Chronic Proteus infection causes histadine unbalance

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It turns out that chronic low level UTI causes the break down of histadine into histamine.  If anti-histamines help you sleep this is probably your problem.  This proteus infection is best treated with eucalyptus essential oil.  I plan on making an ethanol dissolved essential oil blend at some point to kill proteus uti bacteria like p. mirablis but eucalyptus is the #1 thing to use right now.  If you tend to have high blood pressure you most likely have chronic pyelonephritis.  


NatureHacker Body Armor open source bulletproof vest homemade

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What could be better than kevlar in bulletproof vests?  Well there are many factors to consider when designing body armor.  First you want to deform the projectile so it isn't sharp enough to penetrate.  Things like steel or ceramic plates achieve this but at high cost to mobility and flexibility.  How can we achieve the same effect without these plates?  One method is to add a non newtonian fluid (see naturehacker's 4th law) to the fabric.  So you would have kevlar layers saturated with this fluid and sealed in plastic to prevent it from oozing out.  This increases the effectiveness by about 2x.  Improving this fluid by making the suspended particles more water soluble can improve the protection even more.  Next we can alternate the super strong kevlar with a fabric that is super tough.  Alternating layers like this will help catch the bullet while preventing it from tearing the fabric.  This super tough material is silk.

To make the best non newtonian fluid we will use charcoal.  Simply turn charcoal into activated charcoal powder sieved through an 80 mesh or higher (probably 120 mesh is best).  To make the best activated  charcoal see my post on it in the remedies etc link at the bottom of the page.  This ultra fine activated charcoal should be added to preferably glycerol or polyethylene glycol or even water can work.  A little bit of poly vinyl alcohol (pva) can possibly help keep it situated too.  Alcohol can be used to help mix in extra activated charcoal to make it super saturated and super dense.  Then the layers can be baked at 80c to evaporate off the ethanol without harming the other ingredients.

Thats it!  Using this method a 12 layer (alternating 6 layers silk 6 layers kevlar soaked in activated charcoal goo) body armor should beat about 30 layers of bare kevlar and be flexible enough to wrap around any part of the body.


NatureHacker Food

**This product is not currently for sale, perhaps in a year or so I will be able to make and stock a big product like this.**

The most common question I get is "what do you eat?".  Well I am on a very strict budget so I eat mostly beans and rice (organic of course) and when I have extra money I will buy all natural or organic meat and organic vegetables.  Of course I also take all the supplements on this site especially nature's fury and sadc.

But it would be nice to have a ready made drink mix for times I don't have an hour to cook food or I need a snack or am going on a trip.  To be perfectly honest in a survival situation drink mixes aren't really sustainable, it is much cheaper and easier to just cook some rice and beans am I right?  Also these drink mixes really aren't going to last more than a couple years under the best storage.  So in essence these mixes are best for convenience, optimizing nutrition, loosing weight/getting healthy, and saving time.

Here is my formula:

Brown rice flour 3oz (450cal 6protien)
Hemp seed flour 2oz (540cal 30prot)
pumpkin seed flour 2oz (290cal 18p)
Nori powder 1oz
Oat flour 1oz (120cal 5.25p)
wheatgrass powder 2oz
lime juice powder 1oz (alot to help digest)
Glucose powder(dextrose) 4oz (480 cal)
Himalayan sea salt 3g
Nature's Fury 1g
Restitution 1g

Blend up to 32oz


Activated charcoal is a non-newtonian fluid make your own at home

Making activated charcoal the other day I noticed something odd, it was very difficult to move it but if I jiggled it a bit it flowed like a liquid.  I have already discovered that magnesium peroxide (magnesium oxide reacted with hydrogen peroxide) is a non-newtonian fluid however the cool thing about this is that activated charcoal is easier to make at home and also it is much lighter than magnesium peroxide which is important if put into clothing.

To make your own activated charcoal buy natural hardwood charcoal at the store (or make your own) then mash the pieces up and put in the blender with water.  Blend until very smooth.  Run the solution through a 60 mesh brass filter.  Then cook this with phosphoric acid and potassium nitrate for a few hours.  This will dissolve away all the minerals and metals in the charcoal and oxidize it somewhat to increase surface area.  Next let it settle and pour off the liquid.  Add more water and let it settle and pour off the liquid.  Next add sodium hydroxide and mix well and cook for a while.  This will saponify any oils and hydrocarbons.  Let settle, pour the liquid off, add distilled water this time, let settle, pour off excess.  You can keep washing like this a few more times if desired.

