Mad Scientist discovers the TRUE cause of adrenal fatigue adrenalinsufficiency! NOT candida or lyme, Listeria! listerosis

Well I've finally done it ladies and gentlemen.  I have finally crossed the finish line of my 8 year struggle with health and my main problems insomnia and tiredness.  Don't get me wrong for the past year or two I hae gained great victory over insomnia with my products like SADC, restitution, staybl, and minerals like nectar of gaia.  But still I knew something was missing a bit because I am improving and gaining lasting progress but my tiredness is still real, lack of motivation, and needing to take naps.  I'm still not fully myself.  Well now I know why.  Listeria destroys the adrenal glands like suicide bombers.  Scientists estimate 5-10% of us are affected by it.  You contract it in the womb and under periods of stress it digs its claws deeper in the adrenal glands and also liver. 

 Here is a paper that proves this:


So how do you know you have adrenal fatigue?  Well this isn't super hard
If you feel wired but tired and has trouble sleeping then you probably have it.  A good way to diagnose yourself is to get your DHEA and Cortisol tested.  If your DHEA is highish and cortisol lowish you can get a pretty good picture you have adrenal fatigue.  If you have high blood pressure when you eat lots of refined salt (this is because of high renin) yet plummeting blood pressure when you switch to himalayan pink salt and take lots of potassium (signifies low aldosterone) then you also very likely have adrenal fatigue.

(Scroll down in this link to the "simple diagnostic chart")

So how do we cure it?  Well quite sinply we eradicate the listeria infection.  The body should recover when one removes the cause.  So how do we do this?  Scientifically they treated it in animals by low dose hydrocortisone (prednisone) and antibiotics targeted to gram positive bacteria.  This is sort of a risky proposition since antibiotics are carcinogenic and cortisone can worsen infections.  The best thing we can do is target it naturally.  Raw juicing especially carrots has lots of peroxidase which helps fight listeria.  Also we can boost our own peroxidase (glutathione peroxidase) by supplementing with cysteine and selenium.  Also soaps kill gram positive bacteria so natural soaps called saponins that cross the gut and blood brain barrier (listeria also infects the brain) are ginseng and other plants that contain triterpenoid saponins.

Thats about it!  Be sure to share this article/knowledge and that hope is here for the billions effected by adrenal fatigue!  Also be sure to click the "health remedies" tab above to see the cutting edge open source remedies I sell for optimum health!

If adrenal fatigue is caused by listeria then we would expect antibiotics active against gram positive bacteria would be effective treatments for adrenal fatigue and they are!  This further proves this theory.

azithromycin broke adrenal fatigue effective against gram pos


chronic fatigue antibiotics tetracycline erythromycin not prednisone, chloroquine, azathioprine, and methotrexate  500 mg of azithromycin twice a week and/or doxycycline 100-mg twice a day

more papers:


listeria causes chronic fatigue


How to make a plant serum: perfect storable survival health food

This is an open source method for creating the perfect food from a single plant, preferably a weed.  More preferably from the high protein weeds such as Mallow, Purlsane, Lamb's Quarter, Pig's weed, or Catnip.

In summary a nutritious weed is taken, and processed into a serum where every component is transformed into fully absorbable and easily digestible components.  The way this is done as follows.

1. Take weed and grind.  This can be a wet process (blender) or dry process (dry in the shade and grind to a powder).

2. Hydrate with water and let the insoluble fiber settle to the bottom.  Collect this fiber by decanting or filtering. Set fiber aside.

3. Salt out the proteins.  This can be done with preferably ammonia or potassium salts that are preferably phosphates, sulfates, or carboxylates.  Potassium phosphate is a good one in society and in survival potassium carboxylate would be the easiest to make.  Separate proteins by either decanting or filtering.  Set proteins aside.

4. Clean liquid of allergens.  Some plants can be more allergenic than others but it is a good practice to remove some of them.  Add a portion of acid washed charcoal powder and stir.  Let settle.  Remove charcoal by decanting or filtering.

Now we have 3 things, a cleaned liquid extract, the proteins, and the fiber.  The cleaned liquid extract contains all the vitamins.

