The quintessential guide to gut microbes

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I am a crazy guy who decided to kill all of his gut microbes.  And I was successful.  It has been a long road, well over 5 years in the making.  I started with food grade DE and the rest is history.  First things first you do not need gut microbes to be healthy.  Animals raised germ free live 50% longer than normal animals and the intestinal villi are healthier in germ free animals so they can absorb nutrients better.

So doing this I have gained some invaluable insight that you can use even if you don't decide to go germ free.

1. What causes sharp stabbing pain randomly in my body?  Mycobacterium.  Likely the Tuberculosis strain.  And yes it can and does live in the gut.  Allowed to get way out of hand this bacteria will likely cause crohnes disease.  This bacteria is easily killed with vitamin C and garlic.  It is no surprise muslims often carry TB, their religion forbids garlic.  Is this bacteria instrumental in their fanatical religious experiences?  I would say so.  TB also seems to cause phobia of certain parts of your body bieng touched and also jumpyness if someone scares you.  Also causes neck stiffness, soreness, and "tweaking" your neck.  Also causes low body temperature and low metabolism.

2.  What causes my skin to feel like its burning on the spots contacting my bed when I lay down?  Clostridium Difficile.  This microbe produces isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and causes these burning sensations on contact points.  Also may cause intestinal adhesions.  Also may cause bed sores.  This bacteria is easily killed with green tea, pomegranate, and adaptogens like gynostemma.  Also food grade DE can help keep it suppressed a little.

3.  What causes nerve pain or pins and needles randomly in my body especially the extremities?  Camphylobacter jejuni.  Could also be clostridium perfringens (see 28).  Campylobacter causes gulliane-barre syndrome and likely many other nerve issues similar to sciatica (also see p acnes below) and neuropathies.  Who could have imagined it was all in your gut!  This bacteria is also probably the cause of celiac gluten issues so if you can verify that by killing it and seeing if you get better I would appreciate it.  Also I think it causes Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), seizures/convulsions, and myclonic (muscle) jerks or spasms.  I think muscle jerks could also be tetanus.  Campylobacter also causes brain buzzing or zaps when trying to enter rem sleep.  Also one paper found campylobacter responsible for hepatitis of the liver. It has also been found to be a potential cause of loosening teeth like if you can slightly move your teeth with your toungue.  This bacteria is suppressed or killed with good ol' food grade DE.  Also this bacteria is suseptible to sage essential oil, milk thistle, calendula, ginger, and chamomile.

4. What causes shooting stabbing pain in my butt?  May be around the prostate area too.  The medical community calls this sciatica.  I call it p acnes gut infection.  This is the same bacteria implicated in prostate cancer.  This is why prostate cancer doesn't usually "metastisize" or spread because p acnes really doesn't cause cancer in any other tissue type.  But this bacteria can be easily be killed with steroidal saponins like tribulus terrestris, which is also a smart thing to try if you have acne.

5. What causes Morgellons or creepy crawly sensations on the skin like a little fly landed on you or bug is walking on you?  Pseudomonas; more gram negative bacteria in the gut killed by DE, mabye mustard and thyme herbs.  This one is also susceptible to flavanoids like quercetin.  Sound similar to campylobacter?  It is, scientists are finding campylobacter and paeudomonas team up to infect the gut. Probably also involved with restless legs just like campylobacter.

6. What causes pain on the right side of the torso in or around the liver? (which likely may lead to gallstones (cholelithiasis) in severe cases).  Klebsellia.  This bacteria has been isolated as the main bacteria cultured from people undergoing surgery for gallstones and things like that.  This bacteria is a gram negative rod so can be killed with food grade DE.  This is a tough bacteria so may take several days of DE to clear.

7. What causes nitrates to be converted to nitrites or sulfates to hydrogen sulfide (stinky gas)?  Gram negative bacteria.  Killed by DE.

8. What causes me to clear my throat a lot after I eat and/or have poor blood sugar control?   Heliobacter Pylori and hemochromatosis. What causes acid reflux and stomach/esophogeal cancer?  Porphyromonas gingivalis plus h pylori.  Also pepsin deficiency (treated with pepsin or rennin; another similar enzyme but beware of using rennin as it may be carcinogenic) possibly caused by heavy metal poisoning like possibly mercury. Porphyromonas is easily killed with garlic supplements but make sure to neutralize the acid first with potassium bicarbonate.

It also seems h pylori may cause food sensitivity especially to gluten causing chronic constipation.  TB may also be involved.

