Why do my hands feel weak waking up after sleeping or nap? Chromiumdeficiency and Listeria monocytogenes

Edit: Interestingly taking thiamine causes this in me (along with morning wood) so I feel I may be deficient in thiamine.

Have you ever wondered why your hands and wrists and the back of the hand feels weak or lazy after sleeping and awakening?  When you first wake up in the morning you can't clench a fist?  Like you can't grab anything and have reduced grip strength?  It can even be your arms and entire body.  Perhaps it used to be more prominent but as you got older it stopped happening?  Well I have breaking news.  You have a CSF infection of listeria!

Now don't get scared, it is very common.  Experts think that 10% of the world has a chronic listeria infection in the blood and/or cerebrospinal fluid.  I think that number is closer to 100%, perhaps 90%.  Why do I think so many have it?  Well stick around for the ride.

Listeria is responsible for cancer, adrenal fatigue, stiff neck (lack of flexibility), and a whole host of other problems http://www.naturehackerproducts.com/2016/01/mad-scientist-discovers-true-cause-of.html?m=1But in this case with the weak hands we are talking about a link with chromium.

Chromium is an essential metal and is depleted in diabetes.  Chromium is also depleted in just about everyone; it is the 1 essential metal that steadily decreases in our bodies while we age.  Sugar intake and multiple pregnancies also reduce levels.  So much so that in some decades 25% of the american population had no detectable chromium in their body!  This is appalling for an essential mineral!  Some populations tested have 100x more chromium in their kidneys than people in the US.  This fact that chromium decreases with age in virtually everyone is why I believe virtually everyone has listeria which is depleting their chromium.  Now why do i think that listeria depletes chromium?  Because of this study:


That study shows that Listeria requires chromium for infection and in my mind that means it uses it up from the body and when it is done with it, it is excreted as an unabsorbable compound.  Like how we can't expect to feed sugar to a monkey and expect to live off eating its poop.  The organism that eats it uses it up in the case of chromium and when the bacteria dies its chromium is excreted in our urine as a bio-unavailable compound.

Now when we run out of chromium listeria is stalled to some extent since it uses chromium to infect.  The weak hands is caused by listeria in our carpal's affecting our nerves. So the reason why the weak hands after sleep goes away as we age is because we run out of chromium and the listeria is stalled.  But this doesn't mean it is good to run out of chromium, when this happens it creates pre-diabetes and diabetes since chromium is the famed "glucose tolerance factor" and it forms complexes with insulin.  I have tested it in myself, I used to get weak hands upon waking, it stopped as I got older, and as I started supplementing with chromium the weak hands came back full strength.  50ug of ionic chromium per day is enough, up to 150 ug is fine.  Get 80ug per drop in my water of rock product.  Also when I treat myself with triterpenoid saponins (adaptogens especially gynostemma) in order to kill my CSF listeria, the weak hands also comes back full force after REM sleep.  So I know that the saponins are agitating the listeria and they are trying to invade my carpal nerves.  It takes a long time to kill off Listeria.  Check out my product recharge for a highly efficient product that can be taken daily forever to aggressively take back our bodies from listeria.

So this explains it all.  Number 1 we all have listeria because listeria uses up chromium in our bodies and 90% of us have low chromium.  Number 2 low chromium stops listeria but it also causes diabetes and also high cholesterol, improper glycine, serine, and methionine utilization as these amino acids form chromium complexes, and causes growth deficiency probably because chromium is found in nucleic acids which are key in cell division.

So why does it happen after REM sleep? First we have to understand REM sleep.  Rem is when the frontal cortex of the brain shuts down and rests and allows the neurolymph fluid to remove wastes and toxins from the frontal cortex.  When the frontal cortex is off the nervous system shuts off the peripheral nerves.  When the peripheral nerves are off they are vulnerable to microbe attack.  And this is why the peripheral nervous system is weakened after REM sleep.  This understanding of REM also explains why some people are REM depleted.  When your body is under heavy attack your body will refuse to shut off (rem sleep) because it knows the microbes will take over if it rests.  So you have to be winning over the microbes to go ino rem sleep and dream.  To kill listeria triterpenoid saponins (adaptogens) is how to do it.

The highest levels of soil chromium in the US are in the northwest, while the lowest are in florida.  Jerusalem area is deficient, whereas Jordan river valley is not.  Turkey and Nigeria are deficient whereas Egypt is not.  Protein calorie malnutrition exacerbates this greatly.

87% of chromium is removed in the processing of wheat and 92% in the processing of sugar.  The best sources are thyme, meat, parsnips, corn oil, cooked tomatoes, and tobacco.  Most people ingest 7.8 ug per day on average but it is only about 1% bioavailable.  A great place to get it is in my rebuild product which has 80ug ionic chromium per drop!  50ug to 150ug has been used to reverse glucose intolerance (basically diabetes) in as little as 1 treatment.

In conclusion Listeria causes weak hands after REM sleep.  Chromium is a necessary player in allowing listeria to cause weak hands.  So the key here is to keep our bodies chromium levels up with ionic chromium (rebuild) and to kill listeria with triterpenoid saponins (recharge)

References for chromium info:

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