5.  Add protein and fiber to a new vessel.  In this vessel add a "lye" water mixture.  (Lye can be made with calcium oxide and potassium carbonate in water.  These can both be made from ashes.). Let cook until the proteins and fiber dissolve.  Add acid until the mixture is acidic and cook on low heat for roughly an hour.  This hydrolyses the cellulose and peptides.

6. Add the newly made amino and sugar mix into the cleaned liquid extract.

7. Optionally you can dry this liquid for long term storage under very low heat under a vacuum.  You can use a distillation setup and a hand vacuum pump if desired.

And thats it!  We turned the fiber into sugar and the proteins into amino acids and cleaned out the allergens to make a full nutritional serum.  We preserved all the vitamins by not cooking that portion.  This is a foundational product and other things can be added to enhance it.  Raw proteins can be beneficial like peroxidases.  Also extra minerals from deeper rooted plants can be added by dissolving the plants ash and adding it to the serum.  Vitamin solutions from other plants can also be added.  Fiber solutions such as inulin from dandelion roots or any other plant fiber can be added.

You can use any plant in this process or combination of plants.  This process can also be applied to animal tissue.

This process is open source so you are free to make it and sell it!


Thinking about an everything drink/powder

Many people have, even quite successfully, made an "everything" product.  One that comes to mind is soylent and another I can't remember the name.  So why don't I just buy one of those?  Either it doesn't meet my standards for ingredients (ie: soylent uses subpar ingredients and thickeners) or the ones that use the best ingreduents are just way too expensive.  I can't remember the name but an all-in-one powder by a good alternative doctor costs over $100 for a small tub that probably only has 10,000 calories (good for 5 days).  That is just not feasible.  When thinking about an all in one you have to shoot for $2 a meal.  If you can hit that mark then you are on to something.  So say 250-300 calories per dollar.  Soylent approaches that but the ingredients are what you would expect on a slimfast can.  Thats not going to cut it.  So to hit our objectives of very low cost, top rate ingredients, and full vitamin and trace mineral support you have to dig very deep.  And to dig deep you have to basically manufacture a lot of your ingredients yourself.  Fat is not an easy thing to include in one of these products, you basically need to figure out how to make a fat into a powder or in any case emulsify it which isn't easy.  But the cool thing is the body does not require fat, it can make fats from either sugars or proteins.  Your body can also run without sugars by creating them from proteins and by running carb rich processes with ketones instead.  However running on pure proteins is physically not easy to do, and due to probably other nutrient deficiencies like possibly potassium or magnesium, most people will develop what is called rabbit starvation.  So you do need 2 out of the 3 main food groups.  So my thought is carbs and proteins.  As a very environmentally conscious open source ingredient for carbs which I can manufacture myself would be wood.  Yup thats right, wood.  I developed a process that converts wood into glucose.  Take wood, dissolve it in potassium or sodium hydroxide (will require freezing) then add an acid like hcl, phosphoric, or acetic (vinegar) to break the dissolved cellulose chains into glucose molecules.  Very low cost and abundant carb source.  For protein I am thinking some nitrate and some individual amino acids. So we have amino's and wood down and for macronutrients that is basically all we need.  I would also possibly throw in some carrot powder for peroxidase and a touch of tannins.  Since I am using individual amino's I don't have to worry about calcium, magnesium, or tannins interfering with protein digestion since theproteins  are already digested.  There will be some mineral loss due to tannins but I will compensate for that.  Micronutrients I have down, all the vitamins from Restitution and the minerals from Nectar of Gaia (NoG) and the yet to be released Water of the Rock (WotR).  WotR is an ultra trace mineral supplement containing selenium, chromium, molybdenum, etc etc.  I will also include diatomaceous earth and plant saponins to improve absorption and maintain gut health.

My goal is a near infinitely storable powder.  The only things I am worried about degrading would be the vitamins.  But I think with the addition of a desiccant like diatomaceous earth it would be quite stable.  An open source food source that you can buy and stack for an emergency and/or add to your stocks by making it yourself.  My goal is 250 calories per dollar shipped.


