Do we even Love at all?

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Since I keep my gut free of bacteria I have to be diligent that I keep it all killed off so some pathogenic strains don't overgrow.  Often when I slack off for a couple days something like campylobacter crops up and I don't have any symptoms usually other than I just can't sleep.  So I took several different herbs to kill off that and any other common ones that crop up.  Eucalyptus, clove, and ginger.  I was just relaxing and I noticed that all my desires were gone.  I was "content" right where I was.  This is the goal of meditation and eastern religions and what I was probably experiencing was enlightenment.  The state of not wanting, not needing, no desires.  However it wasn't as positive as I had hoped.  It was nothingness, it wasn't bad but it also wasn't good either.  I understood the pointlessness of my existence and just in general.  I realized that even the "good" ambitions that I had were in some way selfish in nature.  Even helping people seemed empty and pointless.  I could see how someone could cross this abyss and become cynical and hateful and come to the conclusion that the only thing that matters is fulfilling your own desires and pursuing selfish ambitions.  But I didn't cross that divide I simply sat on the line.  I realized that if this was all there is everything is pointless.  What is the point of life and existence if all it is is just individuals with their separate wants and desires.  When those wants and desires are stripped away there is literally nothing left.  An individual is just a collection of unfulfilled wants.  Is that really it? Is there nothing more?  Is existence that pointless?  Or are our desires created to make us slaves to an entity who profits from us seeking those desires?  Obviously that entity could be satan and the desires could be created by microbes infecting our bodies.

But if that is all cleared out then what is left?  Nothingness?  Is there nothing besides those wants and desires that could make us something greater?

Well I figure it is love.  Selfless love.  Unconditional love.  Godly love.  But it seems I don't have that.  I couldn't sense any of that in me.  Even my most noble desires like helping people seem to have selfish reasons:  I want to feel like a good person or I want to seem noble or I want the person to think or believe a certain way, etc.  Even my love for my family probably has selfish reasons.  I want them to be healthy and happy but maybe just so I can interact with them.

I don't think I have any actual love in my heart at all.  Just a collection of selfish desires that masquerade as selfless.

In any case I know that real selfless, unconditional, godly, real love must exist in this universe.  I admit that I don't have it to the best of my knowledge.  But I welcome it and I hope I can gain it.  Not as just something to gain but so that my life has more value than just the selfish desires.  And I set my spirit in hope of that.


The Golden Age Prophecy of America's Future.

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So this is the prophecy regarding the near future of the world and especially America.  No matter who wins the election the prophecy will still be fulfilled.  The feeling that I have is that nothing can stop this prophecy from progressing, God knows many of us have repented and many more will but the reason for this judgement is not to punish but rather to allow the holy people to lead and to break away the chaff of evil.

When I was musing/meditating the other night I was led into the prophecy.  The prophecy is currently blanketing the earth like an aura and anyone and everyone can enter into it RIGHT NOW.  An angel has set this over the earth as a warning as we are entering literally the most powerful period since Jesus.  I strongly encourage you to find this prophecy yourself right away while the book is still opened.  It will probably be up in the spiritual realm for at least 1 more month so everyone has the chance to experience it for themselves.  THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!  There are thousands of years left, this is simply the start of the 4th period since Christ and I have been saying this fact for a long time.  However the 4th period is the most intense period since 33 AD so you are literally living in Biblical times right now!  I hope you are ready for this.  It's going to get rough.

I am now going to attempt to explain the prophecy.  I do not claim to speak for God, I am simply a man who has been given a vision and trying to explain it in human terms.  You may reach a slightly different perspective when you experience the prophecy and that is good.  The important part is that we warn everyone to get ready for the period we are on the brink of entering.  I am going to focus on America since that is my country.  This is not coming from some ecstatic trance, this is me trying to explain this with a clear head.  I am an american and support my people fully and do not condone anything done against america.  I hope that anyone who does anything against it would be brought to justice.  I am just merely reporting on what I believe the spirit of God is saying.

