H. Pylori Herbs

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Have chronic cough or constantly clearing your throat?  Heartburn?  GERD? Migranes?  This product may be for you:

This herbal extract combo capsules were designed to kill H. Pylori bacteria.  This bacteria is considered gram negative but it isn't killed by typical methods like desiccation because it burrows into the stomach lining.  Some studies seem to suggest that sulforophane from broccoli and antioxidants like resveratrol may kill this bacteria and my experience has confirmed this.  Also from my experience rhodiola (probably the tannins) and wheatgrass juice seems to kill it pretty well.  In my own experience and according to some research H. Pylori could be involved in migraine headaches.  So when you kill it one of the detox symptoms may be a temporary migrane.

If you have a reasonably clean gut h pylori seems to hold C. Diff at bay and possibly also mycobacteria.  So I added herbs that have been known to kill C. diff and mycobacteria.  Vitamin C could also help with reducing mycobacteria but isn't added to this formula.

H. Pylori Herbs capsules 50 ct

Serving suggestion: 1-2 capsules a day

Some symptoms of H. Pylori in my experience and what I've read are Migranes, Chronic cough, acid reflux, ulcers, constant clearing throat etc.

73% H Pylori

33% broccoli sprout
15% rhodiola
15% wheatgrass juice
10% ginger
3% quercetin

23% C diff + Mycobacteria

8% garlic (myco)
7% gynostemma (c diff)
6% pomegranate (c diff)

3% Dessicant
3% DE

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