The real root cause of chest pain: Oxidative stress

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As you may have seen with my posts on batteries; to create energy you need oxidation and reduction coupled.  Like anything you need a difference to generate energy.  A pressure difference, a voltage difference, a temperature difference, etc.  When we are dealing with biological chemistry and electrochemistry what we deal with electrons and we have to have an electron density difference.  Things with lots of electrons are reductive and things with few electrons are oxidative.  Now in our body we need a balance of oxidative and reductive.  Oxidative comes from the lungs (oxygen in the air) and reductive comes from cells; cells use sugars to make hydrogen ions and other reducing agents like NADPH and glutathione.  The oxygen is used to oxidize iron in heme which is the foundation for energy in our bodies. Then this oxidized iron acts as a catalyst to oxidize cobalt ion in B-12.  These are the main oxidizing agents in our bodies and other similar minerals also like vanadium, molybdenum, chromium, manganese, etc.  These have to be balanced by reducing agents like glutathione, vitamin c, NADPH, Quercetin, coq10, resveratrol, PQQ, etc. When an imbalance happens it is usually towards the oxidative side.  Smoking is oxidative, alcohol, toxins, saturated and trans fats, injury, etc.  Often times the first organ effected is the heart but almost every disease is either caused or exacerbated by oxidation.  What ends up happening is there is pericarditis which is an inflammation of the pericardium, the sack that surrounds the heart.  This inflammation causes chest pain usually on the left side near the heart.  The pain can however be "referred" to the surface so it may feel like rib pain.  This pain signifies too much oxidation in the body.  Most people realize exercising and eating better helps, and this is because exercising induces the body to create more NADPH and eating better reduces the oxidizing saturated fats.  But few if any know the true root cause is oxidation.

A very common cause is high iron in the blood.  If there is too much iron it pulls too much oxygen from the lungs and causes an oxidative state.  This can very very commonly lead to sharp chest pains and skipping beats also called fibrillation. Modern medicine apparently doesn't know how to reduce iron in the blood without invasive methods like poisons and blood letting.  Did we really not graduate the dark ages?  Apparently some of us, the greedy did not.  Luckily many herbs can help us reduce our bodies iron burden.  One easy way is green tea.  Also other herbs high in tannins and polyphenols will help the body excrete iron very well.

In addition to removing iron we need to increase our anti-oxidant status.  One great and cheap way is vitamin C.  500-1000 mg a day is a great dose, but too much can actually be oxidative so don't go much over 1000mg a day.  Also quercetin is very potent anti-oxidant, a few hundred mg a day is excellent.  Resveratrol and coq10 is also amazing100mg a day is great.

And finally there is one more source of sharp stabbing pains, but instead of just relegated to the chest, this problem will cause sharp pains anywhere and everywhere in the body.  And that is gut mycobacteria.  This is the same bacteria that cause TB and crohn's disease.  The way to kill this bacteria is by taking garlic, and ironically, vitamin C.

So there you have it, the root cause and easy, natural, and cheap cures for chest pain.

Nobel metal air battery fuel cell update

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So in making a high power battery you need two sides, a reductive side (anode) and oxidative side (cathode).  This time I got a real salt bridge to try out.  My last salt bridge was a rolled up napkin.  This one was hydrochloric acid plugged up with some glass wool.  Unfortunately while I got great voltage with h2o2 on cathode side (1.35 v) I got almost zero amps, 10 mA.  This means our bridge just wasn't great, it must be too long.  However the glass wool seemed to work great in preventing the two solutions from mixing.  For our high power battery we will need a much shorter salt bridge.  I will try taping this one up well and cutting it down to size but what I will probably have to do is actually make an H cell or make a big fritted glass divider to divide oxidative from reductive in the same cup.  I wanted to try a combo of N2O and Oxygen using the dispersion tube for the oxidative cathode side (seen on the left side of my pic) but my balloon to hold the gasses broke.  Instead I just used h2o2 which is good for testing.  BTW this is a copper rhenium air battery currently, eventually it will be copper iridium fuel cell (oxidizer on one side reducer (like hydrogen) on the other) which is best.  Also you can make this a solar cell by making the anode (copper) side filled with photosensitive dyes like chlorophyll or blackberry juice and shining light on it.