H pylori also seems to be involved (in conjunction with strep bacteria) heart skipping beats.  I use adaptogens (for strep) and wheatgrass juice powder (for h pylori) to fight it.  Also tKing potassium bicarbonate may help.

I believe H pylori bacteria also is the cause of Migraines.  Possibly also skin picking, hair pulling.  This microbe lives in the stomach and produces ammonia and elicits an immune response causing mucus production and reflux.  This reflux and mucus production is actually the cause of almost all coughing or clearing your throat except if you can really feel your lungs are heavily involved.  

9. Also h. pylori releases Tnf-alpha which supresses GLP-1 secretion.  GLP-1 triggers pancreatic beta cells to release insulin.  Some anti-diabetic drugs mimic GLP-1.  So killing h-pylori will most likely improve natural GLP-1 levels which would improve insulin release and potentially cure the root cause for conditions like diabetes.  This bacteria can easily be killed with broccoli sprout/seed extract, wheatgrass juice powder, quercetin, resveratrol, and rhodiola.  This bacteria holds the previous ones at bay so make sure you are treating for those first or concurrently or at least are prepared to treat for those before killing h pylori.

When killing h pylori (wheatgrass juice powder (bad contains like solanine) and sulforophane from broccoli sprout extract powder and agrimony herb)
 be ready for a war with microbes.  Important things to have on hand are ginger powder and potassium bicarbonate.  If you feel pain internal to your bottom like where the end of your colon would be it could be from acid production.  Potassium bicarbonate seemed to help me with this.  My thought is this pain over the course of years is what can cause colon cancer.  Also in addition to potassium bicarbonate to stop the acid food grade diatomaceous earth may also help since my thought this issue is the combination of excess acid and bacterioides (gram negative).  Campylobacter will also roar back to the limelight when h pylori is gone, this is killed by gibger powder (regular root powder, not extract powder here, the extract diesn't make it far enough done the gi tract).  If you can't sleep or get "brain zaps" after killing h pylori campylobacter is likely your problem.

10.  What causes me to hear voices, feel like I'm communicating with an imaginary friend or spirit or ancestors and/or have an increased appetite?  Gram positive bacteria.  Many spiritual experiences and connection to a external spiritual phenomenon are actually bacterial induced.  Also these gram positive bacteria trigger the cannaboid receptors which give you the munchies.  These bacteria can be killed with steroidal saponins like tribulus terrestris with gynostemma  Also seems to cause cramps in the torso from excercise, and red  bloodshot eyes.  Red eyes seems to be helped by carbs and cramps seem to get worse with carbs.

11.  What causes me to get the seasonal flu every year?  Gram negative bacteria. These bacteria harbor virus's which then infect the body through the gut.  Virus infected droplets are breathed in and drip down into the gut where they infect gram negative bacteria especially e coli and enter the body.  Eliminating these bacteria will eliminate your chances of coming down with a virus.  This also includes even polio and even HIV, swine/bird flu, zika, ebola (though I certainly wouldn't recommend you put yourself at risk of HIV).  These bacteria are easily killed with food grade DE.

12. What bacteria produces methane?  Methanosaeta in conjunction with yeast.  Typically you would get this if you drink lots of craft beer.  Food grade diatomaceous earth and/or other herbs that kill gram negative bacteria should work.

13. What causes my muscles to twitch?  Usually small muscles like facial eye muscles, mouth, legs, hands etc.  Also what causes me to have strange dreams where I am laughing constantly?  Also what causes me to moan when falling asleep (not 100% sure about the moaning one)? Clostridium Tetani.  The bacteria that is responsible for tetanus the real cause of death of Doc Holiday. Also can cause irregular heartbeat.  This bacteria is commonly found in cheese, especially raw or moldy cheese.  This bacteria is not deadly if it is in the gut, only if it gets in the blood from an open wound.  In fact having it in the gut produces antibodies and is even more powerful for immunity then getting a tetnus shot.  But if you are getting muscle twitches and dreams that you are laughing a lot then you probably should kill it off.  Typical things that kill other clostridium species will work like gynostemma, pomegranate, and green tea.  Taking garlic can make the bacteria that compete with tetanus die so make sure if you notice twitching after eating garlic to treat for tetanus.  Cracked teeth or root canals can also be infected with tetanus, putting juniper berry essential oil on them helps.  Also possibly diptheria corynebacterium diptheriae.

