Thinking about an everything drink/powder

Many people have, even quite successfully, made an "everything" product.  One that comes to mind is soylent and another I can't remember the name.  So why don't I just buy one of those?  Either it doesn't meet my standards for ingredients (ie: soylent uses subpar ingredients and thickeners) or the ones that use the best ingreduents are just way too expensive.  I can't remember the name but an all-in-one powder by a good alternative doctor costs over $100 for a small tub that probably only has 10,000 calories (good for 5 days).  That is just not feasible.  When thinking about an all in one you have to shoot for $2 a meal.  If you can hit that mark then you are on to something.  So say 250-300 calories per dollar.  Soylent approaches that but the ingredients are what you would expect on a slimfast can.  Thats not going to cut it.  So to hit our objectives of very low cost, top rate ingredients, and full vitamin and trace mineral support you have to dig very deep.  And to dig deep you have to basically manufacture a lot of your ingredients yourself.  Fat is not an easy thing to include in one of these products, you basically need to figure out how to make a fat into a powder or in any case emulsify it which isn't easy.  But the cool thing is the body does not require fat, it can make fats from either sugars or proteins.  Your body can also run without sugars by creating them from proteins and by running carb rich processes with ketones instead.  However running on pure proteins is physically not easy to do, and due to probably other nutrient deficiencies like possibly potassium or magnesium, most people will develop what is called rabbit starvation.  So you do need 2 out of the 3 main food groups.  So my thought is carbs and proteins.  As a very environmentally conscious open source ingredient for carbs which I can manufacture myself would be wood.  Yup thats right, wood.  I developed a process that converts wood into glucose.  Take wood, dissolve it in potassium or sodium hydroxide (will require freezing) then add an acid like hcl, phosphoric, or acetic (vinegar) to break the dissolved cellulose chains into glucose molecules.  Very low cost and abundant carb source.  For protein I am thinking some nitrate and some individual amino acids. So we have amino's and wood down and for macronutrients that is basically all we need.  I would also possibly throw in some carrot powder for peroxidase and a touch of tannins.  Since I am using individual amino's I don't have to worry about calcium, magnesium, or tannins interfering with protein digestion since theproteins  are already digested.  There will be some mineral loss due to tannins but I will compensate for that.  Micronutrients I have down, all the vitamins from Restitution and the minerals from Nectar of Gaia (NoG) and the yet to be released Water of the Rock (WotR).  WotR is an ultra trace mineral supplement containing selenium, chromium, molybdenum, etc etc.  I will also include diatomaceous earth and plant saponins to improve absorption and maintain gut health.

My goal is a near infinitely storable powder.  The only things I am worried about degrading would be the vitamins.  But I think with the addition of a desiccant like diatomaceous earth it would be quite stable.  An open source food source that you can buy and stack for an emergency and/or add to your stocks by making it yourself.  My goal is 250 calories per dollar shipped.

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