Water of the Rock (WotR) complete ionic trace mineral supplement forsale

Please read the disclaimer on the right side, I do not endorse or intend any products I sell for human use however people can use anything any way they desire. I am going to recommend not to use this product internally. I am going to be experimenting using it as an all natural alternative anti-perspirant since it will likely act on sweat glands topically, but unless you really know what you are doing and use plenty of antioxidants while taking this, I don't think anyone should use it internally or any specific way. If you do use on the order of 1 drop a week since I had to highly oxidize the minerals to get them to dissolve.

Keep out of reach of children, scroll down for full detail.  Also see the site disclaimer on the right side bar.

Water of the Rock 1oz (~600 servings)- $12

 Many trace mineral supplements on the market are a gimmick.  They claim their product contains "80 trace minerals" or something like that.  I have no doubt it contains that many (most of which are toxic and not used by the body) but the key question to ask is "does it contain the daily value of the essential trace minerals?"  The answer is undoubtedly no.  Those supplements are nothing more than a teaspoon of rock or sea salt or fulvic acid/shilajit added to a bottle of water and dissolved.  Literally that is all it is.  And there is nowhere near the daily value of the important minerals per serving.

Well I am here to set the precedent.  After 6 months hard work it is finally finished.  This is a TRUE trace mineral supplement, I bought all the minerals which are literally metals in 99.99% pure form.  Then I dissolved them into their ionic form for 100% bioavailability.  For the easier metals this was done with food grade nitric acid and for the tougher ones, food grade aqua regia.  They were then combined and diluted.  Just 3 drops contain A FULL daily value of all the trace minerals (However this is way too much to take as the minerals are in a much higher oxidation state and therefore much more bioavsilable and powerful than typical minerals) !  There is nothing on the market like this.

Here is what 3 drops contain: (1 drop MAX per day, probably only want to take 1 drop of this a few times a week once you replenish your bodies reserves, the bioavailability is so high that RDA's cannot be used to dose this product.)

See top of page, I don't reccomend you take this internally!

copper 1mg
selenium 250ug
chromium 80ug
molybdenum 80ug
cobalt 40ug
yttrium 20ug
tellurium 10ug
germanium 10ug
vanadium 5ug

For zinc, etc please see Nectar of Gaia.  If you notice lower back pain or a metallic taste in the mouth temporarily discontinue use and take roughly 1-2 tsp potassium bicarbonate per day.

Some of these minerals are not quite known to be essential, but from my in depth research I included them because they seem to be useful to the body.  For example yttrium is not "essential" but it does help prevent glutamate toxicity in the brain and is contained in human breast milk.  Tellurium is selenium's big brother and part of what gives garlic its pungent smell (it is odorless in this product though).  Vanadium is also not essential but it is shown in some papers to help in diabetes.  Germanium, while not essential, in one research paper increased lactation in breastfeeding animals as well as improved the immune and antioxidant systems in the body.

So this is a real trace mineral supplement designed to give plenty of each mineral every day in just a single drop.

**KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN ULTRA CONCENTRATED!  There are 200 adult servings in just 1 oz bottle.  Anyone that drank a whole bottle  (or a significant amount of the bottle) would need immediate intensive care with powerful chelation, antioxidants, and urinary alkalization therapy.**

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