Selenium ionic liquid STOCK solution! Makes 50 bottles selenous acid

In order to get this ultra important mineral into as many hands as possible I am going to start selling the crown jewels, an extreme concentrated stock solution, the same thing I use to make the selenium bottles I sell here for $8.57 an ounce.
Only 12 drops of this solution is required to make an entire ounce bottle that contains a daily value of selenium (333ug) in every drop!  This stock solution makes a whopping 50 bottles!  That totals out to 30,000 servings of selenium!

$50- 1oz stock concentrate (makes 50 bottles)

 The idea is this would be used by resellers to really widen the audience that has access to ultra high quality 100% absorbable selenium.

Only ultra pure 99.99% selenium is used for unsurpassed quality and better than food grade nitric acid (made and stored in 100% glass on glass apparatus) is used to dissolve the selenium into ionic form.  The recipe to make this stock is 10g of ultra pure selenium is dissolved in an ounce of roughly 20% concentration ultra pure nitric acid.

This is serious stuff and probably should not be bought by households with children unless this is put under lock and key.  Just a small sip of this stock can do serious damage and probably cause toenails to fall off and other symptoms of selenium overdose.  In case of overdose take corrective measures and/or get help immediately. 

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