100% PROOF patterson-gimlin bigfoot "patty" was real

Frame 61 of the patterson gimlin bigfoot footage shows a clear picture of the bigfoot's foot including the toes.  Thanks to Mr. Davis and altereddimensions.net for reporting on this.  http://altereddimensions.net/2014/film-analysis-frame-61-patterson-bigfoot-video-reveals-exciting-new-evidence
Thing is video analysis only got to this level long long after the incident (2014 this was discovered and the film made 1967, 47 years later) so no one could have anticipated the foot on the footage would be able to be seen in clarity to require putting exact foot models on the potential monkey suit. Even if someohow these feet were part of a monkey suit and the person walking in it left the footprints everyone saw, first the prints would have been very shallow if at all because it would be like wearing size 25 shoes. Secondly you wouldn't see the corect biology like with the mid tarsal break footprint.

The contrast was boosted and we were left with this:

next I zoomed in and cropped and rotated this foot and was left with this:

Next I pulled up a picture of the casts that Roger patterson took of the footprints that the creature left.

Now I superimposed the pictures and lined them up and put the film footage over the cast of the same foot.

And I start increasing the opacity.  Watch what happens.

Wow moving that cursor through the opacity just floored me!  I was hyperventilating for minutes.  I hope this amazes you just a fraction of how it amazed me!  Irrefrutable proof!  Bigfoot exists!

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