65%+ Buy Hydrobromic acid for sale online fuming concentratedgreaterthan 48% HBr

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This is a very pure 16M+ distilled acid but is meant for battery research since bromine isn't something needed by the human body in appreciable amounts. But it is very clean.

This is a stronger acid than hydrochloric and this is the most concentrated form you will find anywhere! Much more concentrated than 48% commonly for sale.

$20 1 oz Hydrobromic acid 65%+

**This recipie works great but unfortunatly I am no longer able to make this**


103g NaBr
100mL 85% Phosphoric acid
yield 56 mL ~66% acid

Of course concentrated acids like this are extremely corrosive and can be very dangerous.  Wear proper safety equipment.  The acid is fuming so do not sniff it.  If the acid is heated, suffocating fumes can be released. Over exposure to bromine (from fumes or whatnot) will cause nerve pain.  Counter with iodine and salt (chloride and iodine).  Of course call poison control or 911 in the case of an emergency.

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