Here is the prophecy:

"There is coming to earth a period of great tribulation.  The New World Order is the beast that is to arise in this age.  This is the 4th age since Christ and this beast is spoken of in Daniel 7 as the Iron beast different from all others.  This beast is the New World Order.  It will arise and no one can stop it.  This is the reason the corrupt leaders boast with such arrogance and nothing happens to them when their evil deeds are manifested.  They know that what they have built for hundreds of years is now virtually completed and that no one on earth or beyond earth will stop the inevitable rise of the New World Order beast.  They are correct.  This will arise and it will have power over the entire world for a time.  The time is short though, only roughly half a decade.  I will have stored my wrath up in certain countries in Eurasia; and at the pinnacle of power of the beast the beast itself will be cut down at the knees.  America is the backbone of the beast.  Many in America are good, an overwhelming number which pleases my heart greatly.  However many good have been mixed with the evil and labored for a machine that is set to destroy them.  This machine of industry in America is the lifeblood of the New World Order and has built it over the course of many decades.  As you have seen the time is soon approaching when I will call my people to come out of this machine.  The first call was with the introduction of the social security number.  Many excellent people abided even that first call.  Now as you can see many more calls are being made at an increasing rate.  The machine is becoming increasingly inhospitable to the people of God.  The time of great trial is coming near, not only because it will be difficult for my people to find a way to prosper outside the machine, but because the machine is being set to destroy them outright.  The algorithms of the machine are being developed to specifically target those who reject evil and choose good and to attempt to destroy them, and power to destroy will be in the beasts hands.  The harbinger to this system is Israel's horrific domination of Palestine.  It will be the same type of oppression over the entire world, but in a much less crude looking way.  The evil hearted will be able to shut their eyes and claim that nothing is happening.  The time coming soon will be very dark but will only last a limited time.  The destruction of the beast will come at the destruction of the infrastructure in the US.  Just as America has razed the middle east and other countries so shall it be razed itself.  Entire cities across the US will be brought to ruin and the entire infrastructure that feeds the beast will be annihilated.  There will be a green fog above the ruin for a short while which will poison those left standing.

I am the Lord and this is the judgement that has been precisely measured out for America.  I have seen the humble in the land and I have taken that into account in this judgement, this is my answer to their prayer though it may be difficult to accept.

After this period the land will be liberated from any ruler. The people with beautiful hearts will then have the beautiful land and will administer it with love.  The age that this ushers in will be many orders of magnitude greater than the times of the founding fathers and many times greater than the Renaissance.  This period will be known as the golden age for the remainder of time.  Blessed are those who heed these words and prepare their hearts for what is to come.  Amen."

Again I'm not claiming to speak for God, just merely trying to give words to the prophecy that I am experiencing.  I urge you to please seek out this prophecy yourself and to experience it for yourself while the book is still open on the earth for you to read and connect to with your spirit.  Soon the prophecy will be shut and the sequence of events will begin.  This is a great time and focus on the good that is coming and prepare as much as you can and warn as many as you can.


The 8 real root causes of Chronic Insomnia and/or Sleep Apnea

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1. Vitamin Deficiency

B vitamins especially Thiamin, Riboflavin, Pantothenic acid, and biotin are absolutley necessary and nearly universally deficient in modern diets.  A deficiency will cause insomnia, the most common sign is difficulty falling asleep.  Look for B vitamin supplements that use niacinamide instead of niacin and low levels of B6 (pyroxidine) like my Restitution product found in the health remedies tab above.

2. Mineral Deficiency

Low levels of calcium or magnesium will cause signs of insomnia.  Most of these supplements have low bioavailability and will cause GI problems like diahhrea and others.  My Nectar of Gaia product in the health remedies tab above is an excellent 100% biavailable source. I'm thinking that Magnesium deficiency may be a partial cause of sleep apnea.

3. Strep Infection

Streptococcus bacteria both types A (chronic latent strep throat) and group B cause anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia.  Likely the most common cause of difficulty staying asleep or early waking insomnia from PTSD. These bacteria are treated with adaptogenic herbs.  My product nature's fury in the health remedies tab above is a powerful blend of adaptogens (triterpenoids) and bioavailability enhancers (steroidal saponins).  I'm thinking streptococcus may be a partial cause of sleep apnea too.

