Zika Virus: A multi pronged false flag attack by the global elite

Prong 1: Lies and Disinformation fuels the rest of the prongs.  The global elite OWN the all the mainstream media.  People=power and to gain the people they put them in fear.  Then the nations they want to control have to obey because they have won the people.

Prong 2: Bio-security racket.  Coincidence this was popularized in brazil? (even though it didn't start there) No coincidence, they were set to make billions from hosting the olympics.  Can you smell a mafia-style "protection money" racket?  "Hey Brazil I heard people are squeamish about coming to the olympics. For the low price of 1 billion we can make sure everyone feels safe coming here because of the "safety measures" you are buying from us!  We can even tell them the security measures are excellent on the news we own!"

Prong 3: Depopulation; psychological and physical.  Bill Gates was instrumental in pushing the bioengineered mosquitos which appear to be better hosts for this virus.  Bill gates is a big proponent and workman for global population control.  What better way to stop people from having children than making their children deformed?  Having a deformed child is the best way to prevent a family from having more kids because of the work it takes to care for them and fear for having another.  And heck, even if your deforming virus isn't working so hot, you could always just float in the media that deformities are caused by this virus even if they aren't.  Courts have ruled that media doesn't have to be truthful, that the news is "hear-say" so they aren't held accountable yet many people believe them.  Some sources are saying only 17 cases of microcephaly have had zika virus present out of thousands of cases of the deformity in brazil.

Prong 4: Vaccine Racket
What better way to sell a new vaccine than a global pandemic scare?  There doesn't even have to be a real pandemic as long as the corporate news says there is one.  If they have an inch thick of makeup and a red business suit and look concerned  it must be true right?  Better shoot up those mercury based preservatives and aborted fetal cell shots to make you feel safe!  Don't worry the government is paying for it with your tax dollars to the global central bankers who own the vaccine companies!  It's on the house!

Prong 5: Coverup
What better way to coverup the fact that GMO crops have built-in dangerous pesticides and require more chemical spraying than regular crops and that brazil is the biggest user of these chemicals in the world?  And that these chemicals cause birth defects in rats and that brazil is having an explosion of birth defects?  Blame it on a scary sounding virus!   Make it sound like some bloodthirsty Mayan god.  That will keep people busy with no time to question what is really going on.

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