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**This product is not currently for sale, perhaps in a year or so I will be able to make and stock a big product like this.**

The most common question I get is "what do you eat?".  Well I am on a very strict budget so I eat mostly beans and rice (organic of course) and when I have extra money I will buy all natural or organic meat and organic vegetables.  Of course I also take all the supplements on this site especially nature's fury and sadc.

But it would be nice to have a ready made drink mix for times I don't have an hour to cook food or I need a snack or am going on a trip.  To be perfectly honest in a survival situation drink mixes aren't really sustainable, it is much cheaper and easier to just cook some rice and beans am I right?  Also these drink mixes really aren't going to last more than a couple years under the best storage.  So in essence these mixes are best for convenience, optimizing nutrition, loosing weight/getting healthy, and saving time.

Here is my formula:

Brown rice flour 3oz (450cal 6protien)
Hemp seed flour 2oz (540cal 30prot)
pumpkin seed flour 2oz (290cal 18p)
Nori powder 1oz
Oat flour 1oz (120cal 5.25p)
wheatgrass powder 2oz
lime juice powder 1oz (alot to help digest)
Glucose powder(dextrose) 4oz (480 cal)
Himalayan sea salt 3g
Nature's Fury 1g
Restitution 1g

Blend up to 32oz

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