Leave a message on someones locked phone: Open source patent invention

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I am never going to make a cellphone so I had no reason to invent this.  I simply had a vivid REM dream where this was a feature on a phone so I may as well release the feature in this world as open source.

The feature goes like this.  You can record a message for someone onto their own phone even while it is locked.  So lets say your spouse leaves their phone on the table when they are taking a shower and you have to leave the house.  Pick up their phone, press the "leave message" button (the button can say anything not just leave message) and record your message for them.
Another use could be as a reminder for your kids for them to see at school. The possibilities are quite wide.  The phone doesn't need to be locked to leave the message, in fact the feature could only work if the phone is unlocked if desired.  The use on a locked phone is just an example.  This could even be used to leave a message on your own phone that someone else can see if they gain possession of your phone.  The only requirement for this idea is if the device and/or software allows someone to physically (as in not call their voicemail from a different phone) leave a message on a device. This message could be in text or voice or video or any other communication method or any combinations thereof.  If you have possession of the device, you can leave a message.  Phone is just used as an example, it could be any device.  The message could be for the owner of the phone or anyone who sees or certain people can see or any combination.  The message could be public or private.  The message could be stored in the persons voicemail and/or some other system.  The other system could be cloud based or based on the phone memory or sent to any other storage device like personal computer for example.  The user could be given the option or not given the option to say if this feature is presented on their phone, if it could be used while the phone is locked, or if it could be used when the phone is unlocked, or a combination thereof.

I seriously thought about patenting this idea and trying to get companies to license the idea to use in their cellphones.  But I decided I really do want to stand for open source.  I feel this was my test.  I know as long as I keep giving ideas freely I will keep getting them and I have a greater chance of being safe from corporations putting a hit on me.

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