2016 Update: Thank You!

I want to thank you all for spreading the info about this site and my products!  The only place I have ever talked about my products was curezone for a few days and they kicked me off even though my posts were informative.  But since then I have gotten so much business and referrals I haven't needed to even mention my products anywhere because all the referrals from you all keep me plenty busy.  Starting a couple weeks ago I have been swamped with orders so I am trying my best to keep up and figure out how to accommodate higher order volume.  I have been at around 4-5 day shipping speed so I'm sorry for that my goal is always to get an order out within 3 business days but lately I've been falling behind.

Also USPS raised their priority rates big time.  Can you believe it?  In the midst of this very tough economy they are raising rates when prices should be falling.  So instead of $6.92 I am paying at my local shop to ship out the rate has raised to $8.97.  It is unbelievable.  So I am going to have to raise the minimum order for free priority shipping to $33 from $30.  Also priority upgrades under $33 will be $7.00 instead  of $6.50.  Everything still ships or free no matter what, only the priority upgrades are affected.  I am trying to hold these prices down as much as possible and am not making you take the entire hit.  It is hard to believe what they are doing but they intentionally destroy our skies it is no wonder they would intentionally destroy small business in America.

I am going to hang in there no matter what and I have a feeling NatureHacker will continue to grow and reach the stratosphere.  Prioritize health and let me know how I can help you.  Naturehackerproducts@gmail.com

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