*Spoiler alert!* Game storyline NPC dialog for mmorpg/survival game Iam working on Nature's Key: Dunes of the Past

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Nature's Key: Dunes of the Past
B1: I've seen many scrawny adventurers like you come by lately.  Let me save you the suspense, there ain't no way you can take out a skeleton.  When we see one, we run.  They have been here long before you were born and will be here long after you're gone.  Spend some time training here and I'll help you get off on the right foot, but don't expect to take on a skeleton.
B2: I suppose you are pretty strong now, great work.  I'll tell you one thing; the energy animating those bones can't be natural.
B3: Take a look at my racks, I think I can find an old weapon you might like. (weapon and iron merchant, accepts gold)
A1:  The nights here are brutal but nothing a good torch can't fix.  I collected some fat from the rabbit we had last night;  Find a stick and some rags and I'll show you how to make a torch.
(Darkness saps health 2/tick and night is very dark.  Lasts 1/3 of the total day(if technically possible).  Torch negates health loss and gives light but uses the main weapon slot.  Torch wears out every night and needs to be recrafted)
A1.5:  Get one more rag then come back and we will make that torch. (total of 2 rags required, found on skeletons 1:3.  Sticks found by clicking on trees)
A2:  Look at that!  That's a nice torch.  I've heard wise wanderers mention they tracked a strange source of energy emanating from somewhere in these dunes.  What technology they used to track it with is beyond me.
A3: Are you still wearing rags? (rag armor pieces drops randomly from skeletons 1:5)  Here, fetch me some leather and I'll make you some real clothes. (leather found on puma's 1:6)
A4:  Wanderer, I have been sucessful recreating the striped metallic armor the ancients used to make.  You are going to need to find some fibrous plant material, purified iron, and leaves of the peppermint plant.  Bring these to me and I will give this armor a shot for you.  
A4: player says: here are the pieces!  Can you really do it?
A4:  I can see the suprise in your eyes...We women are smarter than men and don't you forget it! hahaha!(failure rate 50%)
Monolith1: You see ancient writing but somehow see it translated in your minds eye "Let this monument stand as a reminder of the agreement between us and you."
B1: player asks: Who is that monument talking about?  What is the "agreement"?
B1 response: You're mind is playing tricks on you.  Its just an old rock...thousands of years old.  Whatever it shows you isn't applicable to today's world.
B1:player asks: So you saw something too?
B2: Bahh get out of here kid.  Don't you have something better to do like search for loot?
C1: Bring me some sticks and a some clay dirt and I will make a curative potion for you.  (Potion cures any poison or disease)
C2: One more thing, bring me some Sophora flowers and I can make you an overall health tonic. (potion replenishes some health)
Meteorite1: You see what seems to be a meteorite but feel a damaging energy.  You hear a whisper on the wind.
"We created you"  
Very strange.
Radiation effect 3 damage per tick for 20 mins.
C1: you look distraught
C1: player asks: I just saw this weird meteorite and a monument that showed me something, I'm so confused and to be honest a little sick.  What is the "agreement"?
C1: *sickness is cured* Ahh yes, I think we all have seen the message of the monument in our youth.  No one taught you about it?  Thousands of years ago, perhaps even more, The watchers agreed with the higher power not to interfere in our affairs but theywould help us when the higher power decreed it so.  How many of them still hold to it is anyones guess.
C1: player asks: who are the watchers?
C2: This subject is kind of taboo, we don't really talk about it as it makes people uncomfortable.
D1: You've been searching.
D1: player asks: 1. How did you know?
    2. Who are you?
    3. Who are the Watchers?
D1: How else would you have found me?
D2:  They call me Nature.  I search out the keys of this world in order to help people.
D3: Ahh so that is what you have been searching for.  They were another species similar to us, but more intelligent.  The gap between us and them was similar to the gap between apes and us.  They harnessed anti-gravity many millenia ago.  Those who kept the agreement were exalted: that is... they were transformed into light.  Transformed isn't the best word...the dark matter of their existence that was holding them back was burned away and the light remained.  They now are self sufficient and need no material things.  They live by the power of the universal spirit.  The other 1/3 who rejected the agreement were cast out of the higher realm down to earth and lost thier light.  They had to go within the earth to survive.  They currently fight to enslave humanity and rely on us to keep them alive, they have become parasites.  You and I are half dark matter and half light.  The world you can percieve is thus.  Likewise the path you choose will determine your destiny.  Always remember there are more of them that are for you than there are against you, and that the higher power is on your side.  The weakest was given to you to show you the way. You will be helped when you ask for it.
D3: player asks: How do you know all this?
D4: hahaha!  Rest well my friend, they will teach you in your dreams.  The dreams may seem strange but they will unlock keys of understanding for you.  The fallen ones try to prevent you from dreaming.  They know it is but one of your connections to the light.
D5: Rest with me here at the interface between earth and sky.
*2x bonus to mana regeneration rate while sitting near the sage on the mountaintop.*
D6: It appears you have learned everything these sands have to teach you.  Truly well done.  A sage can only celebrate when his student surpasses him.  Use the thorium you have found (can only be looted when you are maxed out, drops off the final boss) to move on to the next place when you are ready.  To be sure I will follow shortly.

Wait...Adventurer...if you wish to stay a little longer I would understand.  Forsake the way of money and things purchased with it and you will find you can progress even farther.  Once you have proven yourself I have a special gift for you...

D7:  Wanderer...you have surpassed even my greatest hope for you.  Here... I was saving this to pass on to a son but it doesn't seem like I will ever have a son of my own.  I reverse engineered ancient watcher technology. Take this and help others and carry forward this legacy into the new generation.

*obtained the lightdagger*

*use thorium and watch exit cinematic*
**visual Journal entry; worked with A on making a spacecraft and placing thorium in reaction chamber.  ship seems like it floats upwards like a bubble as it lifts off and hovers for a second before it launches off into space shooting out light as propulsion.  Black planet (same material as the monolith and meteorite) you see in the distance in the cinematic is where the watchers used to live before they were exhalted/fallen.  As soon as you see the planet in the distance the cinematic cuts out**
The planet you land on in the sequel when it is released will actually be able to be entered by any player, not just ones who completed the first game.

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