Zetox: Potent detoxifier Glucuronic acid liquid

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Zetox has been reborn.

Named after Zucchero Detox, the italian word for sugar.  Glucuronic acid is a special sugar critical for detoxification. It is an incredibly powerful detoxifier, it detoxes everything from BPA to excess hormones in the body to excess bilirubin which causes jaundice, to hydrocarbons from burning coal and gasoline. Glucuronidation is one of the main liver detoxifying pathways in the body.  The sad fact is if you have white, non metallic tooth fillings, they are leaching large amounts of BPA into your body daily. There should be no wonder menopause symptoms and man breasts are epidemic.  Taking this product daily should help rid the body of BPA and rogue hormones.

From wikipedia:
Glucuronidation is often involved in xenobiotic metabolism of substances such as drugs, pollutants,bilirubinandrogensestrogens,mineralocorticoidsglucocorticoids,fatty acid derivatives, retinoids, and bile acids.

This concentrated Glucuronic acid product was made using a proven and clean protocol.

1 oz bottle $12
Recommended 1 dropper or less per day.  Keep refrigerated.

**Currently experiencing spoilage issues even after a sterile filtration so I will put a buy button back when I get it nailed down.**
Only ceramic, glass, or wood should be used never metal. (including spoons)

Recipie: Always use food grade or ACS ingredients.

33g nitric 45%+
50g starch

Mix as well as possible, cover
let it liquify over the course of a few hours, stir once in a while.
Heat beaker in hot water bath until orange gas comes off (don't breathe it!), remove from heat and stir.
Continue heating till orange gas stops.  Add a little nitric and see if more orange gas comes off.  If not then the oxidation of starch is complete.  Make sure well ventilated and not breathing fumes. Continue heating slowly to evaporate off as much nitric acid as possible.  If it turns brown add a little nitric to re-oxidize.

Increase volume with distilled water to 125 mL.  Add 16mL phosphoric acid 85%.

Add 1 tbsp activated charcoal and stir for a while.  Vacuum filter charcoal out.  Add 5g vitamin C powder.  Filter sterilize.  Add to sterilized bottles (sterilize bottles by loosening caps and placing in covered pot with some water and heat.)

makes 4 x 1oz bottles.

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