14. What causes sore throat and pains in the sides of the neck?  Fusobacterium Necrophorum.  This is the cause of roughly 1 in 3 sore throats.  This can also cause clotty blood when you blow your nose.  Also I had a dream of a red fox and it was "screaming".  It can also make its way to the lungs.  This bacteria takes a while to clear and can be treated with quercetin.  Make sure you are getting plenty of glucose as well so the body can make its own antioxidants like NADPH.  The blood clots seem to be from a combination of strep and fuso so take adaptogens. Essential oils that help are orange or lemon oil (limonene), tea tree, and eucalyptus.  Rest, get plenty of sleep, and refrain from all sexual activity.  Possibly vitamin c but not tried yet.

15.  What makes it hard for me to breathe in the sense that I feel I can't get enough air per breath air hunger or dyspnea?  This happened to me when I was treating for tuberculosis and another bacteria must have taken over in the lungs.  Probably Pseudomonas Aeuriginosa.  The bacteria is killed with tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil. Could possibly be tb or diptheria as well.  Haemophilis and Staphylococcus in the lungs can also present as this.  So taking 10 drops of eucalyptus oil should be the first line as that can kill TB and also Pseudomonas (which pseudomonas might be the cause of Cystic Fibrosis as well).  If that doesn't work then try 5 drops each of cinnamon and mint essential oil to kill haemophilis (the cinnamon should also kill psuedomonas).  Cinnamon powder and mustard powder taken internally at around 1/2 tsp if the bacteria is pseudomonas (the other treatments don't work).  If it is diptheria it is treated with taking garlic powder internally also a few drops of eucalyptus oil.  Tumeric sandalwood and patchoulli also should fight diptheria.  Finally if it is Staph or another gram positive bacteria, a combination of steroidal and triterpenoid saponin should kill it which can be tribulis terrestris extract along with gynostemma extract taken at the same time.  In summary try eucalyptus, then cinnamon, then saponins.  Basically eucalyptus can kill all the causes except staph.

16.  What causes untreatable constipation?  Clostridium Botulinum or TB.  Actually probably mostly an hcg tunor of the testicles or ovaries.  (if that is the case treated with thyme and oregano oil taken internally or applie to the testicles). Botulism bacteria causes paralysis of the gut. Botulism bacteria can be treated with Quercetin and essential oils of eucalyptus clove oregano and more.  Also TB can cause obstructions and constipation.  TB probably causes hirshsprung and celiac disease and is probably involved with chrones.

17.  How do you kill anaerobic bacteria?  Quercetin or peroxide or oregano oil.  Even though anaerobes are suseptible to oxidation for some reason anyi-oxidants help, possibly because it messes up with the oxidation mechanisms of the bacteria.  Mabye vitamin c but haven't tried yet.  Peppermint oil also kills anaerobic bacteria well.

18.  What causes dreams of the thunderbird or thunder people?  Not sure yet but the Lakota people call this Heyoka.  These people typically goofy and contrarian in nature.  They shiver in the heat and sweat in the cold.  When hungry feels very full.  May be ocd and slightly schizophrenic.  Trying to figure out what bacteria are responsible.  Edit: probably tuberculosis or mycobacterium bovis (bovine tuberculosis).

19.  Why do I easily or excessively bleed?  Strep bacteria probably group B.  Interfere with clotting factors.   Also causes scratchiness in your eyes when you blink. Also can cause carpal tunnel (or carpal tunnel can be from listeria (chromium effects it too) but still killed with adaptogens anyway).  Also can cause insomnia and anxiety.  Can cause sore throat but group B strep does not. Adaptogens (triterpenoid saponins) kill them.  Steroidal saponins increase adaptogen bioavailability.

20. what causes insomnia?  (Also see other posts I made on this topic for more detail) Combination of bicarbonate deficiency, campylobacter, and streptococcus.  Potassium bicarbonate, ginger powder (kills campylobacter), and adaptogens (kills strep) can treat the root cause.  Also possibly TB.  Tb treated with garlic and vitamin c.  Also could be hcg tumor of the testicles or ovaries, search this page for this to find more info.

21. what causes hairloss gynecomastia and gluten sensitivity? (Edit: probably just hemochromatosis) Pepsin deficiency likely caused/exacerbated by h pylori.  Probably also intestinal TB involved.  Supplemental enzymes may be needed.  Testing rennet applied to the scalp.  Tb treated with garlic and vitamin c.  Also possibly hcg tumor of the testicles or ovaries, see elsewhere in this page for more info.

22.  Why do I have BO (body odor).  Gram positive bacteria.  Take adaptogens internally to treat.

23.  What causes "cold sweats"?  Tuberculosis is a known cause (TB also causes dry mouth and stabbing heart chest pain and elsewhere) Treated with garlic and vitamin C.