Is Listeria Monocytogenes causing all my problems? And how to cureprostate and brain tumors cancer chronic listerosis infectiousmononucleosis mono

How the carrot cure works.  The big thing right now is candida but could listeria actually be the bigger culprit in 'all that ails us'?  I do believe in candida and do still think that it is a big part of our health crisis.  Alfatoxin and acetaldehyde produced by candida are potent carcinogens and liver destroyers.  Candida can live in the liver.  However a new bacteria has come on my radar.  Listeria.  I had practically never heard about it until I started researching for my dad's girlfriend who has symptoms of a brain tumor.  While she gets the MRI and everything I figured I would get a head start on researching because I know it is a tumor.  She has double vision, pressure headaches, and constant diarrhea for years.  She also had her gallbladder removed.  I started searching for natural cures for brain tumor because that is where every Eclectic doctor like myself should start.  The main principle of eclectic medicine is do no harm obviously but also "whatever works".  So as a good doc I wanted to see what has worked for people and reverse engineer why it had worked and what the root cause of brain tumors is.  Well I was sucessful.  One person talked about how garlic kept his brain tumor from growing but raw carrot juice shrunk it to the point it was totally cured.  This peaked my interest.  Until now I figured I had a lock on cancer and what causes it is virus which multiplies in gram negative bacteria in the intestines and is egged on by fungal carcinogens like alfatoxin.  I was right especially for pancreatic cancer but brain tumors are different.  Carrot doesn't halt any of the processes I just mentioned so something different must be going on.  I went to google scholar and typed in "carrot antibacterial" because I was sure carrot must have killed gram negative bacteria and stopped the cancer according to my above paradigm.  Well I was getting stuck.  I couldn't find really anything that showed carrot kills gram neg bacteria.  However something kept popping up and annoying me: carrot kills listerosis, carrot antibacterial effect on listetosis etc.  I was like blah blah blah and was getting discouraged.  However I got a little flash of insight and typed in "listerosis brain tumor".  And Bam I got tons of hits!  Turns out they use a listerosis vaccine to combat brain tumors.  Sure they go on covering up the fact listerosis causes brain tumors and say things like "this vaccine boosts the immune system to help the body fight cancer".  BS.  You could use much more common bacteria to do that like e.coli.  Why use the specialized bacteria listeria?  Reading deeper wikipedia has a great article on listeria.  Turns out it is a major cause of a brain infection meningitis.  Also that it it basically creates proteins that are heat activated to grow and protect the bacteria.  This sounds a lot like a tumor.  And guess what exacerbated her pain?  Using a cellphone.  One thing the authorities concede about cell radiation is that it heats up the tissue within a few cm of the phone. So this makes perfect sense why cell radiation causes brain tumors to grow.  Also listeria causes diarrhea so it makes total sense since she had diarrhea  for years before this.  She must have had a severe gut infection of listeria that spread to her brain.  So back to the beginning carrot is the best natural
cure for listeria so it is no surprise it cured that person of their inoperable brain tumor.  Also carrot is shown to cure prostate cancer. Tannins also kill listeria so tannins and/or carrots are the best cures for prostate and brain tumors and probably a whole host of other types of cancer.

This is why I took on the name naturehacker, not because I try to undermine or destroy nature but I dig deep and hack into how nature works and use that knowledge to protect and cure ourselves from organisms and toxins that are used to kill us. 

In a lovely book I have called "diagnostic microbiology 4e" by bailey and scott which I suggest you all buy used online, newer editions are available. It says listerosis is a huge problem and is the most common cause of infection in the womb and the most common cause of abortion. Also it states that infection rates were rapidly rising in the 70's when it was written.  It also is a major cause of liver infection.  And that it is one of the major causes of brain infection.  Well the other day I had insomnia but my common cures like restitution, minerals, etc weren't working.  I had a little bit of liver pain and I just decided to take tannins.  This was before I realized tannins kill listeria.  I slept like a baby.  So maybe my liver infection and insomnia which seemingly started in the womb for me, maybe instead of candida like i thought it was, maybe it is mostly listeria.  Maybe we can all really benefit from a bunch or raw carrot juice and tannins.  For tannins just go online and search "wine tannins" you can get a whole stockpile for just $10 or $20 so you really have noting to loose and a whole lot to gain.

