The global health crisis reverse engineered. Eugenic plague rainingdown from the skies. Cancer miscarriage adrenal fatigue insomnia inListeria Chemtrails

In 1882 in the American journal of Insanity volume 38 William Goodell advocated the idea of Eugenics to decrease the birth rate of inferior human beings.
In 1920 the first chemtrail patent was published in the US.
In 1921 the American Eugenics Society was founded.  In 1926 Listeria Monocytogenes was first isolated, it was found in rabbits.  In 1929 the first human case was reported.  This info is from "Diagnostic Microbiology 4th ed 1974.  It turns out this organism is the causative agent in bovine abortions.  The natural habitat of the organism or reservoir has not been defined.  However as of 1971 it has been isolated from vegetation or soil of 11 out of 12 farms and 6 out of 7 residential areas.  Let me propose we look to our chemmed skies.  

What seems to have happened is the eugenicists noticed cow abortions, took samples and inoculated into other pregnant cows and noticed there was an infectious cause of the abortions.  They proceeded to weaponize this agent by grinding up aborted fetal cows and spraying them in chemtrails in order to reduce birth rates in the inferior masses who get sprayed.

It worked.  As of 1974 when Diagnostic Microbiology was written cases of this disease are accelerating and Listeria is the #1 infection implicated in human abortions.  From 1933 to 1966 42% of cases of Listeria were fatal.

But the eugenicists got more than they bargained for.  Not only does this bacteria cause abortions, but also cancer.  That would be a wet dream of theirs, killing babies and retirees just like in "The Giver".

"Overall, the rate of listeria was 4.9 times higher for cancer patients than for patients with other concurrent conditions. Within the cancers the highest rate was among those with cancers of the blood – which was 17.6 times higher than for other conditions. Cancer was also the most common concurrent condition among cases of listeria, with a malignancy reported for a third of cases. Blood-borne cancers accounted for 41 per cent of the reported cancers."
Since that study can't determine what came first, the listeria or cancer let us also ponder some more evidence.  Many cutting edge cancer treatments are actually listeria vaccines.

Also lets look at another perspective.  Peroxidase kills listeria.
Carrots contain lots of peroxidase
And carrots can be used to cure cancer
So it seems listeria causes cancer. 

In addition to cancer we also have an epidemic of adrenal fatigue.  The Russians discovered that Listeria destroys the adrenal glands and destroys all the bodies vitamin C.
There is no other microorganism that does that.  It is also probably the reason why so many people are helped by supplemental vitamin C.

Also adding to this is the fact that adaptogens are known to help adrenal issues.  Well the one thing all adaptogens have in common is triterpenoid saponins.  Triterpenoids are saponins that are absorbed by the gut and travel throughout the body.  Now listeria is gram positive, and gram positive organisms are killed by saponins.

So there we have it folks.  Our global health crisis reverse engineered.  And who would have guessed it is from global eugenic biowarfare starting in the 1920's?

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