Could Trump be a modern day Andrew Jackson?

I remember learning about Jackson during American History in High School.  My teacher taught us that Jackson really improved the country and accomplished a lot, including fighting the central bank and winning.  Something that has never been successfully done besides by him.  However "manifest destiny" and the corresponding wiping out of many native people was also done on his watch.  So my teacher told us that you either loved jackson or hated him.  I was torn, while I absolutely loved what he did with the central bank but hated what he did with the natives.  However it turns out his guilt with the natives may have been overblown.  

Just recently I have been reading about Eclectic medicine.  It was a revolution in medicine here in america and for a time it was a direct competitor with allopathic medicine.  Even back then the pharmaceutical monopolies persecuted alternative medicine practitioners.  But under Jackson that was prevented and a revival in alternative medicine flourished.

Could Donald Trump be the strong somewhat fair leader to stick it to big pharma and the big banks like Andrew Jackson did?  I think the possibility is very real.  Lets hope for a reprieve from these murderous monopolies during the possible Trump presidency and see a revival in sound money and sound medicine.

More Jacksonian perspective:

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