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What causes panic attacks and insomnia?  Streptococcus bacteria, group A or group B.  Also causes weak hands and forearms when waking up from rem sleep.  Killed with adaptogens.  Restless legs can also cause insomnia and that is caused by campylobacter which is killed with ginger.

Why do the muscles around my eye twitch?  Heavy metals.  Got this with histidine also cystiene so nickel/lead/mercury possibly.

what causes blood clots?  cadmium.  I got from pine needle ash. Cystiene removed the cadmium and potential clots.

what causes buzzing/vibration in the foot or elsewhere?  Mercury (I got from cystiene (which mobilizes and chelates mercury and others got from flu shots)

What causes brain buzzing which happens when the body is trying to enter rem sleep or twitching/convulsions of the body or restless leg syndrome?  I believe this is from campylobacter but not certain yet.

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