Heart Palpitations are caused by allergy

Sometimes it is hard for me to write articles because I want everything to be perfect and well referenced but that is not always practical. So I feel this topic could save someones life so I have to get it out there even if it isn't perfect. Please web search the things I bring up especially using the google scholar search engine.

Heart Palpitations are allergy.

Roughly 20 years ago, before I was even 10, my heart started skipping a beat once in a while. In my teens it got worse along with many other health signs including chest pain (which is your heart don't listen to the docs telling you otherwise) so I tried getting healthier and running. It is funny that common sense actually tends to be right; thinking back with what I know now making a connection between running helping on a biological level is difficult but possible to make. It is probably from the increased NADPH production from exercising but I digress.

In my 20's especially mid 20's it got quite bad. Heart pain was common for me. I always hoped the pain was just my ribs, but what it is is referred pain, so it signifies the heart is being damaged from inflammation and your body is referring the pain to the surface to tell you where the problem lies. My heart was also skipping beats pretty much daily.

I somehow found a connection with gluten online and cut gluten out of my diet. Almost instantly the pain and skipping beats went away! I was so excited, I told someone at church who had been having stents and was on his last few years of life about it and I hope he cut out his homemade bread which was a staple in his meals and I hope to have saved his life. I also proposed the idea to my boss in cardiac biology that gluten antibodies were causing heart damage but she got mad at the notion. But I knew it was true from my own personal experience.

Fast forward a few years and I had been off gluten but the pain and skipping beats (arrhythmia) had resurfaced but to a smaller extent. It didn't take me too long to make an even deeper connection; oxidation and allergy. It turns out heart palpitations are strongly associated to inflammation, which can be caused by oxidation conditions and any allergies. So just like I knew it was the allergic gluten antibody response causing my heart problems, it can be any other allergy response too. So armed with this knowlege whenever I got palpitattions I took activated charcoal and it invariably reduced or eliminated the palpitations right away. I never thought I had allergies, no watery eyes, sneezing, nose running but my allergy symptoms were hidden. My most common allergy symptoms are hair loss, constipation, and heart pain. Not really the best symptoms to get lol.

Another source of the issue is oxidation. So heavy metals and lack of anti-oxidants in the body can allow the pain/palpitations to come back. My product Restitution was designed to combat this.

Thanks for listening and I hope this helps many people really understand what is behind heart pain/palpitations and how to solve them!

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