If anything ever happens to me, it was probably SpaceX / Elon Musk

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If anything ever happens to me, it was probably SpaceX / Elon Musk

You may say that I'm paranoid and that's fine but paranoia requires fear and I'm not afraid of becoming a martyr for you.  Life is a gift and none of us deserve it.  To him who much is given much is required and I would be more concerned about myself if I wasn't trying to find and expose the truth.  I feel a level of protection comes by doing the work of the higher power out there.  I respect my own life and others and will fight for it.  Our world is very messed up and has always been but one thing we can learn is the enemy always looses by killing someone.  Look at Abel, John the Baptist, Jesus, their voices grew a million times bigger by becoming martyr's.  Scalia and Prince also; their voice and teachings grew much bigger than they could ever accomplish in their lives.  I believe their martyrdom along with the countless others killed by drone strikes and the global central bank monetary system and aborted babies played a part in the rise of anti-establishment sentiment in our country and worldwide.  The dead speak and I hope that I can make it to a ripe old age but I can promise you that from the grave I will do a thousand times more than I could accomplish in my entire life.

Look right now at Milo, Trump, Alex Jones + crew; living martyr's.  They aren't right about everything and that's fine, they express their views unapologetically which only improves the marketplace of ideas and liberty.  Those are the people I look up to in a very big way.

As far as my SpaceX video's, I won't delete any of my video's or articles regardless whether I am right or wrong about SpaceX faking their landings.  At least you can see my reasoning.  I feel that if anything happened to me it would be because of these SpaceX video's I made about them faking their landings.  Knocking me off would do nothing and only greatly increase the amount of people that are suspicious of SpaceX and that perhaps they are a private money laundering scheme for NASA taxpayer money.

I just want to say I have no health problems, am not suicidal in the least, and you shouldn't believe any posts contrary to that (accounts can be hacked).  If I were to get convicted to lifetime in prison without parole (I would never do anything to hurt anyone but who knows what they can charge you with like Aaron Swartz who I named myself NatureHacker after) that's fine, it would just mean I would never have to work again.  Even if facing the prospect of torture like the character Morpheus in the movie The Matrix, I'm fine with that, there is nothing that would make me want to kill myself. I fight for life in any situation, my own or others.  If anything happens to me demand a full autopsy with second and third opinions released publicly and no cremation.  Also it should be known that I never deal with heavy metals like mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic, etc nor do I deal with any chemicals that have those as impurities.  Everything I deal with is food grade or ACS grade purity.

You can only truly live once you aren't afraid to die for what you believe in :).  Who want's to live as a slave?  Give me liberty or give me death. I dig into and teach the truth for your sake, I am living to make the world a better place.  If that wasn't true I would be working at Raytheon making missiles that kill innocents and making the big bucks and saying nothing controversial to keep my job.  Ain't nobody got time fo a life like dat!  I hope that what you learn from me could be one small puzzle piece you can use to find freedom.  And when we are each free, society becomes free.  No one has never gained true freedom with aggressive violence, it comes from within.


How did King Arthur pull the sword from the stone excalibur?

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Ladies and gentlemen I am about to reveal how King Arthur removed the sword from the stone.  Its easy and it wasn't magic, it was vinegar.

The stone in this case was almost certainly a form of cement since there was a sword in it, it wasn't ancient.  Primitive cement is easy to make and usually was made from caliche which is a natural cement.  Romans made cement with Lime and ash.  Sand and burned dirt also works.  So does harvesting caliche and rewetting it.

Anyway the way to dissolve cement and most rocks is acid.  In those old days everyone had vinegar.  So Arthur could have gone to the stone every day for a month at night and sprinkled some vinegar where the sword met the stone.  If he wanted he could have "apple jacked" the vinegar to produce acetic acid.  Simply take your vinegar and freeze it and remove the ice to keep increasing the acetic acid concentration of the vinegar.  This would have eaten through the "stone" much quicker.  Once he had it loose he could make a big public declaration he would remove it in front of a big group of people to convince them he was superhuman.  Chemistry still seems like magic to many people today.


H. Pylori Herbs

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Have chronic cough or constantly clearing your throat?  Heartburn?  GERD? Migranes?  This product may be for you:

This herbal extract combo capsules were designed to kill H. Pylori bacteria.  This bacteria is considered gram negative but it isn't killed by typical methods like desiccation because it burrows into the stomach lining.  Some studies seem to suggest that sulforophane from broccoli and antioxidants like resveratrol may kill this bacteria and my experience has confirmed this.  Also from my experience rhodiola (probably the tannins) and wheatgrass juice seems to kill it pretty well.  In my own experience and according to some research H. Pylori could be involved in migraine headaches.  So when you kill it one of the detox symptoms may be a temporary migrane.

