Cat Pee Vaporizer Spray. Get rid of Ammonia smell for good!

Gets rid of the root cause of cat urine odor. Not only does the slight acidity neutralize the ammonia and is totally fabric safe, but the oxygenating power will inactivate the ammonia smell for good. It turns the ammonia into a salt that doesn't smell and even can literally vaporize out of carpet, floors, fabric, etc when it gets warm. Leaves no fragrance or residue. Simply pour the concentrate bottle into a larger bottle or spray bottle of appropriate size and fill up with water and simply spray onto cat messes. Make sure it soaks in well, wiping away after to clean up is best but not necessary to neutralize the odor.

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Cat Pee Vaporizer 1 oz concentrate (makes 32 oz)

One bottle $6

Two bottles $9

Special: 1 oz concentrate (makes 1 gallon)
One bottle $15

120 drops dilute nitric acid (~10% concentration or using the method below) added to 32 oz distilled water.

Purchasing from this website will be a 1 oz bottle of concentrate that can be poured into a 32 oz spray bottle and filled with water.

The nitric acid is prepared in the following procedure: (or you can use a ~10% nitric acid solution)

400g Potassium Nitrate
400mL distilled water

Add the potassium nitrate to water and mix well warm to 55 deg C
Very slowly add 200 mL concentrated sulfuric acid
Keep at 55 C to cook for roughly 1 hour
Elevate temperature to 80-85 C and condense vapor under vacuum to collect dilute nitric acid.


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