Finally let settle and pour off liquid and you are left with a non-newtonian solution of activated charcoal and water.  The precise amounts of charcoal powder and water are yet to be determined.  You can evaporate off all the water for indefinite storage, just add water and you have a non-newtonian fluid.

Envirotox: detox pesticides, glyphosate, and heavy metals

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**All statements made on this website are my opinion and experience and are not medical claims**

Designed to remove nickel, lead, cadmium, mercury, pesticides, and glyphosate from the body.  These things all bioaccumulate and need to be dealt with.  Cysteine is an excellent soft metal chelator for things like lead, mercury, and cadmium. In addition to chelating nickel, histidine helps mobilize and enhance functionality of copper, zinc, and iron.

Histidine may increase the excretion of zinc, copper, and iron so replenish these with mmil (zinc and iron) and wotr (copper).  Also iron from mmil benefits pesticide detox by enhancing p450 and p450 also needs riboflavin, nicotinamide, inosine, inositol found in Restitution.

Tryptophan and Tyrosine are oxidized by p450 to produce oximes which detox the body from pesticides and glyphosate.  Cysteine seems to help oxidize these amino's to make oximes quickly.

Nature's Fury is added because tryptophan and/or tyrosine can feed strep the systemic bacteria that causes anxiety.  Nature's Fury counters this bacteria.

SADC is added to stop bacteria that convert Cysteine into hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) flatulence and bacteria that convert histadine into histamine. 

13$ 50 capsules


histidine 20%
cystiene 30%
DE 10%
Ginger 2.5%
Garlic 2.5%
tribulus 2.5%
gynostemma 2.5%
tryptophan 15%
tyrosine 15%


The real reason nitrite is more toxic and dangerous than nitrate

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So we may have heard that nitrites oxidize hemoglobin in the blood producing methemoglobin.  This eliminates heme's oxygen carrying capacity and makes you turn blue.  Not only this but nitrite toxicity can be deadly.  What makes it so dangerous?

If its mechanism of toxicity is directly oxidizing the blood wouldn't nitrates be worse since they have more oxygens (No3 vs No2) and are better oxidizers than nitrites?  Well the answer to this is that it isn't the nitrite that is dangerous, but in what the nitrite becomes after it oxidizes something.  No2 (nitrite) has roughly the same oxidation power as No3 (nitrate).  However nitrate turns into N2O4 or HNO2.  HNO2 is nitrite so some nitrate gets converted to nitrite but not much.  Most turns into N2O4 which has about the same oxidation power (oxidation potential) as nitrate or nitrite so no harm done there. If N2O4 reacts then it turns into nitrite.  Also some nitrite or nitrate gets turned into NO the vasodilator which is doubly as oxidative as nitrite or nitrate. And finally NO gets converted to N2O which is laughing gas.  N2O is only about as oxidative as hydrogen peroxide so not too bad.  That is where that path ends and the N2O gets turned into N2 which is just harmless nitrogen gas.  

HOWEVER Nitrite gets converted to H2N2O2 which is one of the most potent oxidizers known!  Almost double the oxidation power of NO, H2N2O2 (hyponitrous acid) is on par with fluorine gas!  So this conversion of nitrite to hyponitrous acid is the real reason why nitrite is so much more dangerous than nitrate or nitric acid.  And it is the hyponitrous acid, not the nitrite, that is dangerous.


New products coming soon

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Soft metal detox (mercury, cadmium, lead). Star ingredient L-cystiene.

Hard metal detox (nickel, excess copper, excess iron, excess zinc)  Star ingredient L- histidine.

Pesticide detox (organophosphates like naled and roundup). Star ingredient: tryptophan and tyrosine.  Also benefits from cystiene, natures fury, riboflavin.

hydrocarbon detox (BPA, benzene, etc) star ingredient: zetox which is glucuronic acid.

fluoride detox. star ingredient: calcium and citric acid.  possibly gluconic acid

Staybl, sadc and restitution might have changes to address overlap.