If anything ever happens to me, it was probably SpaceX / Elon Musk

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If anything ever happens to me, it was probably SpaceX / Elon Musk

You may say that I'm paranoid and that's fine but paranoia requires fear and I'm not afraid of becoming a martyr for you.  Life is a gift and none of us deserve it.  To him who much is given much is required and I would be more concerned about myself if I wasn't trying to find and expose the truth.  I feel a level of protection comes by doing the work of the higher power out there.  I respect my own life and others and will fight for it.  Our world is very messed up and has always been but one thing we can learn is the enemy always looses by killing someone.  Look at Abel, John the Baptist, Jesus, their voices grew a million times bigger by becoming martyr's.  Scalia and Prince also; their voice and teachings grew much bigger than they could ever accomplish in their lives.  I believe their martyrdom along with the countless others killed by drone strikes and the global central bank monetary system and aborted babies played a part in the rise of anti-establishment sentiment in our country and worldwide.  The dead speak and I hope that I can make it to a ripe old age but I can promise you that from the grave I will do a thousand times more than I could accomplish in my entire life.

Look right now at Milo, Trump, Alex Jones + crew; living martyr's.  They aren't right about everything and that's fine, they express their views unapologetically which only improves the marketplace of ideas and liberty.  Those are the people I look up to in a very big way.

As far as my SpaceX video's, I won't delete any of my video's or articles regardless whether I am right or wrong about SpaceX faking their landings.  At least you can see my reasoning.  I feel that if anything happened to me it would be because of these SpaceX video's I made about them faking their landings.  Knocking me off would do nothing and only greatly increase the amount of people that are suspicious of SpaceX and that perhaps they are a private money laundering scheme for NASA taxpayer money.

I just want to say I have no health problems, am not suicidal in the least, and you shouldn't believe any posts contrary to that (accounts can be hacked).  If I were to get convicted to lifetime in prison without parole (I would never do anything to hurt anyone but who knows what they can charge you with like Aaron Swartz who I named myself NatureHacker after) that's fine, it would just mean I would never have to work again.  Even if facing the prospect of torture like the character Morpheus in the movie The Matrix, I'm fine with that, there is nothing that would make me want to kill myself. I fight for life in any situation, my own or others.  If anything happens to me demand a full autopsy with second and third opinions released publicly and no cremation.  Also it should be known that I never deal with heavy metals like mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, etc nor do I deal with any chemicals that have those as impurities.  Everything I deal with is food grade or ACS grade purity.

You can only truly live once you aren't afraid to die for what you believe in :).  Who want's to live as a slave?  Give me liberty or give me death. I dig into and teach the truth for your sake, I am living to make the world a better place.  If that wasn't true I would be working at Raytheon making missiles that kill innocents and making the big bucks and saying nothing controversial to keep my job.  Ain't nobody got time fo a life like dat!  I hope that what you learn from me could be one small puzzle piece you can use to find freedom.  And when we are each free, society becomes free.  No one has never gained true freedom with aggressive violence, it comes from within.

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