobacter leading cause

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I made a lot of headway against insomnia when I started taking adaptogens--which turned into my nature's fury product.  This is because strep bacteria is the leading cause of anxiety and thus one of the leading causes of insomnia.  Also Nectar of Gaia for magnesium and calcium and Restitution for essential vitamins especially thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and biotin.

But there was another culprit.  Since I started fully cleaning out my gut sometimes I slacked off and would get very specific symptoms when a pathogenic bacteria overgrew.  Who would have known but this slacking and subsequent analysis would allow me to pinpoint the causes of many "incurable" diseases.  I would start getting symptoms of the disease and figure out which bacteria in my gut was causing it.

So one of these things would cause brain buzzing much like ssri serotonin withdrawal and also pins and needles type feeling in random places on my body.  These symptoms were a big cause of insomnia for me.  The brain buzzing would wake me up out of rem sleep.  Taking 5-htp would help.  At first I thought I was a "targeted individual" getting hit with frequencies to interrupt my sleep.  But eventually I got to recognize it as a gut microbe problem.  Well after a lot of trial and error with natural treatments I figured out it was campylobacter jejuni.  The reason it started creeping up so bad with me is food grade diatomaceous earth doesn't quite kill it off, it only mildly supresses it.  So I needed to add things to my SADC mix that outright kills it. I added ginger and it has done very well.  Others to try would be chamomile, calendula, and maybe a little berberine (berberine can harm the liver though so I don't include it in my internal products).  This especially started happening when I killed off h pylori as the h pylori seemed to hold the campylobacter in check.

Also it seems campylobacter in the gut in conjunction with proteus mirabilis in the kidneys cause restless legs.  I have been killing proteus with essential oils like clove and eucalyptus so haven't noticed the restless legs part of campylobacter overgrowth lately.

So now when I get this I can just take my super advanced detox cleanse or some ginger and get back to sleep.

PS: if this bacteria or h pylori are hard for you to kill then you probably need to add envirotox to your regimin.  These bacteria thrive on nickel and envirotox can help lower your bodies nickel burden (stainless steel leeches nickel) to help your body kill off these types of bacteria.

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