4. Campylobacter Infection

This is a super common gut infecting microbe that can cause real problems at high levels but at lower levels more subtle symptoms including insomnia.  This bacteria has a nerve toxic effect and will cause intermittent sharp pains all over the body that are short lived.  Also this bacteria's toxins seem to interfere with REM sleep causing "brain buzzing" and "brain zaps" that can be countered with extra serotonin since serotonin is a powerful antioxidant.  However to kill this bacteria is kind of tough.  Ginger, calendula, and chamomile counter it well and will help reverse its insomnia producing effects.  B. Longum is a probiotic that research suggests may help supress this bacteria as well.

5. Proteus Infection

This bacteria commonly infects the kidneys producing chronic low level infection that may not be apparent.  My biggest indicator is chronic low back pain.  Not only does this bacteria convert the incredibly important chelator histidine amino acid into histamine producing allergies, but also it seems to cause restless leg syndrome in conjunction with Campylobacter.  Restless legs is a major cause of insomnia.  If you feel like you need to stretch to fall back asleep it could be this bacteria.  Also if you have trouble falling asleep you may have this bacteria. Alkalizing the urine with potassium bicarbonate helps reduce the negative effect of this bacteria.  The herbs (essential oils) that can kill this bacteria best are eucalyptus, clove, oregano, and thyme.

6. Pineal Calcification

And finally pineal calcification.  The pineal gland produces melatonin from serotonin which regulates the sleep cycle.  If taking supplemental melatonin regularly helps you sleep then your pineal gland is probably calcified.  This calcification is caused not primarily by excess calcium, but rather excess fluoride.  Reduce your fluoride exposure from tap water and especially toothpaste, and use citric acid to chelate it.  My product Staybl was designed to chelate fluoride and aluminum from the body and is found in the health remedies tab above.

7.  Antioxidant deficiency.

Antioxidant deficiency may be a large part of why all of these organisms and deficiencies cause insomnia.  But any thing else which depletes antioxidants like Clostridium Botulinum (Botulism) can also cause insomnia.  Resveratrol and bioavailability enhanced quercitin can help not only counter the botulinum toxin but also kill off that bacteria from the gut.

8. Listeria gut infection.  This is killed in the gut with food grade diatomaceous earth.  This will make you nauseous so take activated charcoal to mop up the toxins released.

If you can knock out all 7 of these insomnia producing factors I am 100% confident that you can cure or at least sucessfuly manage your most resilient, untreatable, incurable, uncontrollable, and intractable case of chronic insomnia.


4 keys to success in how to start an online business from scratch

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1.  Advertising is key.  

Online businesses can be understood in terms of money earned per page view.  Without a physical storefront that passively advertises you have to look into creating a digital one.  The number of page views to your online store can accurately be used to predict your store's revenue.  So the most important step to generate revenue is get views.

How do we get views?  Well of course it is important to generate views from your product pages themselves.  If you are selling leather belts you want your "leather belts for sale" page to have all the necessary keywords and common search phrases so when people search for leather belts they will find you.  The title is especially important, never use a keyword more than twice in the title and make it grammatically correct or as close to that as possible.  Google looks for keyword stuffing so if you make your title unnatural then you will get less traffic.

Once that is all nailed down then you are going to need to get the word out further.  Many people will use google adwords to advertise their product pages.  Others will use ebay and amazon and sell their products there to build a following and give customers coupon codes to their site so they move to your website store instead in the future.

Word of mouth is also important.  While not nearly enough to run a business in most cases, word of mouth can really boost your sales.  To maximize word of mouth you need to have free or good shipping prices, innovative products with mass appeal, and excellent customer service (think generous and easy to get a hold of).  Also having unique and well priced items will help tremendously.  Also being  open source and telling your customers exactly how it was made also boosts their confidence to recommend it to others.

Be your own advertising.  The easiest way to be your own advertising is to write articles on your website that generate traffic directly to your site.  Write about whatever you are passionate about, and current events don't hurt.  This means in addition to people searching for "leather belts" if they find your article on "the history of hip hop in america" then when they are on your site you will have the chance to convert them to a customer too.

