The hidden cure for heavy metals mercury and lead poisoning toxicity?Potassium Nitrate chelation

We've been thinking about heavy metals all wrong.

Our thought has been "heavy metals stick to sulfur in proteins. Therefore we must make special sulfur molecules that "grab on" really hard to heavy metals to remove them. Lets call them chelators"

This is backwards from what we want to do. First of all metals make it into the body in ionic (dissolved) form. What then happens is that while the liver or kidneys try to excrete them, or they just hang around in the body too long, they get reduced out of the ionic form and precipitate into metallic deposits. These metallic deposits are what we need to target. However chelators can only get at the ionic (dissolved) form. So chelators will never remove your heavy metal burden. Make sense?

Alright. Now the question becomes "how can we dissolve the metallic deposits in the body?" Surprisingly I believe I am the first person to actually ask the right question. Finding the right question is infinity more important than getting a correct answer.

Surprisingly I also believe I am one of the only people who could discover the answer to that question reasonably quickly. The answer is nitrates. For a chemist who knows nothing about biology that answer should be on the tip of their tongue. Their innocent mind hadn't been polluted by big pharma propaganda.

So how would nitrates work to dissolve the heavy metal deposits? Well let me tell you a quick story. For my own personal use I bought some Iron nitrate; to work on dissolving graphite into graphene. The graphene and hence iron nitrate was going to be used to make wootz steel that I was interested in. However it just took too much fuel to make and I don't live in a forest with infinite wood to burn so I shelved the project as well as iron nitrate. But this was before I had nitric acid and I wanted to dissolve some vanadium as a supplement and I had the bright idea of using the iron nitrate to help dissolve it. It worked and I took some of my solution. Only problem was it took lots and lots of iron nitrate just to dissolve a little bit of vanadium. I didn't think anything of it until I took some and I started noticing heart palpitations and lightheadedness and seeing red shapes and hallucinations when I closed my eyes. I took bunches of sodium sulfate and vitamin C and it slowly subsided and I came back to functionality. I realized the iron nitrate was lab grade (since I originally bought it not for food use but for making steel) I freaked out and realized I probably mercury poisoned myself since mercury is a common contaminant in iron nitrate.

Well it has been several months from that episode and while I am pretty much back to normal, I still get heart palpitations/skipping a beat regularly now which is not normal for me so I know I still have some residual mercury in my body. Sulfate is what attaches strongly to mercury but taking large doses of sodium sulfate over long periods of time just hasn't done it for me. But what should have been obvious to me is that there is only one reason why lots of mercury could make it into the iron nitrate; because nitrate (nitric acid) dissolves mercury and lead and arsenic and everything else so well. Then it dawned on me; if dirty nitrate could get mercury into my system so well, then clean nitrate could get it out. A couple days ago I started taking sizable doses of potassium nitrate and I am noticing some dramatic improvements, my heart skips a beat much less frequently and with less intensity when it does. *edit* the nitrate didn't cure it really but I think it is a part of the puzzle. Taking dilute phosphoric acid extracted hibiscus flowers seems to be helping too. So tannic acid binds iron so I may have been iron toxic too.

Heavy metals need to be oxidized to be dissolved and sulfur reduces them, the opposite. The body does use nitrate as an oxidant and it is most likely catalyzed by sulfate (sulfuric acid) so both of these are important to have in the body.

I get my potassium nitrate from seedranch: https://www.etsy.com/listing/218876684/saltpeter-potassium-nitrate-food-grade?ref=shop_home_active_2

I get sodium sulfate from dudadiesel: http://www.dudadiesel.com/choose_item.php?id=10ssf

I love both of these companies! Great products.


  1. Be careful. You are not a test dummy! My son has very high serum ferratin and we have been doing phebotomies weekly since august when we found the problem. His is genetic. Heavy metal 'poisoning' is serious business, so please take care of yourself!

    1. You do realize that there are better ways especially for iron but that they aren't patentable so mainstream medicine doesn't use them right? Tannic acid is potent and can be extracted from tea. Binds iron strongly and lowers levels in the blood. Almost everything is a paper tiger thatbig pharma uses fear tactics to push their "treatment".

    2. So tell me what to do because this is a lifelong issue. exactly how do we extract tanic acid from tea. How does this work? His iron is stored in the liver (oversupply). When I'm gone, he needs to know what to do. Oh, and by the way, take care of yourself.

    3. After a bunch of research the easiest most reproducible method for lowering iron would probably be taking green tea extract. If one is good at sensing things in the body they could do it by feel or verify with a blood test. I would start with the reccomendations for dosage on the bottle.


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