The three forms of energy: Bonds, electricity, light. Solid, liquid, gas

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Energy comes in three forms; solid, liquid and gas.  The solid forms are atomic bonds, the liquid form is electricity, and the gas form is light.  So yes atomic bonds, electricity, and light are the exact same theing, just in different forms.  Once you realize this converting between one and another becomes possible if not simple.  In a solar cell what we are doing is condensing a gasseous form of energy (light) into its liquid form, electricity.  In order to condense it we need to learn the physics in how if can be condensed.  Two ways so far discovered has been n type semi conductors and natural dyes.  Dyes are what plants used to condense light.  So chloryphyll, flavanoids, etc.  The problems with that is in a cell these protiens are protected but when we grind up plants to use in a solar cell microbes eat them up over time.  Bonds are easy to harvest electricity from.  Simply corrode a metal and the bond energy is converted into electricity.  This is the premise of the electroplating battery I discuss in other posts.  Converting electricity to bonds is as simple as reversing the electroplating battery.  In my battery research the final frontier will be learning the physics and chemistry of condensing light into electricity for next generation solar cells and vaporizing electricity into light to make more efficient lights.

And of course I still need to figure out what magnatism really is.

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