On to a NatureHacker Probiotic?? Say it ain't so!

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Well I hope it isn't so.  But if there is one pathogenic bacteria that has my knickers in a twist it is campylobacter jejuni.  This bug makes c diff look like a featherweight.  It competes (literally) with H pylori as the most persistent most difficult to clear bacteria I have ever faced.  If there was ever a need for a probiotic it would be to fight this guilliane barre causing microbe.

That said I haven't exhausted all herbal options yet.  I still need to wait on chamomile extract and calendula powder to come in and see if I can knock out campylobacter fair and square.  That said though I think it really is my duty from all I have been through in research tocome up with a probiotic that can help people lock in the benefits of my Super Advanced Detox Cleanse without having to take it every single day.  If people could take sadc once a week and take my probiotic so pathogenic bacteria doesn't overgrow then that would be a very beneficial use of a probiotic.  Heck I may even add certain probiotics like the campylobacter fighting bifidobacterium longum to my sadc just to make the product even more robust.  I would prefer not to because introducing any foreign microbe into the body has side effects but its power to suppress campylobacter may just make it worth it. We will see.


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