PS: There is also a connection with tellurite and listeria and lithium and listeria.  Any coincidence the new wispy jagged line type chemtrails are lithium based according to nasa?  Do I think they are spraying listeria in the chemtrails and causing this explosion of cancer?  Absolutely. *update* the factornin raw carrot huice active against listeria and many other organisms is peroxidase.


Coins of the future will be made out of silicon

Silicon is the king metal.  Yes it is a metal and anyone who says otherwise is dumb.  Forget those worthless metals silver and gold, silicon is the coin metal of the future and what you should be hoarding.  Why is silicon so valuable?  Because it is actually useful.  If you put silicon in contact with lye water electricity is created.  So much electricity that it absolutely dwarfs lithium ion batteries.  It is an order of magnitude more powerful than lithium ion and you can make these batteries yourself with only silicon, sodium hydroxide, and copper.  It is called a silicon air battery.  Not only is silicon the future of batteries, but it is also the future of cement.  You can make calcium metal by mixing ash with silicon metal powder and heating it to 1000c.  Calcium metal is the Jack of all trades metal and can most easily be made with silicon.  Calcium be added to water to purify it of virtually everything, to make calcium hydroxide which can be added to potash to make lye for soap, calcium oxide can be made by burning calcium metal which in turn is the main ingredient in cement.  Also calcium hydroxide plus potash can dissolve wood into edible sugar.  Perfect for surviving a famine.  Calcium hydroxide plus potash can also dissolve many other things including glass to make silica, selenium, etc etc.

Silica is the king metal so learn how to make it and start stacking it.  Take clay and heat it to 1600c in a crucible with roughly 3 parts charcoal and you will perform a carbothermic reduction of aluminum silicate into primarily silicon.


2016 Update: Thank You!

I want to thank you all for spreading the info about this site and my products!  The only place I have ever talked about my products was curezone for a few days and they kicked me off even though my posts were informative.  But since then I have gotten so much business and referrals I haven't needed to even mention my products anywhere because all the referrals from you all keep me plenty busy.  Starting a couple weeks ago I have been swamped with orders so I am trying my best to keep up and figure out how to accommodate higher order volume.  I have been at around 4-5 day shipping speed so I'm sorry for that my goal is always to get an order out within 3 business days but lately I've been falling behind.

Also USPS raised their priority rates big time.  Can you believe it?  In the midst of this very tough economy they are raising rates when prices should be falling.  So instead of $6.92 I am paying at my local shop to ship out the rate has raised to $8.97.  It is unbelievable.  So I am going to have to raise the minimum order for free priority shipping to $33 from $30.  Also priority upgrades under $33 will be $7.00 instead  of $6.50.  Everything still ships or free no matter what, only the priority upgrades are affected.  I am trying to hold these prices down as much as possible and am not making you take the entire hit.  It is hard to believe what they are doing but they intentionally destroy our skies it is no wonder they would intentionally destroy small business in America.

I am going to hang in there no matter what and I have a feeling NatureHacker will continue to grow and reach the stratosphere.  Prioritize health and let me know how I can help you.  Naturehackerproducts@gmail.com


How to REALLY carbonate homemade soda and make big bubbles just likestore bought

Coca cola is most likely bottled at 34 psi at 43 degrees fareinheight based on pictures I've seen and coke standards (4.2 to 4.6 volumes of CO2).  Sugar percentage is 10.76 to 11.06.  

At home the same thing is achieved with  33 psi at 40 degrees farenheight or 30 psi at 36 f. Is your carbonation rig setup not working right?  Are you looking for how to get good big and better bubbles?  Well you have found the answer!  So I got a 5 lb co2 tank from my local homebrew store, a regulator off amazon as well as a tube with quick disconnect and a carbonator cap and a couple dozen bottles with caps from amazon.  I got vanilla and bitter almond extract and went to work developing NatureHacker Soda.
But I was hitting a wall, following any directions in my boxes or online led to very subpar small fine bubbles.  And it seems people accept this, with homemade rigs or sodastream.  What is the deal?  Have people just given up in getting those nice big bubbles like a fresh can of coke?  It seems like they have.  The only glimmer of someone still alive was kind of an idiot who recommended to pressurize at 150 psi (which no common valves or clamps able to withstand that someone could get hurt).

