Activated charcoal is a non-newtonian fluid make your own at home

Making activated charcoal the other day I noticed something odd, it was very difficult to move it but if I jiggled it a bit it flowed like a liquid.  I have already discovered that magnesium peroxide (magnesium oxide reacted with hydrogen peroxide) is a non-newtonian fluid however the cool thing about this is that activated charcoal is easier to make at home and also it is much lighter than magnesium peroxide which is important if put into clothing.

To make your own activated charcoal buy natural hardwood charcoal at the store (or make your own) then mash the pieces up and put in the blender with water.  Blend until very smooth.  Run the solution through a 60 mesh brass filter.  Then cook this with phosphoric acid and potassium nitrate for a few hours.  This will dissolve away all the minerals and metals in the charcoal and oxidize it somewhat to increase surface area.  Next let it settle and pour off the liquid.  Add more water and let it settle and pour off the liquid.  Next add sodium hydroxide and mix well and cook for a while.  This will saponify any oils and hydrocarbons.  Let settle, pour the liquid off, add distilled water this time, let settle, pour off excess.  You can keep washing like this a few more times if desired.

Finally let settle and pour off liquid and you are left with a non-newtonian solution of activated charcoal and water.  The precise amounts of charcoal powder and water are yet to be determined.  You can evaporate off all the water for indefinite storage, just add water and you have a non-newtonian fluid.

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