Unleash Nature's Fury: Natural anti insomnia, anxiety, cancer,improvesenergy helps nightmares trichillomania

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One pill to rule them all....Nature's Fury.  Please see the site disclaimer on the right side bar.

$17 Nature's Fury 50ct capsules (27.5g powder total, 550mg per capsule)

 Adaptogens.  No one seems to know how they work on helping the body and mind adapt to stress and ease anxiety but I have it figured out.  Adaptogens all have in common that they contain triterpenoid saponins.  These saponins are well absorbed in the body (with the help of absorption enhancing steroidal saponins like tribulus or sarsaparilla) and naturally clean out gram positive bacteria that are likely responsible for anxiety and in some cases insomnia.

This herbal extract combo can be used for any beneficial use the consumer deems appropriate.  Made with about a dozen potent (and expensive) food grade adaptogenic herbal extracts.  Each capsule of extracts is more potent than 10 capsules of powdered herbs.  I use it for insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks, adhd, ocd, non-pancreatic cancer, Lyme, etc.  It obviously isn't approved by the FDA for any of these uses but I like to use powerful natural ingredients with no side effects.  It most likely will start causing die off symptoms (initial worsening of certain problems or symptoms) after a week of taking it or possibly sooner. This is probably from the pathogenic bacteria releasing toxins as they die. These extracts were chosen because they kill gram positive bacteria and spirocetes, bacteria like streptococcus has been thought to be linked to insomnia and anxiety and bacteria like Listeria has been thought to be linked to adrenal fatigue and cancer which this formula was also designed to fight.  Also it was designed to fight Lyme, which is typically difficult to eliminate but this product seems to work well on it.

Recommended serving: 1 pill (550 mg)
Best if taken daily.

50g gynostemma
40g rhodiola
30g ginseng
40g ashwagandha
40g eleutero
24g ginko
66g tribulus
18g garlic
50g wheatgrass
80g de
40g quercetin
20g pomegranate
20g ginger


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  3. Are you acquainted with the whistle blower, Kathleen Dixon, regarding Lyme Disease? She and Beaux Reliosis can be found on FB. I was severely skeptical of her Lyme claims for about a year but i have to say, it makes sense. Triacylated OspA, fungalish antigens, immunosuppression outcomes like AIDs. Please go to www.truthcures.org. Check it out and let's discuss your thoughts, please.
    PS - I mean no disrespect by posting this. I find you to be extremely intelligent and value your opinion.


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