Video game: Fresh new way to implement PvP purely as a checks andbalances system

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We all know that checks and balances on power are the best way to keep order. In a non-instanced game (which I vastly prefer) there is a new pillar of power, kill stealing/greifing. The check/balance on that in original EQ (everquest) was training, deliberately riling up monsters and running them over the kill stealer. Well what if there was another more elegant and predictable way to do it? How about a limited PvP system.

What I mean by "limited" is this: 
1. you get no reward for killing a player (perhaps actually a small xp penalty) 
2. the player killed gets no penalty (besides bieng sent back to bind point) and keeps his corpse.

So this would be a clean cut check and balance on kill stealing. Someone is griefing you? Attack them. If you win they get sent back to spawn point with no penalty, they don't even have to retrieve their corpse. Hopefully this will frustrate them enough to just do something else rather than grief you.
No messy trains needed!

PS: if you aren't stronger than the griefer, call your friends.  There could even be the equivalent of "oathkeepers" who you can call for help/backup and tip them since they loose a little xp to kill the person.  Since there is a penalty for killing someone there likely will not be guild wars rather the people with beef can work out their problems on their own.  Just like a duel in the wild west.  To be honest this will likely even improve community interaction because you would be checking your friends list or guild to see who you could call for backup if the need ever arose.  And with a penalty for killing you, getting killed should be a quite rare occurrence but it can add suspense and thus greater immersion.

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