24.  What causes lymphoma and testicular cancer?  Most likely TB. Treated with garlic and vitamin C.  Also probably staph epidermidis, it so treated by appling thyme and oregano oil to testicles.

25.  What causes pancreatic and colon cancer and gallstones?  Gram negative bacteria.  Bacterioides for colon cancer.  Both killed with DE.

26.  What causes prostate issues and prostate cancer?  Most liekly a combo of p acnes and UTI bacteria like proteus.  P acnes treated with adaptogens and thyme oil and uti bacteria treated with eucalyptus and clove essential oils.  Also probably hcg tumor, see elsewhere in this page for more info.

27.  What causes most other forms of cancer?  Gram positive bacteria and listeria.  Treated with adaptogens.  Also limonene (citrus oil), thyme oil, oregano oil.

28.  What is a common cause stomach pain and diarrhea that is difficult to cure and also pins and needles and possibly restless legs?  Clostridium Perfringens.  Clostridium is notoriously hard to kill and it is pretty much immune to the standard food grade diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal to cure.  This bacteria makes your stomach hurt more when you stand up and stretch and hurt less when you are sitting hunched over.  However drinking water helps the pain slightly.  Eating also helps the pain especially protein.  This bacteria can also cause pins and needles (especially evident when you start killing it off) and is a probable cause of multiple sclerosis.  The way to kill this is similar to other clostridia, adaptogens/saponins primarily.  I used gynostemma and tribulus terrestris primarily and quercetin also helped trememdously.  Also eigenol and eucalyptol (clove and eucalyptus) essential oils help.  Also curcumin.  I got infected from an artichoke dip based on cream cheese.  Lots of the clostridia live in low water type foods (gram positive).  Turns out my grandma's brother got this in italy and died from it.  On autopsy his intestines were black with I believe adhesions.  This bacteria produce black colonies.  Also he was "bent over" and as I said it eases the pain to bend over.  On autopsy they called it gangrene and we know this bacteria causes gas gangrene.

29.  What causes hiccups?  Some type of gram negative like bacteria.  Cured with food grade diatomaceous earth.  Possibly mycobacteria.  Possibly a virus that infects gram negative bacteria like herpes.

30.  What causes chapped lips?  Gram negative bacteria.  Not sure which exactly, possibly e coli.  Treated/killed with eucalyptus oil and similar oils like tea tree/clove.

31.  What causes pain in the middle of the upper back likely including a painful feeling like you swallowed something that got stuck in your esophagus like peanut butter when you haven't eaten anything like that.  Possibly Serratia or another gram negative; it is treated/cured by eucalyptus oil orally.  So something  like 10 drops eucalyptus oil in the mouth and drunk down with liquid.  If that doesn't entirely work, use activated charcoal.

32.  What causes certain crawling sensations in the body?  Pinworms.  Pinworms seem to able to be located in the anus, testicles, temples, nose, ears, mabye feet (although those could be hookworms).  Killed over time with eucalyptus oil.  Also can be bacteria in the gut causing these sensations.  Pseudomonas and possibly others.  Also I sometimes notice crawly sensations also with restless legs.

33.  What causes appendicitis?  Bacteroides bacteria.  Prevented and cured by food grade diatomaceous earth.

34.  What causes pain in the lower back and also restless legs?  Proteus infecting your kidneys.  Treated with clove and eucalyptus oil a few drops of each a day internally.  Potassium bicarbonate can also help.   Restless legs in conjunction with likely pseudomonas, campylobacter, and clostridium perferingins.  See above on how to treat those.

35.  Insomnia:  (also see other blog posts on this topic for more info)  Have trouble falling asleep?  Proteus.  Have trouble staying asleep?  Streptococcus  Proteus killed by eucalyptus and strep killed with adaptogens like gynostemma.  Also staphylococcus along with mycobacterium bovis (bovine tuberculosis) seem to work together to produce sleep apnea and early waking insomnia.  Also probably hcg tumor, see elsewhere in this page for more info.

36. Constipation? Bicarbonate defiiency (treated with potassium bicarbonate), gut Tuberculosis (treated with garlic and vit c), Botulism (treated with adaptogens like gynostemma), and gluten sensitivity (caused by h pylori treated with wheatgrass juice powder).  I think there is a connection between tuberculosis and gluten sensitivity but I haven't yet been able to go back to eating gluten if I want to has regular BM's.  H pylori vacA toxin seems to be the cause of gluten sensitivity.  Also hcg tumor can cause constipation see elsewhere in this page for more info.

