Mad Scientist discovers the TRUE cause of adrenal fatigue adrenalinsufficiency! NOT candida or lyme, Listeria! listerosis

Well I've finally done it ladies and gentlemen.  I have finally crossed the finish line of my 8 year struggle with health and my main problems insomnia and tiredness.  Don't get me wrong for the past year or two I hae gained great victory over insomnia with my products like SADC, restitution, staybl, and minerals like nectar of gaia.  But still I knew something was missing a bit because I am improving and gaining lasting progress but my tiredness is still real, lack of motivation, and needing to take naps.  I'm still not fully myself.  Well now I know why.  Listeria destroys the adrenal glands like suicide bombers.  Scientists estimate 5-10% of us are affected by it.  You contract it in the womb and under periods of stress it digs its claws deeper in the adrenal glands and also liver. 

 Here is a paper that proves this:


So how do you know you have adrenal fatigue?  Well this isn't super hard
If you feel wired but tired and has trouble sleeping then you probably have it.  A good way to diagnose yourself is to get your DHEA and Cortisol tested.  If your DHEA is highish and cortisol lowish you can get a pretty good picture you have adrenal fatigue.  If you have high blood pressure when you eat lots of refined salt (this is because of high renin) yet plummeting blood pressure when you switch to himalayan pink salt and take lots of potassium (signifies low aldosterone) then you also very likely have adrenal fatigue.

(Scroll down in this link to the "simple diagnostic chart")

So how do we cure it?  Well quite sinply we eradicate the listeria infection.  The body should recover when one removes the cause.  So how do we do this?  Scientifically they treated it in animals by low dose hydrocortisone (prednisone) and antibiotics targeted to gram positive bacteria.  This is sort of a risky proposition since antibiotics are carcinogenic and cortisone can worsen infections.  The best thing we can do is target it naturally.  Raw juicing especially carrots has lots of peroxidase which helps fight listeria.  Also we can boost our own peroxidase (glutathione peroxidase) by supplementing with cysteine and selenium.  Also soaps kill gram positive bacteria so natural soaps called saponins that cross the gut and blood brain barrier (listeria also infects the brain) are ginseng and other plants that contain triterpenoid saponins.

Thats about it!  Be sure to share this article/knowledge and that hope is here for the billions effected by adrenal fatigue!  Also be sure to click the "health remedies" tab above to see the cutting edge open source remedies I sell for optimum health!

If adrenal fatigue is caused by listeria then we would expect antibiotics active against gram positive bacteria would be effective treatments for adrenal fatigue and they are!  This further proves this theory.

azithromycin broke adrenal fatigue effective against gram pos


chronic fatigue antibiotics tetracycline erythromycin not prednisone, chloroquine, azathioprine, and methotrexate  500 mg of azithromycin twice a week and/or doxycycline 100-mg twice a day

more papers:


listeria causes chronic fatigue

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