Coins of the future will be made out of silicon

Silicon is the king metal.  Yes it is a metal and anyone who says otherwise is dumb.  Forget those worthless metals silver and gold, silicon is the coin metal of the future and what you should be hoarding.  Why is silicon so valuable?  Because it is actually useful.  If you put silicon in contact with lye water electricity is created.  So much electricity that it absolutely dwarfs lithium ion batteries.  It is an order of magnitude more powerful than lithium ion and you can make these batteries yourself with only silicon, sodium hydroxide, and copper.  It is called a silicon air battery.  Not only is silicon the future of batteries, but it is also the future of cement.  You can make calcium metal by mixing ash with silicon metal powder and heating it to 1000c.  Calcium metal is the Jack of all trades metal and can most easily be made with silicon.  Calcium be added to water to purify it of virtually everything, to make calcium hydroxide which can be added to potash to make lye for soap, calcium oxide can be made by burning calcium metal which in turn is the main ingredient in cement.  Also calcium hydroxide plus potash can dissolve wood into edible sugar.  Perfect for surviving a famine.  Calcium hydroxide plus potash can also dissolve many other things including glass to make silica, selenium, etc etc.

Silica is the king metal so learn how to make it and start stacking it.  Take clay and heat it to 1600c in a crucible with roughly 3 parts charcoal and you will perform a carbothermic reduction of aluminum silicate into primarily silicon.

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