If you have a reasonably clean gut h pylori seems to hold C. Diff at bay and possibly also mycobacteria.  So I added herbs that have been known to kill C. diff and mycobacteria.  Vitamin C could also help with reducing mycobacteria but isn't added to this formula.

H. Pylori Herbs capsules 50 ct

Serving suggestion: 1-2 capsules a day

Some symptoms of H. Pylori in my experience and what I've read are Migranes, Chronic cough, acid reflux, ulcers, constant clearing throat etc.

73% H Pylori

33% broccoli sprout
15% rhodiola
15% wheatgrass juice
10% ginger
3% quercetin

23% C diff + Mycobacteria

8% garlic (myco)
7% gynostemma (c diff)
6% pomegranate (c diff)

3% Dessicant
3% DE


Spitting as the new Mercury Detox

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-I have been working on detoxing mercury from my body lately with food grade potassium nitrate and L-cysteine (among other ingredients in Staybl - find it in the 'health remedies' tab above) and I started noticing a sour metalic taste in the mouth.  Also I started to get a detox headache and odd feeling in the back of my throat, nasopharynx, eyes and inner ears. As far as I could tell my mercury detox was working.

It turns out not only the detox headaches were signifying I was getting rid of mercury, but also the sour metallic taste in the mouth.  It turns out this taste in the mouth is a symptom of mercury poisoning.  So for the taste to start while detoxing means that large amounts of mercury is being excreted in the saliva.

It would be so nice if it was all released in the urine but this just simply isn't always the case.  To get rid of the most mercury we need to get rid of our saliva as well, not just urine.

In fact according to my research it turns out that saliva is actually the #1 body fluid that excretes mercury.  How sad would it be that as we detox mercury that we just swallow it back down to be reabsorbed by the body!

Here is a link that shows even when the body stops excreting mercury in the urine it is still excreted in the saliva (search the article for "saliva")


So yes it is gross to spit but it is needed. What I recommend is getting an opaque water bottle and spitting into it for a few hours right after taking staybl or any other mercury detox product.

Cheers to health and this new method of mercury removal from the body!


Video game: Fresh new way to implement PvP purely as a checks andbalances system

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We all know that checks and balances on power are the best way to keep order. In a non-instanced game (which I vastly prefer) there is a new pillar of power, kill stealing/greifing. The check/balance on that in original EQ (everquest) was training, deliberately riling up monsters and running them over the kill stealer. Well what if there was another more elegant and predictable way to do it? How about a limited PvP system.

What I mean by "limited" is this: 
1. you get no reward for killing a player (perhaps actually a small xp penalty) 
2. the player killed gets no penalty (besides bieng sent back to bind point) and keeps his corpse.

So this would be a clean cut check and balance on kill stealing. Someone is griefing you? Attack them. If you win they get sent back to spawn point with no penalty, they don't even have to retrieve their corpse. Hopefully this will frustrate them enough to just do something else rather than grief you.
No messy trains needed!

PS: if you aren't stronger than the griefer, call your friends.  There could even be the equivalent of "oathkeepers" who you can call for help/backup and tip them since they loose a little xp to kill the person.  Since there is a penalty for killing someone there likely will not be guild wars rather the people with beef can work out their problems on their own.  Just like a duel in the wild west.  To be honest this will likely even improve community interaction because you would be checking your friends list or guild to see who you could call for backup if the need ever arose.  And with a penalty for killing you, getting killed should be a quite rare occurrence but it can add suspense and thus greater immersion.


L-Cysteine is the worlds best natural chelator vs DMPS and DMSA forchelation

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Here we are going to learn about chelation.

"The sulfhydryl group (-SH), also called a thiol, is indicated in chemistry nomenclature by "-thiol" as a suffix and "mercapto-" or "sulfanyl" as a prefix. Thiols have great affinity for soft metals"

[[So the thiol group is like a magnet for mercury.]]

Water solubility:

A sulfonate group group is (-SO3) "sulfonates often used as fuel oil additives. They are completely oil soluable with good stability in the presence of water."  So they are not water soluble.

