Copper Iridium rechargeable fuel cell: Noble Metal Fuel Cell BatteryUpdate

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So I got in Rhenium and a larger piece of Iridium.  Now for testing I have made a Daniel cell, 2 beakers with a salt bridge (rolled up napkin) between them.  In one of the sides its just pure 37% HCL and copper anode and on the other side it is 37% HCL plus 35% h2o2 (however much h2o2 added to get max voltage) and the cathode to test.  With this new segregated setup gold gives me 1.22v, Ruthenium  1.3v, Rhenium 1.32 volts, and Iridium 1.65v.  So that is quite good and Iridium is the true defending champion and I seriously doubt any metal can beat it at least with this electrolyte setup.  So having tested practically everything I have a lot of confidence that copper-iridium is the setup to use in this battery.  I just need to test bismuth to make sure it isn't a better anode than copper.  I should be soon getting in a ceramic divider so I can have a better more reliable salt bridge.  Next I will have to work on getting the amps up in the salt bridge setup; before I could pull half an amp easy, now I am having trouble pulling 50mA.  So hopefully with the ceramic divider I can get a good amperage to come through.  I am now seeing why fuel cells and batteries use a super thin divider because the amps are severely limited by a thick divider (salt bridge).  Unfortunately the divider is necessary to get maximum voltage so we will see if I can get something practical.  If all else fails having both anode and cathode in the same oxidizing solution still gives roughly 1.2v (copper iridium) so that is an option and it gives very high amperage but that is not a fuel cell hybrid and misses out on the potential 0.6v to be gained by the fuel cell effect.  Right now with the divider I am capitalizing on roughly 0.4v from the h2o2 and if hydrogen gas is added to the other side hopefully I can get the full 0.6v from the fuel cell and add that to my battery.  So this is a bettery-fuelcell combo and the battery voltage adds with the fuel cell voltage.

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