Siri was right, opening gates of hades july 27, 2014 happened! Islamic caliphate emerged

Siri, using software developed by Wolfram Alpha had been predicting at least as far back as December 19th 2013 that the gates of Hades would open July 27, 2014. This date was within Ramadan, and Islamic belief says that during parts of Ramadan Hades gates open and close. After siri's prediction, in early 2014 ISIS rose to prominence and by Ramadan 2014, guess what? ISIS declared worldwide caliphate! A caliphate is basically a radical Islamic empire that according to the Quran all Muslims worldwide must join with a goal of taking over the world and forcing everyone to become Muslim. Certainly the gates of Hades did open July 2014 and someone either at Apple or Wolfram knew this was going to happen. This gives more credence to the theory that the rise of ISIS was premeditated and funded by global elite.

In addition to that revelation 6:8 predicts that a green horse would come (which is a sign in the sky) at the beginning of the fourth age. counting 666 years since 15 AD denotes the ages and the 4th age begun 2013. That is the year comet ISON, the big green comet, came by. Revelation 6:8 predicts that hades would come soon after that. Hades denotes Pluto, a separate world where the dead go. This is Nibiru aka Planet X. Some predicted that Nibiru would first be seen December 2015 and they were right, researchers at ALMA telescope array found it then. These same people who predicted that predicted that Nibiru would come past earth mid 2016 so since they were right about the december prediction I take their word on this. In any case for rev 6:8 to be fulfilled I believe that Hades will come before 2020.

All natural wound care: never need stitches, chemicals, or hydrocarbons

Food grade diatomaceous earth (DE)  when applied liberally to a wound and pressed will stop bleeding instantly.  Not only that but it will protect the wound from the most problematic invaders; gram negative bacteria.  DE is not the only player though, gram positive bacteria can still grow in the wound so lugols iodine should be applied when changing bandages and also saponins.  I use 85% saponin extract of tribulus terrestris.  I just heap that saponins on the wound and then heap DE on it and bandage.  Mixing the two together would probably be best.  So ideally clean wound with lugol's iodine then heap on a 50/50 mix of food grade de and 85% tribulus  extract and cover with sterile gauze and wrap up.


Donald Trump is a dangerous poll whore that serves the banksters and corporations

Donald Trump has proven time and time again that he will say anything to gain momentum.  Literally, and he admits that he LOVES polls, he looks at every latest insane poll created by special interest groups and fixed (it is easy to fix polls by question wording and order) and dives head first and shouts it at the top of his lungs.  Literally every buzz quote by trump came after a fixed poll where the winning option is what Trump trumpeted.

I think this picture by Jeanette Hansen sums up pretty well what trump is doing.

donald trump traitor globalist corporation banker bankster puppet fake hillary clinton jeb bush ringer poll whore sellout controlled opposition


Lead in tire rubber and dust from roads

There is lead in and on our roadways.  Lots of it.  Lead exposure inhalation from roadways is probably the biggest source of lead exposure in america currently.  It may have always been the biggest source and lead paint was thrown under the bus in order to hide or obfuscate the real problem.  What probably happened is they noticed very high rates of lead poisoning so they reduced the lead in rubber and asphalt and at the same time blamed it on the paint industry since it would be so expensive to get rid of lead from rubber.  Just think how much more bioavailable lead is when it is in finely ground tire dust you inhale rather than paint that you would have to eat for it to hurt you.  Roadways are by far the hugest risk of lead exposure.  Toxic lead clouds perpetually envelope the roadways.

Tires, aka vulcanized rubber, are made from 3 basic ingredients.  Oil, sulfur, and lead oxide.  Over time they have replaced some of the lead oxide with the poison cadmium oxide and zinc oxide and they have replaced some of the sulfur with selenium.

Be aware, you are getting poisoned every day in your daily commute to work.




Open source Invention (non) patent: Powered vehicle using 2+ wheels; some fixed/turnable and powered, the other(s) free moving (like a caster)

I want to make my idea open source. Here I will describe the idea like a patent except it is not a patent, it is an idea anyone can use and capitalize on.

This is an idea that would work for any vehicle or device (hereby referred to as "vehicle") making use of wheels, rollers, bearings, trackballs, skis, rudders, etc (hereby referred to as "wheels") that contact the ground or any other medium external to the device ("ground"); where some of the wheels are free spinning and omni-directional and non powered, and other(s) are fixed or user turn-able (not freely omni-directional) and some or all of the fixed/turn-able wheels are powered, or if un-powered, the device gains motion from external means.

Prior art would include the "rip-stick" which includes a design that has a rotatable section between the front part and rear part, where the front and rear parts each have one freely rotatable and omni-directional wheel assembly.