Use social media.  Try to generate lot of followers and friends and post your articles and products to get people to visit your site.

Start a youtube channel.  Second to google, youtube is the next largest search engine in the world.  But better than google there is much less competition to get to the top of youtube results.  So we could say that youtube is the most valuable search engine in the world for advertisers.  Make youtube videos and advertise your products in your videos and link to your store in the description.  Make the videos on whatever you are passionate about, just direct users to your store without being too annoying about it.

If you can't beat em at youtube, join em. Consider paying youtubers to advertise your site/products.  A channel with 100,000 subscribers only brings in roughly $1000 a month in revenue from youtube ads but has a huge reach with roughly 10,000 viewers per day.  So for little money you could make a youtuber very happy to advertise for you.

Advertising all yourself will be a slow starter so you may consider traditional advertising like google adwords and paying other companies to advertise for you.

With a good store website you can expect to get roughly $0.10 per pageview, this is what this website generates and this is roughly 100x what you would get from google paying you to put ads on your youtube video's alone.  So this site with 100,000 views has generated roughly $10,000 in revenue so far wheras to earn that much on youtube alone your channel would require about 10 million total views.

2. Conversion is important.  

Conversion is turning a website viewer into a customer.  On this site that number is roughly 0.25%.  So that means with 10,000 views per month I get roughly 25 customers which spend an average of $37 each.  Getting views to your website won't mean much if people can't find the products you are selling.  Feel free to provide direct links to your sale pages or links to pages that have a list of all your products.  Here I have a health remedies tab at the top with a listing of basically everything I have for sale.

In addition to being easy to find it will help if your products are unique and impossible to find elsewhere.  If your items are a dime a dozen on ebay then chances are your customers will find that and won't buy on your store.  Here I invented all of my own products.

3. Improve your average earnings per sale.  

It's great if people buy things on your site but with only $1 average per sale its going to require way too many hits to your site.  Use free shipping as an incentive to drive that average price per sale up.  Being too aggressive with increasing the value of a sale isn't good though and will cause your conversion ratio to go down.  What I do is offer free shipping on anything but then upgrade the shipping if the order is over $33 which does seem to help encourage people to spend that amount.

Offering bulk discounts will also improve this.

4. Try to create repeat customers.  

Most important here is provide a quality product at a good value with stellar customer service.

If your shopping cart allows it ask if customers want to be put on a mailing list during checkout.  My cart doesn't so I just automatically put people on my email list if they purchase and provide an email.  Email your customers monthly if possible and give them an update on your site and products and give them coupon codes to encourage them to buy again if possible.

And thats pretty much it!  You don't want to rely too heavily on advertising, you want to "patch up any leaks" in your process in numbers 2-4 so that with minimal advertising you can get great results.  Advertising is the toughest one of all of these so consider creating your own "media company" by starting a blog on the website to pull in traffic and/or a youtube channel that doubles as an advertising place for your products.  This site has done both and after just a year and a half I have gotten to $500-1000 a month in site revenue.

Focus on product value, advertising, price per sale, and customer retention and you can start your own business too!  If you have a high cost of living to support you are almost invariably going to need to spend quite a lot on advertising but if you can live on little you can be much more self sufficient.


How thimersol mercury causes autism, muscle twitches, and type 2diabetes mechanism

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Clostridium Tetani gut microbe is the cause of autism and small muscle twitches like eye muscle twitching.

We also know that mercury causes eye and small muscle twitches and also autism so how are mercury and tetanus linked?

Selenium (glutathione peroxidase).  This is how mercury and tetanus are linked.  Mercury destroys selenium dependent enzymes.  Selenium dependent enzymes are required for the body to kill tetanus bacteria.  Clostridium tetani is obligate anaerobic which means it doesn't have a means to fight what is called a "respiratory burst" from white blood cells.  When selenium enzymes are destroyed white blood cells can't make respiratory bursts and thus can't kill the tetanus bacteria.

Thus mercury makes clostridium tetani overgrow and cause autism and/or muscle twitches.

