NOS Fuel Cell! Copper Iridium Nitrous oxide hydrogen

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Were gunna be rollin NOS boys!  Wow I am so excited.  After a significant disappointment when I realized Oxygen wouldn't work in my fuel cell, I finally found a perfect replacement, N2O.  I have been testing my - copper anode iridium cathode - fuel cell with hydrogen peroxide and getting very promising results.  I figured bubbling oxygen through the cathode electrolyte would produce the same results, but sadly I was wrong.  Oxygen at the cathode produced maybe half the voltage I was used to seeing from hydrogen peroxide. So what gives?  Well it turns out oxygens reduction potential is 0.7v whereas H2O2 has a roughly 1.7v reduction potential.  While it is possible to make hydrogen peroxide in solution using the oxygen, this isn't ideal because the hydrogen peroxide would stick around and degrade the cathode even when the battery wasn't in use.  Ideally our oxidizer would stay a gas and leave the solution when we are done using it.  In comes NOS.  NOS has a reduction potential almost identical to hydrogen peroxide, roughly 1.7 volts yet it is a gas!  And upon reaction it turns into harmless nitrogen gas.  However it may need to be mixed with oxygen gas which would act as a catalyst. So this is a perfect substitute for liquid hydrogen peroxide, and it is so much easier to deliver a gas oxidizer (just use pressure) than a liquid which needs a sophisticated drip system.  Also for an extra voltage boost for electric dragsters you can have an onboard ozone generator which should boost around 0.3 volts per cell at the expense of a little battery capacity.  Now I just need to test hydrogen gas (or hydrazine) to bubble into the anode solution and with a little luck, and some 40% HCL electrolyte, I should be able to bring my copper iridium rechargeable fuel cell up to 2 volts per cell!

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