37. Do you smell like a slim jim?  You have nitrate reducing bacteria.  Probably rothia dentocariosa.  Also causes cavities.  Cured with adaptogens.

What causes chest pain, endocarditis, and joint pain or rheumatoid arthritis?  Gram positive bacteria including strep, staph, and rothia and others.  Cured with adaptogens.

What causes severe stabbing pains sometimes in the heart area?  Mycobacterium.  Also causes heart to skip beats.  Treated with vitamin c and garlic and several essential oils juniper berry, clove, thyme, garlic, nutmeg, cinnamon cassia, frankensence, rosemary.

What causes heart skipping beats?  (Also see other blog posts on this topic for more info) Can be gram positive bacteria, iron overload, or G6PDD legume sensitivity, gluten sensitivity, hemochromatosis.  H pylori is the biggest factor secondary to iron overload. I get it when I eat anything containing Pea Protien.

What causes burning toungue or other mucus membranes?  May cause bleeding spots when your toungue is brushed.  Candida.  Treated with oregano essential oil (which also burns).  You can dilute in coconut oil if needed for intimate places.  If in the nasal passages you can snort a mixture of water and food grade diatomaceous earth.

How to treat parietal foramina issues.  Thyme and cinnamon essential oil on the back of the scalp.  Kills streptococcus pnemoniae and harmophilis influenzae respectively.

what causes lactose intolerance?  Not sure but my hypothesis is e coli, if that were the case then food grade diatomaceous earth would cure it.

What causes blood clots or short pains in extremities like fingers and possibly large sharp pain in the heart that feels like a heart attack?  Anthrax bacteria.  Bacillus Anthracis.  Also see fusobacteria.  Also can be from cadmium poisoning.  Killed with garlic and oregano.  Also coccidiosis might cause blood clots.  Also campylobacter possibly.  Definitely salmonella.  Families Deferribacteraceae, Anaeroplasmataceae, Prevotellaceae [3] and Enterobacteriaceae produce TMAO which can cause clotting.  Activated charcoal may be good in advanced disease.

What causes diarrhea?  Coccidiosis. Salmonella?  Campylobacter.

What causes insomnia, sleep apnea, small flaccid penis and large testicles, male pattern baldness, prostate cancer, klienfelter syndrome, gynecomastia and love handles, and young looking face and skin?  Edit probably hemochromatosis. Not exactly sure about this but probably an hcg secreting tumor on the testicle(s).  If this is the case it is likely caused by staph epidermidis and would be treated with thyme oil and oregano oil applied to the scrotum.  Some female problems like depression, male facial hair or male like balding, pain in the ovaries especially during period, fat gain and liw metabolism, easy muscle growth, etc, could be caused by the same bacteria (staph epidermidis) in the vagina causing ovary cysts.  Treated with thyme and oregano oil taken internally or very dilute of those inside the vagina.

What causes back pain in the lower spine or lower neck?
specifically including pinched nerves and slipped disks?  Gram negative bacteria.  Helped by activated charcoal and likely food grade DE and thyme and mustard herbs.  This bacteria tends to grow in sugar so worsened with diabetes.

What causes thick slimy mucus?  Probably hemophilus influenzae.  how do I know this? because these are what are associated with cystic fibrosis where the mucus in the lungs becomes thick.  This bacteria along with streptococcus are associafed with the bizzare flu 2017-2018.  Not sure how to kill it yet since its gram nefative i am trying eucalyptus essential oil and for the strep take adaptogens.

What causes pain in Salivary gland or lymph nodes or growths in the salivary gland duct? Mumps virus.  Mumps virus seems associated with gram positive bacteria and probably associared with most cancer.  Treated with adaptogens mixed with steroidal saponins from tribulus and also thyme oil esprcially applied to the growths.

What causes diabetes, psoriasis, diabetes? Mycobacterium.  Killed with essential oils of thyme, cinnamon, juniper, clove, etc.  Also fresh garlic.

What causes intense tooth pain from a cracked tooth that is eased or helped with ice or cold temperatures? Anaerobic bacteria.  Killed with peppermint oil.  Anaerobic bacteria also cause cold sensitive teeth.

What causes hairloss? hemachromatosis.  P acnes.  Killed with peppermint oil since it is anaerobic.  DHT can also be removed from the scalp with limonene food grade.

