How to make a plant serum: perfect storable survival health food

This is an open source method for creating the perfect food from a single plant, preferably a weed.  More preferably from the high protein weeds such as Mallow, Purlsane, Lamb's Quarter, Pig's weed, or Catnip.

In summary a nutritious weed is taken, and processed into a serum where every component is transformed into fully absorbable and easily digestible components.  The way this is done as follows.

1. Take weed and grind.  This can be a wet process (blender) or dry process (dry in the shade and grind to a powder).

2. Hydrate with water and let the insoluble fiber settle to the bottom.  Collect this fiber by decanting or filtering. Set fiber aside.

3. Salt out the proteins.  This can be done with preferably ammonia or potassium salts that are preferably phosphates, sulfates, or carboxylates.  Potassium phosphate is a good one in society and in survival potassium carboxylate would be the easiest to make.  Separate proteins by either decanting or filtering.  Set proteins aside.

4. Clean liquid of allergens.  Some plants can be more allergenic than others but it is a good practice to remove some of them.  Add a portion of acid washed charcoal powder and stir.  Let settle.  Remove charcoal by decanting or filtering.

Now we have 3 things, a cleaned liquid extract, the proteins, and the fiber.  The cleaned liquid extract contains all the vitamins.

5.  Add protein and fiber to a new vessel.  In this vessel add a "lye" water mixture.  (Lye can be made with calcium oxide and potassium carbonate in water.  These can both be made from ashes.). Let cook until the proteins and fiber dissolve.  Add acid until the mixture is acidic and cook on low heat for roughly an hour.  This hydrolyses the cellulose and peptides.

6. Add the newly made amino and sugar mix into the cleaned liquid extract.

7. Optionally you can dry this liquid for long term storage under very low heat under a vacuum.  You can use a distillation setup and a hand vacuum pump if desired.

And thats it!  We turned the fiber into sugar and the proteins into amino acids and cleaned out the allergens to make a full nutritional serum.  We preserved all the vitamins by not cooking that portion.  This is a foundational product and other things can be added to enhance it.  Raw proteins can be beneficial like peroxidases.  Also extra minerals from deeper rooted plants can be added by dissolving the plants ash and adding it to the serum.  Vitamin solutions from other plants can also be added.  Fiber solutions such as inulin from dandelion roots or any other plant fiber can be added.

You can use any plant in this process or combination of plants.  This process can also be applied to animal tissue.

This process is open source so you are free to make it and sell it!


  1. Also proteins can be stripped of fat soluble vitamins prior to precipitation by the addition of cationic detergents or plant saponins. You can add these soaps right as you are blending the plant. Then you can precipitate not only the proteins but also the mucopolysaccharides in te case of mallow and purlsane with big cations like potassium phosphate at a slightly alkaline pH. Treat the mucopolysaccharides like the proteins and fiber just remove them and add to the protein/fiber step.

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