BOMBSHELL: Tooth Fillings and teeth sealants are made out of BPA!Composite (white) fillings are bad! Contain composed

After doing lots of alternative energy research and learning about lots of materials, I found something pretty shocking to me.  Epoxy, that ultra hard glue that engineers love, is actually composed out of BPA.  Bisphenol-A the ultra potent estrogen mimicker blamed for so many negative health effects.  Well I figured it wasn't that big of a deal because we aren't exposed to epoxy very much.  But a couple days ago I woke up in the morning and had a realization... what if dental fillings (the non-mercury ones) contained epoxy?

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If they do, they would be made out of BPA and present an unavoidable source of constant BPA leaching!  It would all make sense, everyone is either BPA toxic or Mercury toxic, take your pick!  I have been struggling with gynocomastia for almost 2 decades now and I can't even remember how my chest used to look normal once upon a time.




Well shockingly I was right.  BPA makes up at least 1/3 the weight of a composite (non-mercury) filling.  Constant leeching in the mouth is probably to blame for gynocomastia and other estrogen related problems, probably even many feminine cancers.  The only safe dental material is dental porcelain/ceramic so make SURE to request it.  And if you are struggling with estrogen related issues you may want to consider getting your composite fillings removed and replaced with ceramic/porcelain if possible.  

If you can't eliminate your BPA exposure, support the metabolic pathway called glucuronidation.  In this pathway your body creates a sugar called glucuronic acid and attaches it to the hormone and excretes it from the body.  Taking Inositol daily roughly a couple grams (glucuronic acid precursor) or glucuronic acid itself daily will help your body detox of this estrogen mimicker.


  1. Quite an informative post! Our family dentist Hermosa Beach told me to teach our kids to brush at least twice a day. My kids follow all instructions that our dentist provides them. Their teeth are healthy and bright.

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  3. On the off chance that teeth brightening isn't the main restorative issue you are attempting to right, then this might be your best teeth brightening alternative.Allwhite3000

  4. What filling material would you have us to use? I am still waiting for the dental profession to release some melanocyte-stimulating gel some such stem cell scaffold creation, but they never do.

  5. well I reccomend healing them using teeth remineralizing ingredients like tetra calcium phosphate peroxide.

  6. So just keep caking on the TEEF 2.0 on to one's toothbrush, 3 x a day after meals in such a case. This is the only method in applying TEEF for such a case of severely missing enamel might help? correct? no accelerated methods you are aware of I assume.

    Have you heard of any past testimonials/cases of enamel building by calcium phosphate peroxide, and how fast it has happened?

    My personal case involves shearing off 3% of one side of the tooth horizontally caused by bruxism, still leaving previous gold material jaggedly exposed. Dentist say an expensive crown will be needed in the near future(6-9 mo), but can barely pry gold material up now. I have been on TEEF for 1 year.

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