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So I had had this stubborn debilitating disease for 6 years.  I literally woke up after 4 hours of sleep and couldn't fall back asleep every single day for 6 years before I finally conquered it.  I had been having issues my entire life of waking up early but it was never debilitating and I could usually fall back asleep unless I was super excited about something.  But from all the stress of being in a religious cult (faith christian church tucson) and pulling all nighters to study my last year of my first degree, the insomnia got tenacious.  None of the BS that "doctors" or "experts" recommended worked including potent prescription drugs or "sleep hygiene" or any of that baloney.  "Hygiene" IS what eventually cured it, but hygiene means killing bacteria not when to stop using your phone or turn the lights off and other nonsense.

So what is the root cause of early waking insomnia?  The root cause is gram positive bacteria inside the body.  I don't use 'inside' loosely.  Inside meaning not in the gut, in traditionally sterile places in the body.  It could be either the bone marrow or adrenal glands or the CNS proper, and I am going to venture to say the CNS.  The type of bacteria is for sure gram positive but it could be listeria, streptococcus, or staphylococcus.  I know it isn't lyme disease because this type of insomnia has been happening for millenia (people get old and they can't sleep as long) and lyme borrelia burgdorferi is relatively new.  You could probably do some research on which one of those tends to do the best in the CNS and that is probably the one that causes this.  It is probably strep.  But regardless of what specific species it is, all we really need to know to treat it is that it is gram positive.

How do I know that it is gram positive and in the body not gut and specifically CNS?  Good questions.  I know it isn't from the gut because I have killed gram positive and gram negative bacteria from the gut for years and it never helped.  I did that by taking food grade diatomaceous earth and tribulus terrestris.  The DE killed gram negative in the gut and tribulus is a steroidal saponin that kills gram positive but steroidal saponins aren't absorbed so it stayed in the gut.

How do I know it is gram positive?  Well things that kill gram positive bacteria system wide (adaptogens) cured it.  They have something called triterpenoid saponins which are absorbed and kill gram positive bacteria throughout the body even crossing the blood brain barrier.

How do I know it is in the CNS?  The symptoms I get from taking the adaptogens as well as my insomnia symptoms.  Early on in my insomnia stretching would help especially sleeping with my neck crooked.  This basically disrupted the biofilm in the nerve tracts.  When the immune system rests in REM sleep I would get very weak hands which signified the bacteria in the nerve pathway biofilms throughout the body would get the upper hand.  This is why early waking insomnia wakes you up, the bacteria get such an upper hand especially in REM sleep when the immune system rests, that the body prevents itself from entering REM.  This causes REM deprivation, deficit, and depletion disorder.  REM happens in the morning so waking up early means your body is preventing REM.  Also taking adaptogens I could feel the nerve tracts (spinal cord area) felt satisfyingly weird.  This means it was attacking the biofilms around the spinal cord and elsewhere in the body including the meninges around the brain.

So this is a battle folks.  These bacteria have been infecting our CNS since likely we were in the womb.  It is unlikely we can kill them all off and have a sterile CNS.  But we can fight and can get the upper hand.  We will need to take adaptogens daily or near daily for the rest of our lives.  The good news is once we start killing them naturally like this our bodies immune system gets the message; like a vaccine it sees the dead parts of the bacteria and it learns and can better kill them off.  So the more consistently we take adaptogens the more the immune system learns and the less we will need to take adaptogens to maintain our new found health. 

Now I can sleep basically as long as I want.  I still do oftentimes wake up around 5 or 6 hours from nightmares but I can always fall right back asleep usually without even getting up.  I usually end up sleeping roughly 9 hours a night now instead of the 4 hours I couldn't get more than for 6 whole years.

Gynostemma extract is the best single thing you can take, I will also have products that include several adaptogens including future products Re:Charge and Nature's Fury so keep an eye out for those coming soon!


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