An acetate group (-COOH) is quite water soluble:
Magnesium Acetate 56.7g/100mL (0 °C)

[[So an acetate group is a good group to increase a molecules water solubility]]

"Most primary amines (-NH2) are good ligands for metal ions to give coordination complexes."

[[So the amine group is clamp for mercury]]

More info if you're curious:
[["a ligand[help 1] is an ion or molecule(functional group) that binds to a central metal atom to form a coordination complex. The bonding with the metal generally involves formal donation of one or more of the ligand's electron pairs.

In chemistry, a coordination complex or metal complex consists of a central atom or ion, which is usually metallic and is called the coordination centre, and a surrounding array of bound molecules or ions, that are in turn known as ligands or complexing agents.[1][2]"]]

So if we were to build a chelator given what we know what would we do?  How about start with a carboxylate group, add an amine group as a mercury clamp, and add a sulfahydryl group as a mercury magnet?  Good thinking, yes.

So now lets look at some "chelators" and apply our principles.

sulfonate (so3) group makes this one very low water solubility so it cannot be absorbed through the gut.  Also 2 sulfhydryl groups make this one kind of wonky, it won't be able to figure out which group to have attach to the mercury.  A lack of an amine group makes it so this molecule can "loose it's grip" on mercury kind of like the wimpy "claw" at a carnival game.  

Alright good, lets look at this one:

Well this one has dual carboxyl groups so it is very water soluble.  But this also makes it easy to get a hold of for microbes and therefore labile to microbial digestion in the gut.  Also the sulfhydryl groups in the center don't have good access to get at the mercury.  And this one looks like it could very easily loose its grip on the mercury.  This one would more likely try to push mercury around instead of remove it from the body.

Alright and finally this one:

This one has a carboxyl group for good water solubility, has a NH2 group as a metal ion ligand to hold on to the metal ion, and a sulfahydryl group (-SH) that acts as a magnet.  This one has everything we are looking for, no more no less.  Quite elegant and sexy.

Alright now of all three of these common chelating agents 1 is made by nature and 2 are made by dumbass humans.  Can you guess which are which? Yup you guessed it, the first one is the pharmecutical DMPS, the second one is DMSA, and the third one is good ol' L-Cysteine (Not n-acetyl cysteine which is messed up).

Yes ladies and gentlemen the last chelator is made by nature and is cheap and widely available, and no prescription is needed.  Are you even surprised though?  L-Cystiene is the worlds perfect mercury and heavy metal chelator.  Treasonous people sell out their fellow humans to get a patent and make a buck on selling drugs.  And they produce utter shit as expected from people who hate their species.

Bismuth vs Copper as anode in air battery or fuel cell

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Copper seems to be marginally better than bismuth as an anode in an air battery or fuel cell.  In my 37% HCL test cell a copper rhenium cell using a little hydrogen peroxide in the cathode gave 1.27v whereas a Bismuth rhenium cell gave 1.24v.  Higher voltages for both were seen with Iridium as the cathode, but the results were inconsistent since my piece of iridium was small, but the voltages were both around 1.45v so iridium is the best cathode but rhenium is easier to test because the inexpensive nature of the metal.

It seems that copper is the best anode in any "new millennium" type of electrochemical cell including fuel cells and wet solar cells.

However the difference is so small that the issue could have been that the bismuth is less conductive which may be why copper scored better.  Bismuth and germanium *should* beat copper but in practice they don't.  But perhaps copper plated with germanium and/or bismuth may beat plain copper because the electrochemical difference from the cathode would be better theoretically and the resistance would be small because the plating layer is very thin.

Bismuth 1.29 micro ohms per meter
Germanium 1 ohm per meter
Copper 16.78 nano ohms per meter

In conclusion copper may only be better than germanium and bismuth as an anode material because of lower resistance.  Anodes plated in bismuth and/or germanium still need to be tested to see if they can beat a copper anode.  Ideally the anode may be silver (most conductive metal) plated with germanium to achieve greatest voltage.  In practice a method would likely be silver and/or copper plated with bismuth which may or may not be then plated with germanium.  The problem might arise as the anode may slowly be dissolved as the cell discharges (and could be re-plated back during recharge) so in practice a usable amount of bismuth (and/or germanium) on the anode may increase the resistance of the anode so much that the benefit above a purely copper anode might be nullified.  

As far as cathodes are concerned Iridium is the best metal for an air/peroxide or fuel cell and rhenium is quite close and much cheaper than iridium.