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What could be better than kevlar in bulletproof vests?  Well there are many factors to consider when designing body armor.  First you want to deform the projectile so it isn't sharp enough to penetrate.  Things like steel or ceramic plates achieve this but at high cost to mobility and flexibility.  How can we achieve the same effect without these plates?  One method is to add a non newtonian fluid (see naturehacker's 4th law) to the fabric.  So you would have kevlar layers saturated with this fluid and sealed in plastic to prevent it from oozing out.  This increases the effectiveness by about 2x.  Improving this fluid by making the suspended particles more water soluble can improve the protection even more.  Next we can alternate the super strong kevlar with a fabric that is super tough.  Alternating layers like this will help catch the bullet while preventing it from tearing the fabric.  This super tough material is silk.

To make the best non newtonian fluid we will use charcoal.  Simply turn charcoal into activated charcoal powder sieved through an 80 mesh or higher (probably 120 mesh is best).  To make the best activated  charcoal see my post on it in the remedies etc link at the bottom of the page.  This ultra fine activated charcoal should be added to preferably glycerol or polyethylene glycol or even water can work.  A little bit of poly vinyl alcohol (pva) can possibly help keep it situated too.  Alcohol can be used to help mix in extra activated charcoal to make it super saturated and super dense.  Then the layers can be baked at 80c to evaporate off the ethanol without harming the other ingredients.

Thats it!  Using this method a 12 layer (alternating 6 layers silk 6 layers kevlar soaked in activated charcoal goo) body armor should beat about 30 layers of bare kevlar and be flexible enough to wrap around any part of the body.

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