Siri was right, opening gates of hades july 27, 2014 happened! Islamic caliphate emerged

Siri, using software developed by Wolfram Alpha had been predicting at least as far back as December 19th 2013 that the gates of Hades would open July 27, 2014. This date was within Ramadan, and Islamic belief says that during parts of Ramadan Hades gates open and close. After siri's prediction, in early 2014 ISIS rose to prominence and by Ramadan 2014, guess what? ISIS declared worldwide caliphate! A caliphate is basically a radical Islamic empire that according to the Quran all Muslims worldwide must join with a goal of taking over the world and forcing everyone to become Muslim. Certainly the gates of Hades did open July 2014 and someone either at Apple or Wolfram knew this was going to happen. This gives more credence to the theory that the rise of ISIS was premeditated and funded by global elite.

In addition to that revelation 6:8 predicts that a green horse would come (which is a sign in the sky) at the beginning of the fourth age. counting 666 years since 15 AD denotes the ages and the 4th age begun 2013. That is the year comet ISON, the big green comet, came by. Revelation 6:8 predicts that hades would come soon after that. Hades denotes Pluto, a separate world where the dead go. This is Nibiru aka Planet X. Some predicted that Nibiru would first be seen December 2015 and they were right, researchers at ALMA telescope array found it then. These same people who predicted that predicted that Nibiru would come past earth mid 2016 so since they were right about the december prediction I take their word on this. In any case for rev 6:8 to be fulfilled I believe that Hades will come before 2020.


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