By the way, these selenium enzymes also prevent oxidation, and this oxidation causes insulin resistance.  So mercury destroying these selenium enzymes (and selenium deficiency) causes diabetes. (type 2 at least)

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muscle twitches more in rem sleep from neurotransmitter shutdown

clostridium tetani




obligate anaerobe so no peroxidases 

heavy metals stimulate nadph oxidase

superoxide dismutase


selenium required for oxidative burst

glutathione used in respiratory burst

selenium mechanism


The real cause of Helicobacter Pylori and Campylobacter Jejuniovergrowth: stainless steel

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Ever wonder why it is so hard to kill off h pylori or c jejuni and/or keep it away?  Most liekly it is because you are nickel toxic.  Nickel is a dangerous heavy metal and has no known use in the body.  In fact Nickel causes allergic reactions in more people than anything else, even lead or mercury.  It hyper sensitizes the immune system and causes allergy and inflammation.

In addition to this (or perhaps the following causes the allergy) nickel feeds bacteria more than anything else.  The reason for this is several types of pathogenic bacteria including h pylori and c jejuni have nickel dependent enzymes (tools that require nickel) in order to infect the body.

Stainless steel is composed of upwards of 10% nickel.

So what can we do?  Well for one switch stainless steel pots and pans to glass and stainless steel spoons to ceramic.  Or use chop sticks.  Also try to limit intake of processed foods and instead process your own foods (ie: grind your own flour) with stainless steel free tools.

Also pick up some envirotox in the health remedies tab above, this contains histidine which is an excellent natural chelator of nickel in the body.  The only way I can keep h pylori and c jejuni suppressed in my gut is with this product in conjunction with super advanced detox cleanse or (for h pylori) h pylori herbs.


On to a NatureHacker Probiotic?? Say it ain't so!

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Well I hope it isn't so.  But if there is one pathogenic bacteria that has my knickers in a twist it is campylobacter jejuni.  This bug makes c diff look like a featherweight.  It competes (literally) with H pylori as the most persistent most difficult to clear bacteria I have ever faced.  If there was ever a need for a probiotic it would be to fight this guilliane barre causing microbe.

That said I haven't exhausted all herbal options yet.  I still need to wait on chamomile extract and calendula powder to come in and see if I can knock out campylobacter fair and square.  That said though I think it really is my duty from all I have been through in research tocome up with a probiotic that can help people lock in the benefits of my Super Advanced Detox Cleanse without having to take it every single day.  If people could take sadc once a week and take my probiotic so pathogenic bacteria doesn't overgrow then that would be a very beneficial use of a probiotic.  Heck I may even add certain probiotics like the campylobacter fighting bifidobacterium longum to my sadc just to make the product even more robust.  I would prefer not to because introducing any foreign microbe into the body has side effects but its power to suppress campylobacter may just make it worth it. We will see.



One of the most common causes of insomnia? Campylobacter leading cause

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I made a lot of headway against insomnia when I started taking adaptogens--which turned into my nature's fury product.  This is because strep bacteria is the leading cause of anxiety and thus one of the leading causes of insomnia.  Also Nectar of Gaia for magnesium and calcium and Restitution for essential vitamins especially thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and biotin.

But there was another culprit.  Since I started fully cleaning out my gut sometimes I slacked off and would get very specific symptoms when a pathogenic bacteria overgrew.  Who would have known but this slacking and subsequent analysis would allow me to pinpoint the causes of many "incurable" diseases.  I would start getting symptoms of the disease and figure out which bacteria in my gut was causing it.

So one of these things would cause brain buzzing much like ssri serotonin withdrawal and also pins and needles type feeling in random places on my body.  These symptoms were a big cause of insomnia for me.  The brain buzzing would wake me up out of rem sleep.  Taking 5-htp would help.  At first I thought I was a "targeted individual" getting hit with frequencies to interrupt my sleep.  But eventually I got to recognize it as a gut microbe problem.  Well after a lot of trial and error with natural treatments I figured out it was campylobacter jejuni.  The reason it started creeping up so bad with me is food grade diatomaceous earth doesn't quite kill it off, it only mildly supresses it.  So I needed to add things to my SADC mix that outright kills it. I added ginger and it has done very well.  Others to try would be chamomile, calendula, and maybe a little berberine (berberine can harm the liver though so I don't include it in my internal products).  This especially started happening when I killed off h pylori as the h pylori seemed to hold the campylobacter in check.