The idea which is topic to the current invention is different; instead of requiring the power to come from the "sidewinding" movement of the user, the power comes from rotational work done by a fixed or user turn-able wheel assembly or an external source like gravity, being acted upon by an external body, etc. Also instead of requiring 2 caster type wheels, only one is necessary. Also the vehicle does not have to pivot between the front and rear parts like the ripstick does.

Another piece of prior art are the manual and electric wheelchair. An electric wheelchair has two powered fixed wheels that rotate with respect to eachother as well as one or more freely omni-directional casters that act as stabilization. I am not claiming ownership of the electric wheelchair design, since the electric wheelchair fits into the parameters laid out in this invention, because I am not claiming ownership of any design. As far as I know the two powered wheels with casters for stabilization is not currently under patent and I am only adding to the range of possibilities. My invention here goes beyond this prior art to include non-wheelchair applications as well as uses that have different amounts of wheels and different ways the wheels are controlled.

This includes embodiments which fulfill the above requirements where the front and rear portions of the vehicle can rotate, bend, or pivot with respect to each other.

This includes embodiments that turn via rotating and/or leaning the vehicle.

This includes embodiments where the vehicle is a skateboard where one or more wheels are fixed or user turn-able, and other(s) that freely turn in any direction and are unpowered like a caster.

This includes embodiments where the fixed/turnable wheel(s) turn automatically based on the vehicle's lean.

This includes embodiments where the vehicle has a handlebars like a scooter. The scooter includes one or two wheels or more that turn when the handlebars turn and one or more wheels that are freely spinning and omni-directional.

This includes embodiments where there are a total of two wheels, one of the wheels fixed/turnable and powered by a hub motor, chain drive, etc and the other wheel is inline of the direction of motion but is freely spinning and omni-directional.

This includes embodiments where there are a total of three wheels, two of which are fixed/turnable one or both of those being powered where the third wheel is situated in the direction of motion of the other two but are freely spinning and omni-directional.

This includes embodiments where there are a total of 4 wheels, two of which are fixed or turn-able the other two are freely spinning and omni-directional.

This includes embodiments where the front wheel(s) are powered and the rear wheels are freely spinning and omni-directional.

This includes embodiments where the rear wheel(s) are powered and the front wheels are freely spinning and omni-directional.

This includes embodiments where the freely spinning and omnidirectional wheel(s) are casters.

This includes embodiments where the freely spinning and omnidirectional wheel(s) have active, passive, or limited resistance to turning such as being "spring-loaded" or having "turn-stops" prohibiting turning past a certain point.

This includes embodiments where the powered wheel(s) are powered by an electric motor, a gas motor, a manual device like pedals, or any other means of power.

This includes embodiments where gyroscopes are used for stabilization.

This includes embodiments where extra wheels are used for stabilization or moderating the vehicle's lean.

This includes embodiements that either do or do not have suspension systems or springs or brakes.

This includes embodiments that either do or do not have one or more seats.

This includes embodiments that are toys that include the necessary aspects of the invention.

This includes embodiments where the "wheels" are rudders, floats, skis, etc for non-land applications.

This invention was published 12/4/2015 by Marcus DiMarco and has been untouched since 12/4/2015. Any further modifications or additions will be either left in the comments below or on another post.


Cat Pee Vaporizer Spray. Get rid of Ammonia smell for good!

Gets rid of the root cause of cat urine odor. Not only does the slight acidity neutralize the ammonia and is totally fabric safe, but the oxygenating power will inactivate the ammonia smell for good. It turns the ammonia into a salt that doesn't smell and even can literally vaporize out of carpet, floors, fabric, etc when it gets warm. Leaves no fragrance or residue. Simply pour the concentrate bottle into a larger bottle or spray bottle of appropriate size and fill up with water and simply spray onto cat messes. Make sure it soaks in well, wiping away after to clean up is best but not necessary to neutralize the odor.

Free shipping on any order, ships priority when you buy $30+ in items

Cat Pee Vaporizer 1 oz concentrate (makes 32 oz)

One bottle $6

Two bottles $9

Special: 1 oz concentrate (makes 1 gallon)
One bottle $15

120 drops dilute nitric acid (~10% concentration or using the method below) added to 32 oz distilled water.

Purchasing from this website will be a 1 oz bottle of concentrate that can be poured into a 32 oz spray bottle and filled with water.

The nitric acid is prepared in the following procedure: (or you can use a ~10% nitric acid solution)

400g Potassium Nitrate
400mL distilled water

Add the potassium nitrate to water and mix well warm to 55 deg C
Very slowly add 200 mL concentrated sulfuric acid
Keep at 55 C to cook for roughly 1 hour
Elevate temperature to 80-85 C and condense vapor under vacuum to collect dilute nitric acid.