What causes nightmares?  Streptococcus bacteria.  Killed with adaptogens coupled with steroidal saponins like tribulus to enhance absorption.  Also diptheria bacteria releases dmt causing dreams of bieng whisked away and shown things or your life or evil/satan.

What causes dreams of kachinas or raggedy anne dolls?  Did you take any asprin or willow bark?

What causes rapid rhythmic short lived myclonic bursts (myorhythmia)?  Symptoms include short lived (couple seconds) rapid Muscle contractions in a certain muscle (can be heart!) Especially when asleep or waking up.  Caused by either streptococcus, borrelia (lyme), tropheryma (whipple) or mycoplasma.  If borrelia or strep or tropheryma, killed with adaptogens like gynostemma coupled with steroidal saponins like tribulus to boost bioavailability.  If mycoplasma, killed with garlic.

What causes you to seemingly see through your eyelids, visions or dreams about what is around you.  Lots of people report seeing this in near death experiences.  I also got it from probably campylobacter or from detox symptoms of haemophilis influenzae.

What causes stiff neck? Haemophilis.  Cured with echinacea root powder taken internally.  Also possibly tb.

What causes natural DMT trips and dreams? Diptheria bacteria.  Killed with eucalyptus essential oil.

What causes slow hearbeat bradycardia especially upon waking up and taking deep breaths.  Also causes deep impressions on you skin while you sleep.  Weak heartbeat (may have to strong heartbeat if calcium deficient). Bacillus Cerus or Subtilis.  This bacteria is an AChEi and will increase acetylcholine.  Emergency medicine can be atropine (chew a few datura seeds or whatnot) but kill the bacteria with garlic powder (not aged) and adaptogens.

And that's about it.  If you want to kill all those bacteria at once, check out my product "Super Advanced Detox Cleanse" in the health remedies button above.  And you could be germ free like me and live to 120 ;).

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  1. If you do the Super Advanced Detox Cleanse, do you then take probiotics after that? Is there one product you recommend as a maintenance of the gut bacteria?
    I have nerve pain and neuropathy symptoms, so I am very interested in trying this to eliminate those issues.

    1. Right. Personally I will take sadc my whole life. But yes if/when you want to stop you will need to take probiotics. When you come off this your gut is clean, which means if you ingest a few salmonella bacteria like we all do you will get food poisoning since there are no other microbes to out compete them. Also C diff or campylobacteria will likely crop up from spores or whatnot. So ya if you want to quit it you will need probiotics or probiotic foods of some type.

      So in your case what I would do is actually start with DE and see if that solves it. If not I would add garlic and vitamin C. That way you can pinpoint what is actually causing your issues so in the future you know the minimum ingredients needed to address your problem. I like sadc obviously but it isn't the best thing to help figure out exactly what bacteria is causing a problem since it is so broad spectrum.

  2. Thank you for the detailed response! I already take about 3-4 grams of Vitamin C. It does help a lot. I notice that my legs feel the best when I have done a strong workout that involves the legs, In other words, blood flow helps a lot.
    If I continue to take this product, then I wouldn't need DE or other probiotics and supplements, correct?
    I am also using the Nature's Fury, the hops and Z-tox. Maybe I am using too many detoxifying products?

    If you had to suggest 3 products only (for life), what would they be?

  3. Ok awesome. So what I would try next is garlic and mabye DE. Since the vit c works it is probably mycobacterium so the garlic should help. Yes if you take sadc you shouldn't need probiotics. As far as what are the necessary supplements it depends on what you need ;). So what I think everyone needs is sadc unless you live in a sterile bubble. Restitution is if you aren't getting enough vitamins in your diet, staybl is if you have heavy metals, zetox is if you have had exposure to BPA and other toxins, natures fury is if you have non-gut gram positive infections like group b strep, listeria, or lyme... So ya it can be complicated but the products are designed to be safe so what I do is use them periodically if my symptoms point to needing something. For example when I am having trouble sleeping I detox heavy metals with staybl and kill brain infection with natures fury. If I haven't been having a super varied diet I take restitution and mmil. If I notice anything of the gut symptoms in this article I take sadc or the individual components for my specific symptoms. Though if anything was good to take daily in small amounts it would be sadc.

  4. This is so awesome! I'm trying to keep the number of products I take down to a minimum. I use the hops and nature's fury for insomnia. which has gotten better and better. I'm going to continue with the hops as a general maintenance thing. Do you think I could stick with the sadc,hops and vitamin c and not have to take anything else unless other things crop up?

  5. Sorry just saw this but yes I think that sounds like a good plan.


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