I was disappointed and ready to give up when I went to sleep and had a dream.  In this dream I broke all the rules and kept the CO2 on in the dream for 30 seconds or so while shaking the bottle.  In my dream I knew this would get soda back into the hose and make a mess (which could be dangerous if it grew mold) but I had an idea.  Hold the bottle way down as far as the hose would allow.  This would make it so if the soda went up the tube a little it wouldn't come into the regulator.  In the dream it worked so when I woke up I went to try it.  I first tried it with water and it worked!  The water had big crisp bubbles just like perrier.  The only problem was once I shut off the valve at the regulator the pressure in the bottle would shoot back up to the regulator and make a mess (thankfully it was water at this point).  So leaping forward as I always do I did it with a soda I had made (need to make sure it is cold) but instead of turning off the valve after it had been on 30 seconds while I was shaking it and holding it low, I turned off the main tank but kept the regulator on.  Then I used a monkey wrench to slightly unscrew the carbonator cap from my bottle to release the pressure, then I turned off the regulator valve.  It worked!  No soda shooting back up my regulator!  Then, knowing some soda I'm sure got in the hose while shaking, I just removed the hose from the regulator and keeping the quick disconnect connected to the carbonator cap which I took off the bottle, I rinsed the tube with water a few times.  Good as new!  And excellent huge carbonation bubbles!


Clay-air open source battery fuel cell technology

The prior art for this open source patent are aluminum-air and silicon-air and zinc-air battery technologies.  These battery technologies make use of the electrical potential energy in a reduced metal.  Commonly a metal hydroxide (potassium hydroxide) solution is used as an electrolyte and the cathode is the container for the battery.  The anode is the reduced metal which gets oxidized by the electrolyte and produces a current.  There are some downsides to these technologies as it can be difficult to obtain pure aluminum from from anywhere on earth as aluminum can only profitably be made from aluminum oxide ore.  As far as downsides for the silicon battery, the silicon also would have to be extracted and silicon air battery with non-aqueous electrolyte is under patent.

The subject of the current invention is a clay-air (or dirt-air) fuel cell battery.  Instead of being concerned with using a pure or semi-pure anode material or a man made designed composition, the clay-air system uses any natural clay as its source for reducible metals.  Clay is primarily alumino-silicates so the battery anode will be a natural mixture of aluminum, silicon, and possibly calcium, magnesium, iron, etc.  Since this mixture is fully based on natural composition, this cannot be covered by the spirit of the patent of the silicon-air battery and any other element-air batteries/cells because those patents imply man made compositions or mixtures.  This will be a very low cost solution and viable for the poorest places because clay can be extracted from practically any dirt in the world using a simple water sedimentation technique.  Also the oxidized anode material does not need to be recycled to be economically viable because getting more clay is very cheap and limitless. This invention also covers dirt-air anode, or any natural rock, sediment, or mineral used for the anode material. So anyone can use this technology royalty-free.  The electrolyte can be anything, from inert materials or liquids, to liquid oxygen, to metal hydroxide solutions, ect.

One way to make this is to take dirt that has a naturally high clay content and place it in a bucket.  Next fill the bucket with water and stir.  Wait ~1 minute as the largest sediment settles then decant the liquid into another bucket and discard the sediment from the first bucket.  Let this new bucket settle for ~1 day then decant the water off the top and discard the water.  More water can be added here as a purification step and let settle again 1 day and decant water from the top.  Dry the remaining clay water so a clay powder is obtained.  Next take a crucible and place a mixture of roughly 2 parts by weight charcoal (activated charcoal preferred or any organic material with carbon content) and 1 part clay powder.  Seal the crucible lid to create a reducing atmosphere.  Cook the crucible until the clay is reduced to its metallic form, which may be roughly 3 hours at a furnace temperature of roughly 1600 decrees Celsius.  Next pour the molten metal into molds to produce anodes.  Fractal type molds would probably be best to get maximum surface area.

For assembling the battery a case must be designed to hold the battery.  My thought would be to use copper but there are many other options.  Then the case would be filled with some electrolyte solution and the anode placed into the solution with part of the anode out of the solution so it can be electrically connected.  Now there will be a voltage between the anode and case (cathode) and you are done!  The voltage of this cell will be ~1-2 volts and can be connected to other cells in series to produce 12v or any voltage battery desired.