Also it seems campylobacter in the gut in conjunction with proteus mirabilis in the kidneys cause restless legs.  I have been killing proteus with essential oils like clove and eucalyptus so haven't noticed the restless legs part of campylobacter overgrowth lately.

So now when I get this I can just take my super advanced detox cleanse or some ginger and get back to sleep.

PS: if this bacteria or h pylori are hard for you to kill then you probably need to add envirotox to your regimin.  These bacteria thrive on nickel and envirotox can help lower your bodies nickel burden (stainless steel leeches nickel) to help your body kill off these types of bacteria.


The real cause of Deja Vu - Proteus bacteria infection

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Have deja vu once in a while? I did.  Pretty rare though.  But do you have constant chronic deja vu?  Sound like a nightmare?  Well some people have just that.  Everything seems old to them.  Nothing seems new.  It is actually kind of a sad feeling.  I know because I just started having it.

Why did I just get it?  you may ask.  Well I actually knew I was going to get it, very often when you detox from something you start getting the symptoms of that thing.  So when I started detoxing mercury I got eye muscle twitches, when I started killing h pylori I got migranes, etc.  It is actually a great way to reverse engineer what diseases are caused from by what symptoms you get from detoxing a certain thing.

Well one of the last things I had to detox was systemic gram negative bacteria.  I already killed all of it in my gut with food grade diatomaceous earth but that only gets what's in the gut.  Other reservoirs for g neg bacteria in the body are the kidney's, the central nervous system, and  the bone marrow.  Bone marrow is mostly listeria whereas kidneys and brain are mostly e coli or proteus.  This listeria in the bones is what causes old people to "feel it in my bones".  They actually feel the bacteria damaging their bone marrow.  But listeria is killed with adaptogens like my natures fury product, so not essential oils.  I have had low back pain for many years so most likely I have had a chronic low level kidney infection.  Also my head is slightly misshapen which was probably from gram neg meningitis in-utero.  So when I started killing these bacteria with essential oils like eucalyptus and clove (never take more than 10 drops internally at a time!) I noticed pressure on the larger side of my head (right side btw this is why I am more technical cause my left brain isn't as damaged ;) and also deja vu started to become constant.  My kidneys have been a little more sore too, not quite sure if the kidneys are from detox or just struggling like normal.  Alkaline diet also helps the kidneys.


But anyway I will eventually make an essential oil blend for systemic gram negative bacteria.  I already treat for systemic gram positive bacteria with nature's fury and that helps a lot as well but in different ways.


What causes Morgellons disease? How to cure it naturally? Its pseudomonas putida

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So after much research I believe I have found the true causative agent of morgellons: pseudomonas putida.

In reading about morgellons two things that stood out were that people reported fibers (which were later confirmed by the CDC to be cellulose) and toluene showing up in the body.  Well funny because pseudomonas putida produces BOTH of those things.

pseudomonas produce toluene


pseudomonas produce cellulose fibers.


So one might ask how we can become susceptible to this common bacteria?  Well for one it loves hydrocarbons.  This bacteria is probably introduced in spraying over the gulf states during oil spills to degrade the oil.  We also have hydrocarbons in our body that pseudomonas can live off of.  These hydrocarbons can be detoxed with glucuronic acid found in my zetox product


Also you may have heard that EDTA can help with morgellons.  Well I don't reccomend this risky chelator, I would reccomend histadine instead because it is a natural amino acid that chelates the types of hard metals that pseudomonas likes: Iron, Zinc, molybdenum, copper etc.  Histadine is a part of my envirotox product.


And the moment you've all been waiting for, the herbs that kill it!  Cinnamon essential oil, thyme essential oil, oregano essential oil, etc.  Never take more than 10 drops of EO's at a time!