Iron vs. copper: Iron wins for more alkaline alkali hydrogen peroxideoxidative corrosion resistant resistance

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I was experimenting with different metals making a battery and I mixed up an electrolyte of hydrogen peroxide and potassium hydroxide.  I tested the electrical potential between copper and various other elements.  When you have an electrolyte on a separator (like a wet piece of paper) between two metals, the negative side on a volt meter will be the less resistant to the electrolyte and the positive side is the more resistant.
Copper (99.9%) beat molybdenum (by 0.4v), vanadium (by 0.1 volts)  and nickel (by 0.1 volts) but surprisingly it didn't beat 99.9% iron.  Iron had about +0.1 volt potential difference so not much better but if you are choosing between the 2 metals for oxidative alkali resistance, choose iron.

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