More noble metal battery testing results

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All tests were performed with 37% HCL and just enough H2O2 to get voltage to max out.  Anode is listed first cathode second.

Chromium gold 1.25V (copper gold is only 1 v) decent amps, around 0.2.  This is a negative potential anode but can be recharged because it is below the potential of chlorine gas which is 1.35v, but the acid will likely self discharge this battery.

Copper Osmium 1.09V good amps

Copper Chrmomium fail -0.3v

Copper titanium 0.95V decent amps mabye half of molybdenum or gold

Copper Neobium 1.05v so-so amps roughly 1/4 of moly or gold

Copper tantalum 1.09v but non existent amps

Future plans try Rhenium as a cathode.  I have high hopes for it.  Try Germanium as an anode.  Get larger piece of iridium (preliminary results show copper iridium 1.2v). Try higher concentration hcl possibly 50% and try hydrofluoric acid (very dangerous especially with h2o2!  do not breathe!). Also going to try magnesium anode in sodium fluoride electrolyte.  Also retest tungsten.  And finally try O2 as oxidant instead of H2O2.

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