Is Listeria Monocytogenes causing all my problems? And how to cureprostate and brain tumors cancer chronic listerosis infectiousmononucleosis mono

How the carrot cure works.  The big thing right now is candida but could listeria actually be the bigger culprit in 'all that ails us'?  I do believe in candida and do still think that it is a big part of our health crisis.  Alfatoxin and acetaldehyde produced by candida are potent carcinogens and liver destroyers.  Candida can live in the liver.  However a new bacteria has come on my radar.  Listeria.  I had practically never heard about it until I started researching for my dad's girlfriend who has symptoms of a brain tumor.  While she gets the MRI and everything I figured I would get a head start on researching because I know it is a tumor.  She has double vision, pressure headaches, and constant diarrhea for years.  She also had her gallbladder removed.  I started searching for natural cures for brain tumor because that is where every Eclectic doctor like myself should start.  The main principle of eclectic medicine is do no harm obviously but also "whatever works".  So as a good doc I wanted to see what has worked for people and reverse engineer why it had worked and what the root cause of brain tumors is.  Well I was sucessful.  One person talked about how garlic kept his brain tumor from growing but raw carrot juice shrunk it to the point it was totally cured.  This peaked my interest.  Until now I figured I had a lock on cancer and what causes it is virus which multiplies in gram negative bacteria in the intestines and is egged on by fungal carcinogens like alfatoxin.  I was right especially for pancreatic cancer but brain tumors are different.  Carrot doesn't halt any of the processes I just mentioned so something different must be going on.  I went to google scholar and typed in "carrot antibacterial" because I was sure carrot must have killed gram negative bacteria and stopped the cancer according to my above paradigm.  Well I was getting stuck.  I couldn't find really anything that showed carrot kills gram neg bacteria.  However something kept popping up and annoying me: carrot kills listerosis, carrot antibacterial effect on listetosis etc.  I was like blah blah blah and was getting discouraged.  However I got a little flash of insight and typed in "listerosis brain tumor".  And Bam I got tons of hits!  Turns out they use a listerosis vaccine to combat brain tumors.  Sure they go on covering up the fact listerosis causes brain tumors and say things like "this vaccine boosts the immune system to help the body fight cancer".  BS.  You could use much more common bacteria to do that like e.coli.  Why use the specialized bacteria listeria?  Reading deeper wikipedia has a great article on listeria.  Turns out it is a major cause of a brain infection meningitis.  Also that it it basically creates proteins that are heat activated to grow and protect the bacteria.  This sounds a lot like a tumor.  And guess what exacerbated her pain?  Using a cellphone.  One thing the authorities concede about cell radiation is that it heats up the tissue within a few cm of the phone. So this makes perfect sense why cell radiation causes brain tumors to grow.  Also listeria causes diarrhea so it makes total sense since she had diarrhea  for years before this.  She must have had a severe gut infection of listeria that spread to her brain.  So back to the beginning carrot is the best natural
cure for listeria so it is no surprise it cured that person of their inoperable brain tumor.  Also carrot is shown to cure prostate cancer. Tannins also kill listeria so tannins and/or carrots are the best cures for prostate and brain tumors and probably a whole host of other types of cancer.

This is why I took on the name naturehacker, not because I try to undermine or destroy nature but I dig deep and hack into how nature works and use that knowledge to protect and cure ourselves from organisms and toxins that are used to kill us. 

In a lovely book I have called "diagnostic microbiology 4e" by bailey and scott which I suggest you all buy used online, newer editions are available. It says listerosis is a huge problem and is the most common cause of infection in the womb and the most common cause of abortion. Also it states that infection rates were rapidly rising in the 70's when it was written.  It also is a major cause of liver infection.  And that it is one of the major causes of brain infection.  Well the other day I had insomnia but my common cures like restitution, minerals, etc weren't working.  I had a little bit of liver pain and I just decided to take tannins.  This was before I realized tannins kill listeria.  I slept like a baby.  So maybe my liver infection and insomnia which seemingly started in the womb for me, maybe instead of candida like i thought it was, maybe it is mostly listeria.  Maybe we can all really benefit from a bunch or raw carrot juice and tannins.  For tannins just go online and search "wine tannins" you can get a whole stockpile for just $10 or $20 so you really have noting to loose and a whole lot to gain.

PS: There is also a connection with tellurite and listeria and lithium and listeria.  Any coincidence the new wispy jagged line type chemtrails are lithium based according to nasa?  Do I think they are spraying listeria in the chemtrails and causing this explosion of cancer?  Absolutely. *update* the factornin raw carrot huice active against listeria and many other organisms is peroxidase.

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